Best Camping Destinations in Montana

Montana nature

Want to relax in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy wild nature?

In such a case, Montana with its stunning landscapes will be a perfect destination.

This state is a great choice if you want to go camping somewhere in wild nature.

There are lots of options throughout the state to choose from including state and national parks, camping sites, and places where you can park your RV.

Below, you can find some of the most amazing places to go camping in Montana.

Montana landscape
Montana landscape

Red Cliff Campground, Gallatin Gateway

Red Cliff Campground in the Gallatin Canyon – it’s a perfect place for those who want to enjoy the starry night sky and wild nature.

It’s not far from the famous area Big Sky and the Rocky Mountains.

You should know that the area itself has no campsites but you can get close enough to enjoy the view.

The Red Cliff Campground is elevated at 6 500 feet.

If you consider going there, you should know that it operates from May to September.

For about $15 per night, you can get a place for camping for 16 days and nights.

One other point is that the place is fully equipped so you can get a great experience.

There you can purchase some firewood and find fire pits, picnic table, fishing spots, and even handicap-accessible toilets.

Considering the fact the place is situated in the Gallatin forest not far from the river, it’s not only beautiful but refreshing and relaxing as well.

Red Cliff Campground
Red Cliff Campground

Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountains

Glacier National Park which is near the Canadian border is a great place to enjoy some wild nature.

The park will for sure impress you with the beauty of its snowy peaks, clear lakes, thick forest, and stunning green clearings.

There is a whole bunch of various campsites such as Kintla Lake, Many Glacier, Bowman Lake, St. Mary, Rising Sun, Logging Creek, Quartz Creek, and others.

Most camps are easy to stay at, but there are some sites like Many Glacier, Fish Creek, St. Mary, where you need to book the place beforehand.

Most camps have no place for RVs as there is no access to electrical outlets.

Most spots offer room for about 8 people and 2 cars.

There are lots of aspects such as rules about pets, firewoods, and prices that should be considered.

All these aspects vary from one spot to another.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

Bannack State Park, Dillon

Bannack State Park can be considered as the best camping place in the state of Montana.

This place is a National Historic Landmark as it’s exactly the place where during the gold rush people find gold for the first time.

The small town there is really beautiful but most people visit this place to enjoy some great camping.

There, you can plunge yourself in the Wild West atmosphere with its charming cabins and buildings.

In this camping area, you can find not only cabins but also parking spots, picnic tables, fire pits and a whole variety of stunning hiking trails and swimming holes.

Bannack State Park
Bannack State Park

Great Falls KOA, Great Falls

Great Fall is open for visitors and travelers all year round.

There you can have some amazing camping experience and some great relaxing time.

This campsite is really comfy and well equipped so you can enjoy your vacations on your fullest.

There you can find a hot tub and pool access, firewood, WiFi, bike rentals, a dog park, snack bars, and a kitchen.

Great Falls is full of gorgeous hiking trails that will be great for both experienced hikers and beginners.

Also, it’s a great place to visit with kids as the campsite has a variety of water activities.

In other words, Great Falls – it’s a perfect destination for those who want to spend vacations with their family.

Horses crossing the river
Horses crossing the river

Whitefish/Kalispell North KOA, Whitefish

If you are going on your vacations between May and September, Whitefish/Kalispell North KOA campsite is just for you.

It should be mentioned that the place has the President’s Award for its great standards.

Also, the place is packed with numerous amenities and activities’ options so you can go there with your kids.

It has saunas, pool, hot tub, picnic spaces, mini golf, WiFi and others.

The area is surrounded by the beautiful dense forest and mountains.

You can bring your own camper with you or rent one of the cabins there.

A lake
A lake

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