5 Reasons Why Kenya Should Be Your Next Vacation

Updated On October 8, 2023
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Would you like to enjoy a marvelous landscape?

Kenya has unearthly golden beaches, wildlife, and cosmopolitan cities to offer.

If you want to see an amazing landscape made even more beautiful by the red glow of the sunset, Kenya is a place for you.

Invite your friends or have some privacy in Kenya and share a great experience of seeing some most unique places.

Here are five wonderful things to go for while in East Africa.

Herd of elephants
Herd of elephants

Getting Closer to Nature at National Park

Most people, when they hear about Kenya, imagine racing through open plains in search of wild animals.

Tourists enjoy the challenge of trying to see elephant herds at national parks like, for instance, Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya.

Apart from these glorious creatures, you can meet giraffes, cheetahs, or zebras.

As beautiful and full of attractions as Amboseli National Park, there is the Tsavo National Park consisting of two separate green areas.

Have you ever seen buffalos, leopards, rhinos, or hippopotamus outside of the zoo?

In Kenya, you have this opportunity.

Some other wildlife territories that you can reach in East Africa are Nairobi National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, and Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Camel at the beach
Camel at the beach

Unexpectable Beaches

If you like sunbathing on warm soft sands and swimming in pure waters, Kenya is the right place.

You’ll fall in love with its tropical beaches and wonderful shores.

Surfers love Diani beach, but if you like more comfort or you want privacy, a sandy Nyali beach isn’t as busy and it is surrounded by luxury hotels.

Shanzu beach would be a perfect place of destination for those who are allergic to the sunrays.

It has a necklace of coconut trees which provide cool shade.

Stay in one of the numerous hotels at the beach, have a cooling drink in the chain of the restaurants and bars.

Safari jeep
Safari jeep

Back to Civilization

What do you think about an urban skyline?

Nairobi is a modern city for youth where you can have an active rest, enjoy delicious food and visit cultural festivals and museums.

The capital city is good for nightlife and walks all days long.

It’s a busy city which offers you an opportunity to start your epic safari here.

History amateurs often go to Mombasa Island to see Fort Jesus, a 16th-century fortification built by the Portuguese.

It is a UNESCO National Heritage Site where you can take great atmospheric photos for your Instagram.

And of course, head to the Lake Victoria to witness the marvelous water views and go active with watersports.

You can go fishing Nile perch or tilapia here too.

View to Kilimanjaro
View to Kilimanjaro

Go Wild

The natives of Kenya consider the scenery just an ordinary thing.

But the tourists do notice the landscapes and come exactly for these picturesque views, and opportunity to go wild.

The most popular walking trails are at the Ngong Hills which are 2,459 m above sea level.

When you are here, you will most obviously meet lots of couples with kids and many people who run.

To see the nature of Kenya at its best, buy a guided tour.

The highest peak in Kenya is called Mount Kenya.

If you are brave enough, go for it because this is a real challenge for experienced mountaineers.

In fine weather, you could be lucky enough to view Kilimanjaro.

All the summer and winter months are good for visiting Kenya.

The rest of the year is too rainy.

Nairobi street
Nairobi street

Live Cultural Life

Kenya is not only the best destination in East Africa to see landscapes and red sunsets.

Uhuru Gardens is your number one destination in case you want to see the park in the memory of gaining independence from the British Empire in 1963.

Almost all of the live music and sports events take place here.

For religious spots, go to get inspired in the Jamia Mosque on Banda street.

It has three domes and two minarets.

It’s a heritage site and place of worship to the Muslim community.

You are unlikely to enter the mosque if you practice a different religion, but the exterior is much impressive.

Come to Nairobi to see the masterpieces of temporary art at Gallery.

This is your chance to see how people in Kenya lived in a retrospective from the present day to colonial times.

Not only paintings are presented at the exhibit, but some really worth attention works by sculptors and textile manufacturers.

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  1. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences.

  2. Kenya offers a marvelous landscape with golden beaches, wildlife, and cosmopolitan cities that provide a unique and unforgettable vacation experience.

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