10 Safest Cities in Kenya

Updated On October 10, 2023

Kenya is a must-visit location for adventure-seeking world travelers.

From going on safari to riding a bike in “hell,” there’s nowhere else in the world where you can have these kinds of adventures.

Kenya does have a relatively high crime index level of 64.23, with a moderate increase in crime over the past few years.

But, you can still be safe while visiting. 

The country boasts an estimated population of around 54,000,000, most of whom are welcoming toward tourists.

So don’t put off planning your visit to Kenya.

Keep reading to learn about the safest cities to visit and some safety tips for your upcoming trip!

10 Safest Cities in Kenya

You can plan a trip to many cities in Kenya without being concerned for your safety.

However, keep in mind that the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs has travel advisory updates on their website to help you stay safe. 

The Kenya advisory level warns visitors to use extra caution due to terrorism, kidnapping, crime, and civil unrest.

This is especially true for the Kenya-Somalia border areas.

Once you’ve learned where you should not visit, next take a look at the cities that are safest for travelers to enjoy.

These cities include:

Eldoret, Kenya
Eldoret, Kenya


Eldoret is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Located in the western part of Kenya, you can reach it on the Kenya-Uganda highway as it passes through.

This city is a fast-growing hub for buying fresh flowers and produce, as these items are distributed in the region.

Another popular feature is the Dorino Lessos Creamery Cheese factory.

If you’re concerned about crime, the city has an overall crime index of 28.12.

Property crimes are at a moderate rate of 43.75, so ensure you keep valuables secure.

Kakamega, Kenya
Kakamega, Kenya


This city is another gem in the western part of Kenya.

Unfortunately, Kakamega has high crime index levels regarding break-ins and theft.

Simply keep your valuables safe and secure while visiting the area. 

Numbeo.com reports that 93.75 percent of people in Kakamega feel safe while alone in the daytime.

During your stay, this is the perfect time of day to enjoy the Kakamega forest, malls, pools, and more.

Kericho, Kenya
Kericho, Kenya


Located around 150 miles from Nairobi, this area is known for its abundance of tea plants.

You can also spend time at the Ruma National Park, Lake Victoria, and the Mara Game Reserve.

The area can sometimes get cold, so check the projected forecast and pack a sweater.

Crime is relatively moderate in Kericho regarding theft and burglary, according to Crimeresearch.go.ke.

Nevertheless, be mindful of your valuables.

Keep them secured or leave them at home if possible.

Nyeri, Kenya
Nyeri, Kenya


You can find this city just over 93 miles north of Nairobi.

This city has low numbers of violent crimes per Crimesearch.go.ke.

Stealing and robbery percentages are high at over 75%, but that shouldn’t be a problem if valuables are secured or left at home. 

Nyeri has something for everyone to enjoy, including Aberdare National Park, Mau Mau Caves, and museums.

The Italian War Memorial Church houses 676 Italian soldiers lost in combat during World War II.

African soldiers who perished alongside them have been laid to rest in another location on the property.

Watamu, Kenya
Watamu, Kenya


When you want to soak up the sun and enjoy water activities, you’ll want to stay in Watamu.

Enjoy beaches, bays, and reefs during your stay, and visit the Watamu Marine National Park.

Watamu has its organization, watamuagainstcrime.org, to help citizens and tourists stay safe.

Their website boasts low crime rates compared to other cities in Kenya due to their ability to acquire security and supportive services throughout the community. 

Machakos, Kenya
Machakos, Kenya


Machakos is located in the east part of Kenya, which is arguably the safest place to live according to locals.

Hikers are drawn to the area to enjoy the warm temperatures while exploring the varied terrain.

While crime is slowly increasing in this area, all crime rates are still relatively low, according to Numbeo.com.

100% of people feel pretty safe while alone out and about in the daytime.

In addition, more than 50% of people consider themselves safe while alone at night. 

Naivasha, Kenya
Naivasha, Kenya


If you’re looking to visit multiple cities in Kenya, Naivasha gives you access to roadways that allow you to travel to Eldoret, Nakuru, and Baringo.

Another valuable feature of Naivasha is some beautiful hotels that keep you in the heart of the city but also close to Lake Naivasha.

The crime rate in Naivasha is still relatively low but appears to be increasing, according to a report in Opera News.

Increased crime can be alarming, but common sense is key to keeping visitors and tourists safe.

Nakuru, Kenya
Nakuru, Kenya


This gem has been an increasingly popular tourist destination recently.

The modern urban setting has features like malls, schools, and hotels, allowing it to accommodate just about anyone.

The weather tends to be good much of the time in Nakuru.

This makes shopping the local produce from nearby towns a regular activity for anyone in the city. 

There has been an increase in nonviolent crimes recently, according to Crimeresearch.go.ke.

For example, there tend to be more burglaries and theft than just a few years ago, but you can take steps to help keep yourself safe.

Isiolo, Kenya
Isiolo, Kenya


Isiolo is thought of as the center of Kenya.

This city grew out of necessity around the local military camps during World War II.

Many visitors stay in this town to have access to the Shaba and Samburu Game Reserves. 

This area has also been adding hotels, restaurants, and casinos and will continue constructing entertainment facilities for the foreseeable future.

These attractions are wildly popular among locals and tourists alike. 

Although more people are visiting and living here, crime is still relatively low according to Crimeresearch.go.ke.

Theft and murder are the crimes with the highest percentage.

Turkana, Kenya
Turkana, Kenya


If you want to visit a dry, challenging city, you’ll want to see Turkana.

Adventurous travelers can forego a flight to the local airport and drive a 4×4 on rough roads where there are any.

Once there, you’ll do a double-take at Lake Turkana and its bright blue water.

You can also enjoy the springs surrounded by a host of palm trees. 

Nonviolent crimes are a factor in this area, according to Crimeresearch.go.ke, especially when it comes to theft.

So make sure you leave any valuables at home or keep them secured.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Kenya

No matter when anyone travels, there’s always an element of fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to crime.

So here are some tips to help keep you safe when you visit Kenya or any other location:

  1. Avoid the Somali border and all areas around it. Terrorist activity continues to be a problem and isn’t worth the risk of going anywhere near this location. The rest of Kenya is relatively safe, except this area.
  2. Stay away from poorer areas of a city. This can include places where makeshift settlements have popped up. If you want to explore these areas, bring or hire someone who can guide you safely through.
  3. Never walk anywhere on your own, especially when it’s dark out. If you want to go somewhere at night, hire a taxi, and make sure it’s registered and licensed. Don’t count on your driver to automatically lock your door and do it yourself.
  4. Theft is a big problem in many Kenyan cities, so leave anything worth stealing at home. This can include jewelry, cash, a camera, or anything else that would make it worth taking from you. You can use your phone in place of your camera, but ensure that you keep that secure on your person when you’re out exploring.
  5. Pay attention to the political environment or check for upcoming elections before you schedule any trip to Kenya. There can be demonstrations or large gatherings that can disrupt your travel in unexpected and even unpleasant ways.

For more information on traveling safely in Kenya, a good resource is to check your country’s travel website’s advisories for updated alerts and advice.

Kenya Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Kenya Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most dangerous city to visit in Kenya?

While it might be up the ranks in the most visited places in the country, Nairobi has been called the most dangerous city in Kenya by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), according to Kenyans.co.ke.

As a result, local law enforcement recommends keeping windows closed and locking doors at home and in your car to deter criminals.

What should I avoid when visiting Kenya to stay safe?

There are several things to do to avoid finding trouble in Kenya:

  • Always be aware of your property and secure it at all times.
  • Never leave anything in a car, even if it’s left secure.
  • Don’t stash your cash in one place. This way, you won’t be out of currency if you get pickpocketed.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where someone is demanding your money or valuables, hand it over. Knives and guns are a real threat, even if you don’t see them out in the open.
  • Don’t leave your food or drink unattended because there have been cases of drugging to steal from tourists.
  • Do not give to anyone who tells you they need to be sponsored for school or are refugees. These are often scams.
  • If someone offers to help you change your currency on the street, walk away. It’s usually a ploy to take your cash.
  • Check a crime hotspot website like one from the Kenya Police Service before and throughout your visit.

What makes Kenya a dangerous country?

According to the U.S. Department of State, crimes like kidnapping, home invasions, carjackings, muggings, and other crimes are rising in many cities.

There is also a terrorism threat to anyone who travels near the Kenya and Somali border.

Police have limited resources to help anyone who’s been victimized, so prevention is the best way to stay safe.

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