Top Hostels and Travel Tips for Backpacking

Updated On January 21, 2022
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If you have decided to go backpacking, you are one of the lucky adventurers who are about to experience an unforgettable trip.

When it comes to accommodation, most backpackers opt for hostels.

Regardless of whether you travel by yourself or with your friend gang, hostels are a great option to keep your budget intact and a place where you can make new friends.

Also, hostels are an excellent way to get info about your destination and join fun tours and activities usually organized by locals.

We have compiled a list of fantastic hostel options in Europe, South East Asia, and South America, plus some essential tips and ideas for your next trip.

Hostel with bunk beds
Hostel with bunk beds

Types of Hostels

Firstly, you have to go through your aims and goals regarding your trip.

What kind of experience are you really looking forward to?

On one hand, there are hostels whose main purpose is only to provide a bed for the weary backpackers.

On the other hand, there are hostels that really feel like home away from home, full of coziness and excitement.

What you may expect from regular hostels are clean rooms with bunk beds and lockers for valuable possessions.

The point of this simple arrangement is that you as a traveler are out all day exploring, using your room only to rest for a few hours.

Social hostels, on the other hand, include barbeque areas, themed nights, tourist tours, and cocktail parties.

There are several hostels that you should have in mind when planning your accommodation.

One such hostel is Casa en el Agua which is located on a private island in the Caribbean sea.

Another intriguing example is the Aydinli Cave hostel set inside the rocks of Cappadocia, Turkey.

A backpacker in the nature
A backpacker in the nature

Best Types of Dorm Rooms

Your experience may be greatly influenced by the dorm you will stay in.

Travelers need to rest and sleep well and that is an important thing to consider.

Though there are lucky individuals that have no problem sleeping anywhere, most of the people would consider a decent place to rest their head before carrying on with their adventure.

If your choice is a dorm, the best would be to choose one of 4 to 6 people that will keep you away from noisy surroundings.

The dorms with fewer people might be slightly pricier than the rest but the good night’s sleep will be certainly worth it.

Don’t forget to bring an eye mask and a pair of earplugs so you can sleep carelessly.


If You Travel Solo 

If you travel by yourself, staying in a hostel will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people, share experiences and get some extra tips and information about the destination.

Try talking to more people at the hostel, hang around and be friendly, it will be worth it!

As a backpacker, you will meet different people from literally anywhere in the world which is fantastic.

Hostels with social areas and activities are a great choice for solo travelers.

Some of these hostels offer activities such as group adventure sports, cooking classes, reading clubs, etc.

Of course, a private room is always an option in case a dorm proves to be a little too much.


Private Rooms

If you travel with your partner or a friend, you may have a lot of fun by staying in a hostel.

There, you will meet more backpackers like you, engage in activities and participate in the hostel community.

One of the best options for a couple or a friendly duo is to retreat in their private room and rest when needed and then just continue having fun.

Backpackers hiking in the nature
Backpackers hiking in the nature

How to Pack: Tips

Make a checklist with all the things you need.

Consider packing light if staying in hostels.

After all, you are backpacking and the whole idea about it is to have less material stuff but more time and space for experiences.

Think about buying and using packing cubes that will neatly organize your things and make your life easier when traveling only with a backpack.

Things to Remember Regarding Hostels

Here are some unwritten rules from the hostel etiquette:

  • When staying in a dorm, make sure you use a torch or a flashlight when entering the room at night in order not to disturb the guests
  • Try to be quiet and avoid long conversations in the room if there are other people sleeping
  • Always clean after yourself in the kitchen. No excuses!
  • Keep your stuff neat and near you. Don’t leave them around in the hostel and don’t make a mess.

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