The 10 Best Hostels and Hotels in Boston

Updated On October 2, 2023
Boston city vista

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and it has a very rich history.

Starting from the Boston Tea Party, this city saw a whole bunch of different events.

Moreover, Boston is one of the wealthiest cities in the country.

This city with its numerous restaurants, bars, museums, galleries is absolutely worth visiting.

The main point is where to stay while visiting Boston.

The truth is that you have nothing to worry about.

The city is full of incredible places to meet new friends, party, and relax and also there are numerous hotels and hostels around the city.

In this article, we’ve gathered the list of the best hostels and hotels in Boston where you can stay.

Best Hostels in Boston

Overall Best Hostel in Boston – HI Boston

Boston street
Boston street
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Washing Machine
  • 24 Hour Reception

“HI Boston” is for sure the best option for those who look where to stay in Boston.

The reason is that it can provide you with everything you need to have a comfortable and amazing time in Boston.

Located in China Town, this place is absolutely perfect for those who want to meet new people.

The hostel has a very stylish interior and each room has its unique style and decor.

The staff is very friendly and helpful so you can get lots of useful tips for your travel around the city.

Moreover, the hostel provides a very big and absolutely tasty breakfast for each guest for free.

In the lobby of the hostel, you can find a great coffee bar where you can get a great cup of coffee and some delicious snacks.

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Boston – Abercrombie’s Farrington Inn

Flower shop
Flower shop
  • $$
  • Free Parking
  • Common Room
  • Luggage Storage

If you are traveling solo or look for a budget place to stay in Boston, Abercrombie’s Farrington Inn is exactly what you need.

Staying there, you can expect high-quality services and friendly staff that will help you and answer all your questions.

There is a whole variety of very comfortable, homely and clean rooms.

In fact, staying there, you may feel like visiting your aunt.

The quiet place has a very comfortable, relaxing and safe vibe.

Best Cheap Hostel in Boston – Found Hotel Boston Common

Street and shops
Street and shops
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Luggage Storage

Most hotels in Boston are rather expensive but not this one.

Found Hote Boston Common is not just a cheap place to stay in Boston but also it is one of the oldest hotels in the city.

While having a long history, the place itself looks very good and comfortable as it has been renovated recently.

The hotel offers stylish, modern dorms as well as comfortable private rooms.

One other great point is that the hotel provides free breakfast for its guests so you can reduce your expenses.

Best Hostel in Boston for Couples – Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships

Boston coastline
Boston coastline
  • $$$
  • Hot Showers
  • Late Check-in
  • Sailing on the harbor

While looking pretty strange and unusual, this hostel is one of the most popular places to stay in Boston.

Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships isn’t a building but an old fashioned ship so staying there you can have an unforgettable experience.

In fact, it is a great place for couples as rooms there are very romantic with there dim lights and wooden decorations.

Also, you can enjoy a few great drinks while enjoying the night view of the city from the top deck of the ship.

It is absolutely amazing place for a romantic evening with your beloved one in Boston.

Best Party Hostel in Boston – Backpackers Hostel & Pub

  • $$
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Games Room
  • Bar

Boston is one of the best places to meet new people and have lots of fun.

Backpackers Hostel & Pub is a great budget hostel for those travelers who like parties, meeting new people, chatting with friends and having fun.

You’ll for sure be impressed by the friendly staff and exciting atmosphere of this place.

During your stay there, you can relax at the local pub and have a few drinks.

Also, you can enjoy a game of pool as well as numerous parties held around in the area.

While having a rather simple interior, the hostel is really clean and safe.

Best Budget Hotels in Boston

In some cases, hostels can be not the best option.

Some people look for a more special place or just need a bit more private space with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

It is exactly the case when hotels can be a better option than hostels.

Below, we’ve gathered the list of the best budget hotels you can stay at while visiting Boston.

Just look through the options below and find the one that you like most of all.

Wyman Bed & Breakfast

Red houses
Red houses
  • $$
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Free Parking
  • Free Breakfast

Wyman Bed & Breakfast is a combination of hotel and hostel at the same time.

While being pretty affordable and offering a variety of fun activities, this place can provide you with the privacy you need.

One other great point is that the hotel located not far from downtown so you can take a walk or ride a bike to observe the top attraction in Boston.

Each room is equipped with key entry locks.

Moreover, you will get the pin even before the check-in which means that you can hit around the town and arrive at the hotel late at night.

The place is very safe and comfortable so it is perfect for great vacations in Boston.

Natalie House

Old vs. modern building
Old vs. modern building
  • $$$
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Garden
  • Free Breakfast

Natalie House is one of the most popular and well-known budget hostels in Boston.

It can be a little bit more expensive than a bunch of other hotels but the fact is that the place will provide more comfort as well.

The hotel is located in a quiet, peaceful, friendly and beautiful area.

The owners, as well as the staff, are very friendly and supportive.

One other great thing is that the hotel offers free breakfast for each guest.

Finally, each room is very big and light and equipped with a desk as well as high-speed Internet.

Perkins Inn

Old Town Trolley
Old Town Trolley
  • $$$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Small Communal Kitchen
  • Free Parking

Perkins Inn is a great option for those who look for budget hotels in Boston.

Rooms there are absolutely huge, modern, and light.

Moreover, while staying there, you can enjoy a massive American style breakfast every morning.

It is a perfect place for those who like to start their day with a good cup of coffee and a bunch of delicious pancakes.

Considering the fact the hotel is near the old city center, you can easily get to the most amazing attractions of Boston.

Finally, the staff of the hotel is very supportive, helpful and friendly.

Oasis Guest House

Tobin Bridge
Tobin Bridge
  • $$$
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Shared Lounge
  • Free Breakfast

Oasis Guest House may not have such an incredible atmosphere as a hostel but it can provide you with lots of comforts.

The place itself is one of the most incredible budget hotels in Boston.

The hotel has beautiful, luxurious rooms and a very friendly atmosphere.

Located in a quiet, safe area, the hotel is not far from public transport so you can easily get to any part of the city.

The hotel offers a big, delicious breakfast for its guests and also there is a kitchen you can use if you want to cook something.

284 Marlborough

Boston streets at night
Boston streets at night
  • $$$
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Air Con
  • Kitchen

Staying in this great budget hotel in Boston, you can experience the way of life local live.

This hotel feels more like a stylish apartment with big windows, a great kitchen, and a comfy bed.

In other words, it is more like a rented apartment than a hotel room.

It combines affordable prices and comfortable rooms, this hotel is perfect for couples who want to spend their vacations in Boston.


As you can see, there are lots of great places where you can stay while visiting Boston.

You just need to choose the option you like most of all.

We really hope our list helped you a lot and you’ll enjoy your visit to this amazing city.

You have lots of amazing options to choose from including cheap hostels and comfortable budget hotels.

If you still aren’t sure what is the best option you can hive preference to our #1 option.

HI Boston is a great place to stay in Boston.

Plane above the city
The plane above the city

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