Top 6 Places to Stay at Auckland

Updated On October 2, 2023
Auckland at night

If you are going to New Zealand, you’ll for sure stay in Auckland as it exactly the place where you’ll start and end your trip.

In fact, the city is known as the ‘gateway’ to the country.

As a result, there are lots of various hostels all over the city and Auckland itself is a really great place to explore.

That is why we’ve decided to prepare for you the list of the best hostels you can stay at during your visit to Auckland.

Haka Lodge

Haka Lodge is a perfect place for backpackers who look for some luxurious place to relax at without spending all money.

Rooms there are really great and each bad has its own reading light, charging point, and even a privacy curtain.

The hostel offers small, medium, and big rooms where up to 20 people can stay.

In the big common area, visitors can find a huge TV and a wide range of DVDs.

Also, it has a great location being situated just 15 minutes away from the city center.

The view of Auckland
The view of Auckland

Metro Adventurer Backpackers

Metro Adventurer Backpackers hostel is located right in the city center offering its guest the view of the Sky Tower that is the most famous building in the city.

Also, from this hostel, you can easily get to the most bustling shopping street in Auckland – Queen Street.

The hostel provides not only small and big dormitory rooms but also some great private rooms.

Each room is well-equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable.

Coast and the sunset
Coast and the sunset

YHA Auckland City Backpackers

YHA Auckland City Backpackers is one other great hostel in the heart of Auckland.

The place was renovated recently so the rooms are really great, and the common area is absolutely cool and fun so you can enjoy some great time with other travelers.

One of the best things about the hostel is the sundeck with BBQ so you can have some fun with your new friends there.

The hostel has a pool table, football table, and ping pong table and can be considered as one of the most sociable spots in the city.


Oakland Lodge

Oaklands Lodge is located in the magnificent Victorian building.

The hostel has a relaxing atmosphere and offers a variety of activities for its guests.

There you can enjoy movie nights, BBQs, and quizzes.

Oakland Lodge is just a short trip away from the Mount Eden volcano.

From the top of this place, you can have a 360-degree view of the city.

A look at the sky
A look at the sky

Fat Cat

In fact, Fat Cat is one of the most popular hostels in the city.

It is a low-cost hostel that offers absolutely delicious free breakfast for its guests.

Also, there is a kitchen where vegans can get some great free meals in the evening.

As you can see, its a great place to stay, especially if you have a tight budget.

It should be mentioned that the place has a cool hippie style and a great vibe.

Being an eco-friendly place, Fat Cat has its own organic farm, solar-powered showers, and a bicycle-powered washing machine.

Old vs. modern building
Old vs. modern building

Queenstreet Backpackers

Queenstreet Backpackers is a great option for solo travelers who are looking for a place to stay in Auckland.

If you want to experience some local nightlife, the hostel has two rooms with mirrors and hairdryers so you don’t disturb other guests while preparing for your night out.

Also, the hostel has an excellent bar and a huge common room where you can make friends with other travelers and have some great chat with them.

Moreover, you can relax there after exploring the city all day long.

Finally, if you decide to stay in the city for longer and need some job, there is an up-to-date jobs board in the hostel.

Cloudy sky
Cloudy sky

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