Top 6 Places to Stay in London

Updated On October 2, 2023
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London can be considered as an expensive place for travelers but the city is famous for its amazing hostels.

Nowadays, there are many great and really unique places, you can stay at without spending much money.

You can stay at a renovated mansion of the Victorian era or spend time at some contemporary lounge bar.

Local hostels are ready to offer their visitors some free coffee as well as really fast WiFi, and fees that are sent for charity.

In this article, you can find the list of the best hostels in London.


Generator Hostel

The Generator Hostel can be considered as one of the best places for solo travelers.

There are lots of opportunities for those who want to socialize.

The place is located not far from the Russell Square and King’s Cross underground and mainline stations.

Also, you can easily get to the British Museum and the British Library from the hostel.

In fact, it’s a perfect place if you want to enjoy local theaters, as well as history and entertainment spots.

The cheapest bed in the hostel costs about $15 per night which makes the Generator Hostel one of the cheapest places in the city.

Just keep in mind that the rooms there are rather cramped.

In the list of amenities, there are a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub, as well as free WiFi and 24-hour check-in.

The hostel also offers bread rolls, fruit, some deli meat, and yogurt for breakfast.

Old town street
Old town street

Wombat’s City Hostel

Wombat’s City Hostel – it is a vintage accommodation that is located in the city center.

This place is a part of a big chain that is known for its high-quality services and comfortable rooms.

Downstairs, there is an amazing bar that is decorated with oak wood so the place is really cozy and warm.

The only disadvantage of this hostel is that there is no free breakfast.

The place cannot be considered as the cheapest one as it is about $23 per bad for one night but it is because of the location.

If you want to enjoy some sightseeing and visit the most remarkable places in the city, Wombat’s City Hostel is a perfect place for you.

Double-decker bus
Double-decker bus


If you are a party lover, Clink78 is a perfect destination for you.

The hostel is located in King’s Cross courthouse building that has a long-lasting history.

In 1978 there was held a trial on illegal pigeons’ shooting.

Now the courtrooms are used as relaxing lounge-areas and visitors can even spend a night in a vintage jail cell.

If you want to have some fun and enjoy some live music, you can have some great time downstairs.

You can get a bad there at such a low price as $16 per bad but if you want a private room, you can pay about $90.

Breakfast is included but it’s rather simple and contains cereal, toast, and tea that may be similar to the meal the inmates ate.

Nevertheless, there are various other amenities like a free walk tour.

Just make sure to take some earplugs if you want to stay at Clink78 as it is a noisy place.

The crowd on the street
The crowd on the street

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage – it is a Victorian building located in the northern part of London not far from Brent.

The place is really gorgeous despite being a hostel.

You’ll for sure be impressed by the hostel’s interior that has its magical vibe.

Also, in the hostel, there are lots of common spaces so you can socialize easily.

The hostel offers beds in shared rooms that cost about $14 as well as private rooms where you can feel like a member of a noble family of the 18th century.

The hostel is really close to the Camden Market and the Swiss Cottage metro shop.

Modern buildings
Modern buildings

Astor Hyde Park

Astor Hyde Park is a simple hostel in downtown.

It is an old red-brick house that was renovated but most original features still remain so the building still has its unique vibe.

There are lots of museums and interesting spots around the hostel.

Also, you can easily get to Oxford Street and Southbank that is only 45-minutes away from Astor Hyde Park.

If you want to meet new people and socialize, this hostel is a perfect place for you.

The cost of the bed starts at about $14 per night and there are rooms for 4 and 12 people.

The breakfast isn’t free but it costs less than  $1 and this money is used for charity.

City of London School
City of London School


SoHostel differs significantly from other places in this list as it is really new so it won’t impress you with its vintage style.

The place is bright and cool, and the staff is really helpful.

Nevertheless, the place has something to offer its visitors – huge lounge-bar where you can chat with others and relax.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day in London, you can relax at the outdoor terrace of SoHostel.

This place is a perfect option for budget traveling as the rooms are really cheap here.

The place donates the received proceeds to charity.

London Bridge
London Bridge

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