10 Safest Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Updated On December 31, 2023

All cities have safe and dangerous neighborhoods, and Cincinnati is no exception.

Safety is a significant priority.

When deciding where to live globally, especially if you want to start or relocate your family.

Although Cincinnati isn’t one of the country’s safest, it’s a far cry from some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago or Los Angeles.

However, that doesn’t mean you should take your guard down when visiting.

Whether you’re raising a family, moving into retirement and want new scenery, or searching for a safe and walkable neighborhood, it’s important to understand the safest area of Cincinnati.

Keep reading to learn more about the ten safest neighborhoods in Cincinnati!


10 Safest Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Ten: Pleasant Ridge

The Pleasant Ridge neighborhood is safer than 82 percent of other Ohio cities and is one of the most affordable areas of Cincinnati.

The community has a strong suburban feel with green spaces like Daniel Drake Park, Kennedy Heights Park, French Park, quiet resident roads, and single-family homes.

Retirees, families, young professionals, and singles call Pleasant Ridge home since it has something for all age groups.

Nine: Oakley

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Oakley is only 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and offers the best of suburban and urban living.

Known for trendy restaurants, hip local boutiques, affordable housing, and a tight-knit community, Oakley functions as a mini city within a city due to its high walkability score.

This neighborhood is 89 percent safer than other Ohio citizens, making it a great place to start a family, a career, or just be single.

Eight: Clifton

Clifton is a popular neighborhood for families, young professionals, and college students because it’s affordable, surrounded by institutions like the UC College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati State, and is safe.

Clifton boasts a safety rating that’s 89 percent safer than other Ohio communities, so residents walk around with little concern.

The neighborhood has plenty of single-family apartments and homes for families and working professionals, most of which are highly affordable.

Seven: Riverside

The Riverside neighborhood is situated on the Ohio River in the western section of Cincinnati, which receives a B safety rating from the FBI.

Riverside is a great place to raise a family due to the countless community activities and events, several green spaces and parks with fields, trails, and playgrounds, and low safety rating.

With total crimes exceeding half the national average, Riverside is a place with low violent crimes and minor property crimes such as theft.

Six: Mt. Adams

Next on the list is Mt. Adams, a young and hip neighborhood that only reported 654 incidences, primarily minor or property crimes, over four years.

Given the vibrancy and diversity of this neighborhood, Mt. Adams is an excellent choice for millennials and young professionals.

Also, the neighborhood is highly walkable, so you don’t need a car.

Most love living in Mt. Adams due to the European feel, with large, elegant green spaces, a walkable layout, and eclective boutiques.

The population is small, with only 1,700 residents, most of whom are young.

Five: Kennedy Heights

The residential neighborhood of Kennedy Heights remains under the radar because you rarely hear of a crime incident.

Although further into the suburbs, this small residential community only has a population of 5,000.

The neighborhood was created in 1965 as an integrated community to fight blockbusting.

At only 12 miles from downtown and 21 crimes per 100 people, most of which are property crimes, Kennedy Heights is a great place for families.

The neighborhood is also home to Daniel Drake Park, which boasts playgrounds, trails, and a scenic overlook point.

Four: Mt. Washington

The diverse neighborhood of Mt. Washington is well known for its sense of community and safety.

With only 18 crimes per 100 residents, this eclectic Cincinnati neighborhood is an excellent option for families, students, and young professionals starting their careers.

The commute downtown is only 10 minutes, and the extensive community activities, safety, and well-ranked schools are great for new or relocating families to the area.

The neighborhood is also home to the Athenaeum of Ohio, one of the oldest Catholic seminaries in the U.S.

Three: Mt. Lookout

Only a 15-minute drive from downtown is Mt. Lookout and the exciting Over the Rhine neighborhood.

With only 1,850 police-reported incidents between 2016 and 2020, most of which were property-related, Mt. Lookout boasts a total crime rate of only 14 crimes per 100 residents.

This makes the neighborhood an excellent spot for millennials, young professionals, and families looking to relocate.

Best of all, Mt. Lookout has one of the most interesting town squares in the city, with restaurants and boutiques anchored by the Redmoor building.

Two: Sayler Park

Sayler Park and Hyde Park consistently battle for the safest neighborhoods in Cincinnati, with crime statistics being virtually identical yearly.

This riverfront neighborhood on the city’s west side stretches along the Ohio River and boasts a small-town, charming atmosphere with a rich American history.

Sayler Park has only 13 crimes per hundred residents, most of them property-related.

This neighborhood is an excellent choice for retirees and families due to the community events and outdoor recreational activities.

One: Hyde Park

Coming in at number one as the safest neighborhood in Cincinnati is Hyde Park, a community that only experiences 13 crimes per hundred residents.

This makes Hyde Park an excellent destination for families or those looking to start a family.

Crime in Hyde Park is minimal and mainly comprises property crimes, with violent crime being rare.

From 2016 to 2020, there were only 1,553 police-reported incidences, most of which were property-related, so residents sleep soundly at night in this vibrant neighborhood.


5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Cincinnati

One: Avoid Walking Alone at Night

Although this tip applies to any major city worldwide, it’s especially important in certain areas like Over The Rhine.

Most places in Cincinnati are great for exploring during the day, but certain centrally-located neighborhoods are best avoided at night, especially after the bars close.

During this time, criminals are looking to prey on drunk bargoers or tourists who are wandering around alone.

These areas specifically see a hike in crime during the wee hours of the night, so it’s best to walk in a group or not at all.

Call a taxi or use a ridesharing app if you’re leaving the bars late.

Two: Walk on Busy Streets

Cincinnati neighborhoods flip reasonably quickly; one minute, you’re in a bustling area; the next, down a secluded side street.

Try to stay on well-lit, busy streets to avoid any confrontations.

If you accidentally wander down a dark alley or into a secluded neighborhood at night, calmly turn around and head back in the direction in which you came to avoid any incidences.

Three: Lock Your Vehicle

Even if you’re running inside a restaurant or store for a few minutes, always lock your door and never leave valuables in sight.

Most crimes in the city are property-related, such as theft, so don’t be one of the many who become victims of these crimes.

Also, keep all belongings out of sight when leaving the car, even for just a few minutes.

Four: Prioritize Safety

You can’t control when and where a crime occurs, so if you are robbed or mugged, hand over your valuables and don’t fight.

Material items are never worth injury or worse, so always prioritize your safety.

Most criminals aren’t looking to injure unsuspecting victims, only to rob and steal without incident, so hand over the items without resistance.

Five: Be Aware of your Surroundings

Don’t listen to headphones while walking alone at night (if necessary) or get distracted by your phone.

Pay attention to where you’re going, who is around you, and your neighborhood so you can be ready if an incident arises.

Cincinnati Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is downtown Cincinnati safe?

Overall, Cincinnati is a safe city, although some downtown areas have higher crime rates than others, with property and theft leading the reports.

However, the northern section of downtown has higher gun violence rates than property crime, so it’s best to stay away from this area when visiting.

What parts of Cincinnati should be avoided?

In addition to the northern sections of the downtown neighborhood, English Woods, Westwood, Avondale, Vine Street, and Over the Rhine should be avoided late at night, when most crimes occur.

These neighborhoods are fine to visit during the day.

Is it safe to live in Cincinnati?

Violent crimes are typically clustered into specific high-crime neighborhoods, with other crimes outside this area being property-related and minor.

This means most of Cincinnati is safe to live, work, and play.

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