10 Safest Cities in Massachusetts

Updated On October 10, 2023

Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Massachusetts is one of the most historical states in the country.

Due to its relative proximity to Europe, settlers first made landfall at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, where they began a colony that spread from coast to coast.

As a result of settler landfall, Boston is one of the most historic cities in the U.S.

If you’re planning to visit Massachusetts, you can rest assured that the state is pretty safe.

The overall crime rate is 1.5 incidences per 1,000 residents, which is well below the national average.

Also, the state is ranked in the top ten as having the highest quality of living.

To learn more about the best cities and towns to visit in Massachusetts along with travel tips, keep reading!

10 Safest Cities in Massachusetts

Duxbury, Massachusetts
Duxbury, Massachusetts


The tenth safest town in Massachusetts is Duxbury, which is in Plymouth County, just 35 miles from Downtown Boston.

Incorporated in 1637, Duxbury was the second official town in the Commonwealth, making it one of the oldest in the state.

Following the Civil War, Duxbury began attracting tourists during the summer, due to its beautiful beaches and prime coastal location.

For this reason, along with its low violent crime rate of 0.8 and property crime rate of 2.4, Duxbury is a great place to visit and live!

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts


Near the top of our list is Shrewsbury, a city of 37,000 residents.

For a city this size, it is impressive that it has consistently maintained a 0.1 violent crime rating over the past few years and a 3.3 property crime index in 2021.

Shrewsbury is a beautiful place to visit in the winter for ski enthusiasts due to the Ski Ward Ski Area located within the town limits.

Hanover, Massachusetts
Hanover, Massachusetts


Southeast of Boston, not far from the coast, is Hanover, a mid-sized town of around 15,000 residents.

The median household income is extremely high at $128,000 and the town boasts excellent violent crime safety stat to boot.

The violent crime rating in 2021 was only 0.2, but the property crime was much higher at 8.4, which is above the national average.

Sharon, Massachusetts
Sharon, Massachusetts


Number seven on our list is Sharon, which is part of Norfolk County.

Incorporated in 1775 as the Town of Stoughtonham, the municipality was renamed Sharon eight years later after the Sharon Plain in Israel, due to the many forests.

In addition to having a low violent crime rate of 0.5 and a property crime rate of 2.5, Sharon is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Massachusetts due to its stunning landscape and rich history.

Westford, Massachusetts
Westford, Massachusetts


With a population of 25,000, the city of Westford boasts a high median household income of just under $145,000.

Despite its higher population, the city consistently maintains low violent crime rates of around 0.4 and fairly low property crime rates of 2.2, both of which are well under the national average.

Westford is in the northern part of the state, with an easy train ride into Boston.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Number five on our list is Hopkinton, one of the safest places in the state.

With a population of around 18,000 residents, Hopkinton saw an incredibly violent crime rate of 0 and an extremely low property crime index of 1.6 in 2021.

Located between Worcester and Boston, Hopkinton attracts many tourists because it is the starting point for the annual Boston marathon.

The town is also the Dell EMC headquarters, so plenty of businesspeople are in and out of the local hotels.

Holden, Massachusetts
Holden, Massachusetts


The fourth safest location on our list is Holden, which is nestled northeast of Worcester.

While commuting daily to Boston from Holden would be challenging, it is easy to take a day trip into the city while visiting.

Holden has a medium-sized population of around 19,000, an excellent violent crime rate of 0.3, and a property crime rate of 1.1.

Clinton, Massachusetts
Clinton, Massachusetts


Located in Worcester County, Clinton has a population of around 14,000.

With a median annual income above the state median, a violent crime rate of only 0.3, a property crime rate of 1.0, and a lower poverty rate, Clinton is a great place to visit and live.

The town has an extensive history beginning as a Mill District of Lancaster with a boom of industrial growth in 1848.

Franklin, Massachusetts
Franklin, Massachusetts


The second safest city on our list is Franklin, which is home to around 33,000 people.

In addition to having a violent crime rate of only 0.1 and a property crime rate of just 1.2, this city is also home to the famous Franklin Library, which is one of the oldest in the United States.

This library boasts original books written by Benjamin Franklin.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place to visit with interesting history and a prominent level of safety, Franklin is an excellent choice.

Wayland, Massachusetts
Wayland, Massachusetts


The safest city in Massachusetts is Wayland.

Bosting a small population of around 13,000 residents, this city has the lowest property crime rate in the state at 0, and a violent crime rate of only 0.1 per 1,000 residents for 2021!

In addition to these low crime rates, Wayland has a nice small-town New England feel with beautiful architecture to match!

In addition to having an interesting town history, Wayland is also a Boston suburb, so taking a day trip is easy.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Massachusetts

While Massachusetts is generally a safe destination, you always want to take some precautions, especially when in bigger cities like Boston and Worcester.

These include:

Tip #1: Watch Your Belongings on Mass Transit

If you are planning to visit Boston, there’s a high probability you will be using mass transit at some point to get around town, since it is the easiest option.

Therefore, when riding mass transit, always keep an eye on your personal effects.

When on crowded trains or busses, keep your wallet in the front pocket and your purse, handbag, or backpack at your front, covering your chest.

Tip #2: Pack Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Depending on where you are visiting, you want to pack weather-appropriate clothing and accessories.

For instance, if you plan to enjoy a few days in Cape Cod, some areas are windy, so on a hot and sunny day, it may feel cool, but you are baking in the sun.

That means you must pack high SPF sunscreen, a hat, long sleeves, and other protective items.

If you are hiking in the mountains, pack pants and a long sleeve shirt since bugs can become a nuisance.

Tip #3: Never Flash Valuables in Public

It is never a promising idea to flash valuables or cash in public anywhere.

Boston and the surrounding cities and towns are no exception.

This is especially the case when riding mass transit as this will make you more of a target to thieves.

If you need to count the cash, do it in private or in your wallet where it is not out the open, and keep grandma’s priceless jewelry at home.

Tip #4: Use the Hotel Safe

If you need to bring large sums of money or grandma’s jewelry, then keep it in the hotel safe, away from housekeeping staff that may enter the room to clean and organize.

Just do not forget to unload the safe before you check out!

Tip #5: Split Your Finances

Never carry around all the cash for your trip, all credit cards, or all checks whenever leaving the hotel for the day.

You always want to split your finances in case there is an incident.

Use the hotel room safe to keep some credit cards, cash, and other financial bits, so they are available if you lose your wallet, your credit card is stolen, or some other incident occurs.

Massachusetts Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Massachusetts?

From a weather perspective, the best time to visit the state is in the spring (April – June) and late summer to early fall (September, October).

The winters in Massachusetts can be brutal with plenty of snow and frigid temperatures, especially inland away from the cost.

Like other areas of the Northeast, summers are hot and humid, despite most visitors coming in the middle of summer.

In early fall, you get to experience the leaves changing.

There is nothing like driving through cute New England towns surrounded by a pallet of colors.

Is Massachusetts expensive to visit?

Yes, Massachusetts is an expensive place to visit, especially Boston.

Due to a high state tax rate, the cost of many regular items is higher than in many other states.

Also, Massachusetts is a popular tourist destination due to its history and beach towns, so hotels and other hospitality-industry items are most expensive during the prime travel season.

What is Massachusetts like during the December holidays?

Despite the frigid temperatures and snow, Massachusetts is a beautiful place to visit during the December holidays.

There are a variety of tree lighting ceremonies, festivals, ice skating rinks, holiday markets, and other activities across the state.

Best of all, if you enjoy a white Christmas, then you have a high probability in Massachusetts.

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