6 Best RV Led Lights

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Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling DomeKohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome
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Mictuning Light BarMictuning Light Bar
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HotSystem LED BulbsHotSystem LED Bulbs
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Lumitronics Double LED LightLumitronics Double LED Light
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Acegoo Ceiling LightAcegoo Ceiling Light
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Leisure LED Ceiling Light Leisure LED Ceiling Light
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Ensuring proper visibility in your RV is important.

There are several lighting system types you can choose for your RV.

Nowadays, there isn’t anything better than LED systems.

But, there are so many options on the market for RV lighting systems.

Here is my selection of the best of them!

Keep reading to find buying guide with more useful tips!


Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome

Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome
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From all available LED lighting options for your RV, the Kohree is the best.

It is easy to install and comes with complete step-by-step installation.

In a way, the instructions are even better than some customer service other companies provide.

The light comes with a one-year warranty.

The color temperature is 4000-4500K, and the operating voltage is from 12 to 18V.


  • Includes all hardware for installation
  • Excellent rating
  • Versatile use


  • The light might be too bright for a small space
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

If you are looking for something simple, durable, and easy to install, I strongly recommend these Kohree dome lights.

The life expectancy is around 60.000 hours.

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Mictuning Light Bar

Mictuning Light Bar
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This Mictuning light bar is very affordable.

It comes in a pack of two and can be purchased with an expert installation.

The options come in handy if you don’t want to struggle with wiring and installation.

The power of the bar is 3.5 watts, and the life expectancy is 30.000 hours.


  • The shape is convenient for mounting anywhere including small storage spaces
  • Minimalistic design


  • The color temperature isn’t specified
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Mixtuning bar is budget-friendly and a hassle-free option to replace the old lighting system in your RV.

The output is comfortable 500 lumens which great for a cozy, home-like atmosphere.

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HotSystem LED Bulbs

HotSystem LED Bulbs
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The HotSystem LED light bulbs to use 1/10 of the energy consumed by traditional light bulbs.

It is an excellent reason to switch.

The company also offers expert installation at additional costs.

The operating voltage is DC 12 V and the bulb has pure copper brackets with a pure gold wire welding process.


  • Excellent for replacement bulbs
  • Available in different bulbs sizes and pack sizes
  • Affordable


  • Potential shipping issues
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The circuits won’t oxidize which improves the durability of HotSystem bulbs.

Overall, with a price and a quality, it won’t get better than this.

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Lumitronics Double LED Light

Lumitronics Double LED Light
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The Luminotronics double-optic RV light has a euro-style design.

It is optic dome light with a life expectancy of ten year years.

The light is warm, and it has a removable Snap-On clear polycarbonate lens.

The plastic is all-weather molded to ensure a long lifespan.


  • Long-lasting – up to 70.000
  • Sleek and minimalistic design


  • Light warmth isn’t specified
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Overall, the Luminotronics double light is compact but quite powerful for its size.

It is great for replacing some parts of your existing lighting system.

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Acegoo Ceiling Light

Acegoo Ceiling Light
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The Acegoo Ceiling light has a modern, ultra-slim design.

It is compact but powerful, with a LED lifespan of 50.000.

Because of the specific design features, installing this one might be tricky compared to some other LED ceiling lights.

The light comes with two finish options and a soft white light alternative.


  • Stylish
  • Available in different options
  • Ensures even light coverage


  • No no/off switch
  • Too compact for larger space
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I recommend Acegoo light for small spaces.

It will give a stylish look and enough light to look like a home with a luminous flux of 240 lumens.

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Leisure LED Ceiling Light

Leisure LED Ceiling Light
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The Leisure LED light is affordable but very bright.

The lenses include protective plastic covers to keep the product safe before installation.

I also like the instruction with these lights.

If you follow a step-by-step guide, you don’t need to hire a professional.

The total luminous flux the light provides is comfortable 550 lumens.

The color temperature is natural white, 4000-4500K.


  • Available with a discount
  • Includes 1-year guarantee
  • Great value for the money


  • There is a yellow glow with the light
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Leisure LED lights provide good value for the money.

The expected lifespan is pretty impressive – 60.000 hours.

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Buying Guide

There are numerous options for buying an RV LED light.

You can keep reading my buying guide to get familiar with LED lights and decide which one to buy with confidence.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and it uses up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

You can also replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent and halogen options.

However, fluorescent requires higher wattage to produce the same lumens as LEDs.

Halogens are similar to incandescent, but with a much lower lifespan than LEDs.

All things considered, LED light is the best option in terms of lifespan, efficiency, and costs.

LED lights have been around for years, but only recently the system has been available for RV.

Initial costs for switching to LED lights can be high, but those will pay for themselves in the long run.

Some LED lights can cost $10, but last 20 years.

On the other hand, you can pay a bulb $1, but you’ll have to replace it every year over two decades.

LED light is great for RV because it has a cold temperature, which doesn’t compromise the performance during frosty weather.

Compared to the traditional light bulb, LED is much more resilient to impacts and vibrations.

Overall, LED lights to ensure long-term saving, especially if you plan to use the LED lighting system for years.

LED Lights Types

Because LED light systems have become more popular, the technology has developed.

So, there are several LED light types on the market.

Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

Everyone can find something for themselves, whether they want a simple design or artistic ceiling light.

Ceiling lights will take minimal headspace and give you a lot of options to include designer details in your interior.

Dome Lights

Dome lighting is practical for RV.

Luckily, there are identical dome LED lighting systems that can be used to replace the existing ones.

LED dome lights are interchangeable and easy to install.

Awning Lights

You can choose between an LED RV awning light, or a waterproof LED strip that goes on an existing lighting system.

LED awning light will ensure bright and clear light in any outdoor setting.

Importantly, the lights are energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about energy consumption when you go off the grid.

Individual LED Bulbs

Individual LED bulbs are available in strips, bulbs, and bars.

They look attractive but are also highly practical.

You can stick them to kitchen cabinets, closets, or any hard-to-reach, dark places.

Things to Consider When Buying LED RV Lights

When you are finally ready to switch, you might find yourself overwhelmed with many options on the market.

Here are things to consider to narrow the choice down to LED RV lights that suit your needs.


Start by identifying the things you want to replace.

Are you replacing the entire RV lighting system with LED or just several lights?

Make a list of all lights you need and shop by the list.


Determine the size of the light you need.

Measure the current lights and write the measurements.

Try to find lights that are an exact match to the current ones.

Color Temperature

LED lights are available in a wide range of temperatures, expressed in Kelvin (K).

Here is a simple guide to follow:

  • 2700-3000K – warm white, soft with hints of yellow
  • 3000-4000K – clean white light, balanced between warm and bright, great for all applications
  • 4000K and over – natural white, cool white, better for task-oriented settings, such as kitchen

Voltage Regulator

LED lights are good for running on batteries because of low power consumption.

They run on 12V DC with AC-DC transformers.

In reality, it means that LED cannot exceed ~13V without damaging LEDs.

Therefore, it can be an issue for vehicles, because automotive systems reach 15-16V when charging the battery.

But, you can solve this problem by buying LED lights designed to be used in vehicles.

They have built-in surge protection and can handle massive voltage spikes.

The alternative is purchasing a voltage regulator.

First, determine the total of milliamperes that you need to support.

The easier way to do that is to buy all LED lights for the camper, add the milliampere and increase it to get the required value for the voltage regulator.

For example, if you calculated 2.300 mA, the voltage regulator needs to be 3800 mA to support the entire system.

Amperage Draw

The next thing to consider is a proper amperage supply for your LED systems.

You can use the following formula for LED strips:

  • Wattage per Foot x Total Feet of Strips

The result will tell you the total power requires in watts.


If you have decided which LED lights to get, it is about time to talk about installation.

Installing 12V LED Lights in RV

The first thing to do is to turn off the power supply in your RV.

Next, remove light covers.

Light covers are placed on the bulbs, sometimes, you can skip this step, but it depends on the light.

If you are unsure about this step, you can check the instructions.

You can also find tips for removing the cover in the instructions, as sometimes it can be as easy as pinching the cover off.

Other times, it requires using a screwdriver.

The next step is to remove light bulbs.

Older light fixtures include glass light bulbs.

I recommend removing glass first and then moving on to removing the entire lighting fixture.

It is an optional step and a safety precaution.

Once you are done with that, remove the lighting fixture by unscrewing screws.

Keep the screws secure, as you might need them later.

The next thing to do is wire disconnection.

If you followed the first step and turned the power supply off, you will be good to go.

Before you disconnect it, inspect the wires to get familiar with the pattern.

It will be useful when you try to put everything together.

Next, you can start by connecting the new fixture wiring.

Find the wires in the new device and identify the ground wire.

Even though it is black in most cases, I recommend you consult the manual to be sure.

Follow the manual to see how to connect a new light fixture.

In most cases, it will be the same as connecting the old one.

Cap off the connections with wire nuts.

You can use old wire nuts from the previous lighting fixture.

Add electrical tape to seal and bind any loose wire nuts.

The next thing to do is turn on the power supply.

If the light doesn’t switch on, turn the power off and twist the wires one more time.

Test it and when the light switches on, turn the power off one more time and continue.

Next, remove new light fixture covers and screw the new fixture in.

You might have to drill new holes if the old and new fixtures are different sizes.

Replace the fixture bulb covers, turn the power on and enjoy your new RV LED lighting system.

Complete the procedure for each lighting fixture you have to replace.

Wiring LED Lights with an Existing Light Switch

Wiring LED lights with the existing switch are simple.

LED lights run on 12V, but the electrical system is much higher.

Therefore, you must use a step-down transformer or power adapter.

They come with a reasonable price tag, and you can get if between $10 and $35.

To get the right one, check your LED light’s voltage and whether they run on AC or DC.

Identify if two or four wires are coming out from your LED light.

If you aren’t sure which transformer is for you, ask in the hardware store for help.

Replacing LED Bulbs

Even though LED light bulbs are long-lasting the time may come for you to replace them.

An LED light fixture contains multiple bulbs, and you won’t have to replace the entire fixture just because one bulb went out.

At some point, even LED bulbs need replacement.

Here is how to do it.

First, identify the properties of burn-out LED to find the appropriate replacement.

Check the manual for specific instructions.

Remove the bulb with a screwdriver and save the screws for the replacement bulb.

Put the new bulb in.

You shouldn’t feel any resistance, because resistance will indicate that the new bulb isn’t an exact replacement for the old one.

Also, if you force the bulb to fit, you can break it.

If everything fits into place, screw the covering back and turn the light on.


Hopefully, by now you know what to expect when you go into the quest for the best RV LED light system.

There are so many options, and I always recommend reading several reviews to get to know more about quality and performance.

If you don’t feel like installing the light yourself, you can always pay more money and have a professional do it for you.

Best Overall Choice

Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome

Best overall choice: Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling Dome See on Amazon

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