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ADCO 52243ADCO 52243
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Classic Accessories RV CoverClassic Accessories RV Cover
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Classic Accessories Trailer CoverClassic Accessories Trailer Cover
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ADCO 52205
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Leader Accessories CoverLeader Accessories Cover
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ADCO 32854ADCO 32854
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RV cover protects your vehicle against different weather conditions.

If you got a toy hauler or class A RV, the market offers something for you.

To save you time on researching the market offer, I made the list of best RV covers.

Check the list and find your top picks.

Keep reading for more information on RV covers.


ADCO 52243

ADCO 52243
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This ADCO RV cover is simply the best one on the market.

It is easy to put on and offers a precise fit.

The cover features three layers of polypropylene which will efficiently protect your vehicle from all weather conditions, including sun, ice, snow, rain, and wind.

It is also quite affordable and available in different sizes.


  • Weighted strap ensures easy installation
  • Durable
  • Three layers of polypropylene
  • Affordable


  • Might not hold well against harsh wind
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

If you don’t want to make a science out of your RV protection, go for ADCO cover.

It provides appropriate protection and a snug fit.

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Classic Accessories RV Cover

Classic Accessories RV Cover
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The Classic Accessories RV cover looks and feels deluxe.

It comes with a four-year warranty which is very impressive.

The ripstop fabric is up to 57% lighter than the majority of other fabrics commonly used for RV covers.

It is good for all weather conditions and climates.


  • Lightweight but strong fabric
  • Extra-long zipper easy to use
  • The cover has color tags for front panels


  • Zippered panels can be difficult to match the windows
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

With this Classic Accessories cover, you will be covered for years as far as the RV protection goes.

Adjustable tension panels make installment a breeze.

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Classic Accessories Trailer Cover

Classic Accessories Trailer Cover
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This trailer cover is of the same quality as the previous product I discussed.

It has zippered panels on the rear parts.

Therefore, it is easy to access the toy compartments.

Also, Classic Accessories are a great company, always ready to help their customers, which many users appreciate.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great customer service
  • Rear-zippered section


  • The zippers might not be aligned with doors properly
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The cover has double-stitched tabs for durability.

You won’t regret buying this Classic Accessories trailer cover and it will pay for itself in the long run.

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ADCO 52205

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This ADCO cover is for class A RVs and moderate climates with lots of moisture.

The three-ply fabric provides superb protection against UV rays, wind, and water.

The cover has zippered panels for easy access to doors and windows.

It comes with rain gutter spout protectors.


  • Maximum UV protection
  • Weighted buckle simplifies the installing
  • Durable and highly resilient


  • Placing the cover for the first time may be difficult
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

This ADCO covers offer complete protection for your vehicle.

It is especially good if you know that you’ll be parked in full sun for a long time.

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Leader Accessories Cover

Leader Accessories Cover
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This RV cover is available in different colors.

All are designed to keep your RV safe against different weather conditions.

The cover has several zippered sections, so you have easy access to doors and the engine bay.

Because of the reflective panels, you can locate your RV in dark or poor weather.


  • Adjustable panels ensure a snug fit
  • Includes ladder cap


  • The material seems lightweight
  • Air vents might not prevent cover from billowing in wind
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I especially like the reinforced corners.

They ensure excellent resistance against snagging and tearing.

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ADCO 32854

ADCO 32854
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This is another ADCO cover.

It is the most expensive cover, and suitable for the largest trailers and fifth-wheel models.

The cover includes a three-year warranty and superior customer service.

It includes four travel tire guards and a ladder cup.

The fabric is breathable and has a zippered rear section.


  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Keeps the camper cool in warm temperatures
  • Weighted strap system
  • Snug fit


  • Doesn’t hold well against harsh wind
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

This ADCO cover is great for all climates.

If you own a large RV, the model 32854 one will be great.

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Buying Guide

Keeping your RV protected ensures that it stays good-looking for as long as possible.

It also can affect the resale value and help you reduce maintenance costs.

RV cover is one of the most efficient ways to keep the RV protected.

Covers are especially useful if you keep your RV parked for months.

However, there are so many covers on the market, and choosing the right one may be challenging.

RV is made from flexible materials prone to deterioration, so a cover helps to keep it safe for years.

Let’s discuss different aspects of RV covers.

Cover Types

There are different RV covers, so you would probably be able to find one for yourself.

Fifth Wheel Cover

If you have a fifth-wheel trailer, you need to find the appropriate shape of the cover.

These covers match the hitch of a fifth wheel and tuck underneath to ensure superb protection.

A, B, C Covers

Every cover comes in different sizes so you can find smaller ones for Class B RVs, as well as the largest 45-inch Class A covers.

Covers are designed to meet specific sizes and shapes so check carefully for the measurement.

Trailer Covers

There are also travel trailers or toy hauler covers.

Conveniently, these come with rear-zippered door access.

It allows you to check the toy compartments without having to remove the cover.

I don’t recommend going for cheaper alternatives such as tarp covers.

It won’t provide enough protection, and the texture may be too abrasive for the finish of your trailer.

Also, tarps aren’t breathable.

It might prevent the rain from wetting your trailer, but it can increase the risk of mold and mildew development due to lack of air circulation.

Lastly, tarps don’t fit your vehicle.

You will spend so much time trying to make it work, and you still end up unsatisfied with the final effects.

Why Buy an RV Cover?

RV cover is the best way to protect your RV.

Let’s go briefly through some of the most important benefits of owning an RV cover.


Rain can cause damage to RV, by finding weak spots and cracked air vents.

If you don’t treat it, it can develop severe leaks, and damage the inside of your RV.

Cover protect your camper from rainwater and keep it safe from leaf debris and bird droppings.

Also, damp conditions make your RV prone to mold.

Because RVs are water-resistant and breathable, they reduce the risk of excess moisture underneath them.

Bug Protection

If you leave your RV long enough without attendance, there are high chances that bugs may attack it.

Flies, ants, and other insects can cause mess and are hard to get rid of in most cases.

Sun Protection

High temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause extreme hot temperatures inside your RV, up to 144 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, there is a risk that damage could happen inside the camper.

A cover will make the sunlight bounce from your RV, and help reduce the temperature inside.

UV Protection

UV rays can cause damage to rubber and latex.

Eventually, these parts will deteriorate and can cause water leaks.

UV rays can cause fiberglass to fade, which reduces the resale value of your vehicles.

Paint Protection

If you have any paintwork on your RV, the cover may help it last for years.

Sunlight, rain, and wind make the colors fade and crack faster.

RV Covers Cons

RV covers also come with a set of potential drawbacks.

The benefits surpass the drawbacks, but let’s mention the drawbacks so you know exactly what to expect.

An Extra Tasks

Setting up a cover is an extra task you have to complete.

The time required for installing it depends on the size of your RV and the cover itself.

Some covers are easy to set in just a few minutes, while others will cause you more trouble.

Also, don’t forget that you need to clean and dry the cover before you hit the road.


RV cover needs space for storage.

The size determines the required space, and if you own a large RV and cover, it can take a lot of space.


RV covers aren’t resistant to wear and tear.

Some people need to replace their covers after every season.

However, if you invest in a quality cover, you will have less maintenance.

You should replace the cover every three or five years to ensure maximum protection for your RV.


Covers are made from different fabrics, all designed to protect the vehicle against outer factors.

The most common materials for RV covers are polyester and polypropylene.

Let’s discuss these materials in detail.


Polypropylene is lightweight and water-resistant.

It also means that the fabric dries quickly.

When you treat polypropylene with UV stabilizers, you get a fabric that is perfect for outdoor use in different weather conditions.

Those are some of the reasons why polypropylene is used for RV covers.

Three-layer polypropylene covers offer better durability in all weather conditions.

The fabric is stretch-resistant, so too much force can tear it.

Therefore, always get a fitting polypropylene cover.

Woven Polyester

The alternative to polypropylene is a woven polyester.

It is better when it comes to UV protection and high-temperature resistance.

However, polyester isn’t very water-resistant.

Therefore, if you live in a warm climate with less precipitation, the polyester cover might be a better choice.

Woven polyester is resistant to stretching and very durable.

Choosing the RV Cover Size

RVs are available in a large range of shapes and sizes.

It is similar to the covers.

Finding the fitting size is important because a wrong-sized cover won’t protect the RV as supposed, can be difficult to install, and can tear sooner.

Measure Your RV

Correct measurements of your RV are the way to start.

They can save you a lot of hassle.

Measure twice to be sure about the numbers you’ve got.

The first thing to do is determine your RV type and find the compatible cover.

Then, take the measurements and look at available covers in the same range.

Check the brands of RV covers to find out which parts of the RV need to be measured.

It can include bumper-to-bumper measurements, spare tires, ladders, roof-mounted air conditioners, etc.

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Cover

When you’ve got your measurements and identified the type of cover, it is time to choose.

Let’s go briefly through the most important factors that determine which cover is the exact match for your RV.

RV Size

Accurate measurements are the first thing to obtain.

If you have any doubts about the correct size, you can always contact manufacturers or look into RV forums for more guidelines and information.

Travel Area

Think about the weather in the area where you travel.

If you travel to hot and sunny areas, pay attention that covers provides superb UV rays protection.

On the other hand, if you go to rainy places, water resistance is your priority when choosing an RV cover.


If you plan to keep your RV in the garage during the off-season, you can get a lightweight cover to protect your vehicle from dust and bugs.


A few things, such as weighted straps, simplify the installation.

You need a cover that is easy to install and pack when not used.

Single-layer covers are lighter and easier to handle.

However, they don’t protect the vehicle as strongly as triple-layer covers.

How to Install An RV Cover?

If you have narrowed the choice to one RV cover, it is time to learn how to install it.

Before you install it, I recommend cleaning the RV inside and out.

It will mean less work when you are ready to remove the cover and go on a trip.

Use a pool noodle to cover sharp edges.

Bubble wrap will serve just as well.

Lay the cover on the ground, find snap clips, open them.

Do the same with zippers.

Check the straps layout, and follow the instruction to discover what is what and where it goes.

Identify where the front part is and re-roll the cover.

Use a stepladder to climb on the roof.

Place the rolled cover on the front part of the roof.

Roll the cover to the rear side of the RV, and spread the cover toward the edges.

Climb down and pull the cover on the RV sides.

Inspect the cover and ensure it fits well.

Find elasticized edges and secure them over the bumpers.

Use tie-down straps to secure the cover around RV.

If there are weighted bags, secure the tie-down straps and that is all!


RV cover is a great investment you’ll never regret.

Whether you opt for ADCO or Classics Accessories cover for your vehicle, make sure you get the correct size.

It will help you maintain the good look of your RV for longer and protect it from a lot of things.

What is your top pick?

Best Overall Choice

ADCO 52243

Best overall choice: ADCO 52243 See on Amazon

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  1. I bought the Classic Accessories RV Cover and was pleasantly surprised, it fits exactly and the quality is great, thanks for the recommendation!

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