Rome: City of History, Architecture and Delicious Food

Updated On October 7, 2023
Rome: City of History, Architecture and Delicious Food

Rome is a spectacular city, full of symbols that are part of the shared history of humanity.

And there will always be something new to discover.

The streets of Rome hold secrets, and buildings like the Colosseum, which belong to the milestones of humanity, are truly unique and unmissable.

This city will make you fall in love with its culture, its impressive architecture, the passion of its residents, and also its food.

It goes without saying that Roman cuisine is among the best in the world.

Good wine, pasta, and pizza all represent Italian cuisine at its finest.

Because of this, taking a Food tour in Rome is a great option if you are visiting this magnificent city.

Getting to Know Rome Through Its Food

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Rome food tour lasts over 3 hours and is made up of seven stops, serving up the best dishes and desserts in the city at a series of excellent restaurants and tourist sites.

The tour will begin at one of the oldest and most traditional coffee shops in the city, where you can enjoy a cappuccino or other typical Italian coffee.

Then it’s time for pizza, the most typical dish in all of Italy.

Sampling three slices of freshly baked pizzas, totally homemade using traditional recipes, is one of the high points of the tour.

Later on, you can visit the oldest market in Rome and try Pecorino Romano cheese, considered to be among the most delicious in the world, followed by traditional cannoli.

You will also have the opportunity to visit shops for samples of local ham, cheese, and salami, all washed down with the best wine the capital has to offer.

Then we move on to pasta, with two main dishes in a traditional Roman restaurant serving as the centerpiece of the tour.

Last but not least, tourists can enjoy the taste of homemade ice cream to wrap up this unique experience in the middle of the city.

In addition to all the items mentioned above, a special secret dish will be revealed during the tour.

To drink, tour participants can choose from water, soft drinks, wine, and beer.

Wine Tour of Rome

Restaurant in Rome
Restaurant in Rome

Wine is just as representative of Italian gastronomy as pizza or pasta, and particularly so in Rome.

If you visit Italy – and are over 18 years old – you should also consider taking a wine tour, sampling flavors in Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany, and, of course, the Roman countryside.

The sommeliers guiding visitors during this wine tour of Rome will ensure that they have a truly unique experience.

It all starts in Monti, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Rome, where fashion shops and restaurants are among the main attractions.

The cobbled streets, full of nooks and crannies, provide a unique backdrop while participants taste a total of 6 varieties of wines, including Nero D’avola, Rosé, Prosecco, Nebbiolo, and more.

Your tour guide will walk you through the process of making each wine, and the secrets behind this intoxicating drink, making your tour truly unique.

So now you know: if you are passing through Rome, you should leap at the chance to take one of these tours, and enjoy the typical food and drink that this city has to offer.

Where to stay in Rome?

Fori Imperiali, Roma
Fori Imperiali, Roma

If you are planning to travel to this charming city, deciding where to stay is a major priority.

One of the most popular neighborhoods is the Historic Center, where you’ll find most of the city’s museums and historical sites such as the Pantheon, Piazza Novara, and the Trevi Fountain.

You will also find a wide range of restaurants, bars, and ice cream parlors.

The Historic Center is strategically placed for anyone visiting Rome since it provides easy access to plenty of iconic sites and facilities for traveling elsewhere.

You should be aware, however, that as a hotbed of tourist attractions, the Center is usually very crowded and noisy.

You can also stay in the neighborhood referred to as Ancient Rome, located near the Colosseum itself, as well as the Roman Forum and Capitoline Hill.

This location is truly spectacular for architecture and archeology lovers, who will be able to appreciate the many thousand-year-old sites and historical buildings that are part of the city’s historical heritage.

You should also consider staying in the Testaccio – Ostiense area, the Vatican area, Trastevere, or the Termini area, among other options.

Each of these sites has its own tourist attractions since each corner of Rome is a part of this beautiful city’s history.

Because of this, choosing where to stay in Rome is no easy task.

Once you are in the city, there are many places worth visiting and you will undoubtedly enjoy getting to know the history, architecture, and gastronomy of a truly magical city.

Rome Safety Overview

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