Top 7 Amazingly Delicious Puerto Rican Desserts

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Puerto Rican desserts are an amazing experience you won’t forget for sure.

It is a great combination of a variety of tropical Caribbean fruits such as pineapple, guava, and coconut with classic ingredients like vanilla, caramel, sugar, milk, and bread.

These desserts are quite simple but still amazing and unforgettable.

In fact, it is an example of one of the most divine desserts without too much hassle.

We’ve collected for you some of the most incredible Puerto Rican desserts you need to try.

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Guava Pastelitos

These amazing tiny pastries can be easily done at home and are really delicious.

To make it, you need some puffy pastry and guava paste.

Just stuff the pastry with paste and cover everything with some powdered sugar.

They look really gorgeous but you need just a little time to make it and it is really easy as you can buy a ready-made puff pastry and guava paste in most supermarkets.

After placing some paste between pastry slices, you need only 20 minutes to bake these great squares.

It is a great option for some breakfast or day snacks.

Among other delicious desserts with guava, there are Quesitos de Guayaba made from cream cheese and guava.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Guava Pastelitos

Arroz con Dulce/Arroz con Leche

This rice pudding can be considered as the most famous and popular Puerto Rican dessert.

This receipt of Arroz con leche includes such ingredients as rice, milk, vanilla, sugar, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove as well as some raisins.

If you want to add some exotic twist to this dessert, you can replace raisins with some fresh fruits or berries.

In case, you want to try Arroz con dulce, you just need to add some coconut milk and coconut shavings.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Arroz con Dulce/Arroz con Leche


Tembleque can be translated as ‘jiggly’ from Spanish.

It is a dome-shaped pudding dessert that has absolutely amazing and even fun texture.

To prepare this dessert you need some coconut milk, sugar, salt, and cornstarch.

Just mix the ingredients, heat up them on the stove and pour the mixture in molds.

After it, place the molds into a fridge for a few hours and wait till it’s cooled and hardened, and add some cinnamon.

Enjoy this tasty jiggly Puerto Rican treat.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Tembleque

Flan de Queso

It is a popular dessert not only in Puerto Rico but in Latin America.

This creamy, custard-doused cheesecake is very tasty and delightful.

Flan de Queso has a long-lasting history and it is an essential part of the Latin America culture.

The list of ingredients includes cream cheese, eggs, evaporated milk, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla.

If you want, you can add some chocolate, coconut, or Nutella but it cannot be considered as a traditional Puerto Rican dessert.

In any case, this dessert is 100% worth trying.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Flan de Queso

Dulce de Coco

Dulce de Coco can be found all over Latin America and Puerto Rico is, of course, no exception.

These treats are called Coco but in fact, they can be made in various shapes like squares, ovals, and so on.

It is a delicious dessert that is crunchy, crispy and tastes like coconut.

You for sure need to try this absolutely delicious Puerto Rican dessert.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Dulce de Coco

Pineapple Rum Cake

If you want to enjoy some incredible dessert, this Puerto Rican pineapple rum cake is exactly what you need.

It is a great combination of tropical fruit, some alcohol, and ice cream.

All over the Caribbean, rum cakes are considered as a common option for any celebration.

To make it, you need to soak dried fruit in rum for a long time and after it, you need to add them into a sugary dough.

This gorgeous pineapple-flavored dessert with some ice cream is something you need to try.

In Puerto Rico, this dessert is known as a Bizcocho de Ron.

Traveling, Puerto Rico, Desserts, Pineapple Rum Cake

Plátanos Maduros

Plátanos Maduros can hardly be considered as a traditional dessert.

Nevertheless, sweet plantains are an essential part of the Caribbean cuisine so this treat has a reasonable place in our list.

These sweet treats can be some perfect snacks that can be easily prepared.

You just need some vegetable oil and ripe plantains.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can add some lunches.

Traveling, Puerto Rico. Desserts, Plátanos Maduros

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