Top 10 Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks You Should Try in Venezuela

Updated On October 7, 2023

Venezuela is a magnificent country with beautiful nature and numerous great trails for backpackers.

Moreover, it is known for its incredible cuisine that will impress any food lover.

Influenced by European, African, and Nativ American cooking traditions, it has a variety of unique dishes.

Also, there are lots of myths and legends about different local dishes.

Considering the growing shortage of products in the country, nowadays Venezuelan people have to be creative so they can cook traditional dishes using available products.

Despite it, local food is still great and very delicious.

With the exchange rates, traveling to Venezuela, you can have some incredible meals while not spending lots of money.

Below, we’ve gathered the list of the most incredible dishes you can enjoy while visiting Venezuela.

Arepas: The Ultimate Venezuelan Favorite


Venezuelan cuisine is very diverse and rich but the most iconic Venezuelan dish is for sure an arepa.

Arepas are a kind of small corn-flour pitas with various fillings.

It can be cheese, beans, pork, rice, eggs, and so on.

The fillings may vary from one region to another but usually, they depend on the cook’s creativity and the list of the available ingredients.

It is a great option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and can be served as a side dish as well as the main one.

Pabellón Criollo: The Country’s National Dish


Of course, arepas are the most popular meal in the country but Pabellón Criollo is for sure the most authentic and patriotic one.

It is a combination of juicy pulled beef, black beans, and spicy rice.

Locals prefer to serve it with some plantain or a fried egg.

This dish is incredibly tasty so make sure to try it while visiting Venezuela.

Cachitos: A Venezuelan Recipe with a French Twist


Cachitos can be considered Venezuelan croissants.

This cheesy, delicious treat will for sure steal your heart away with its amazing buttery smell and incredible taste.

These tasty bread rolls are usually filled with cheese and ham.

While being crispy outside, cachitos are very fluffy and soft on the inside so it is a very popular treat in Venezuela.

It is a great option for breakfast as well as for a busy time when you want something to eat but don’t have much time.

Mandoca: The Donut of Venezuela

Best Dishes
Best Dishes

Almost everyone really enjoys deep-fried dishes especially those made of cheese.

If you are one of them, this unforgettable Venezuelan snack is for you.

Mandocas are made of cornmeal and plantains and they combine both sweet and salty tastes.

This dish is a breakfast classic among locals.

Remaining weird pretzels somehow, mandocas are usually served with queso blanco cheese and/or butter.

It is a perfect option for those who plan to explore the country as much as possible.

This treat is very rich and filling so you can have just a couple and have enough energy to walk around almost the whole day.

Perico: Scrambled Eggs with Latin American Flavour


Perico is one other popular breakfast dish in Venezuela.

While scrambled eggs are well known and popular all over the world, perico has its unique South-American taste.

It is made of eggs, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers but if you want to make it more “meaty” you can add some bacon as well.

Locals prefer adding it inside a bun or an arepa but the dish is also great on its own.

Also, it is a great way to start your day after a crazy night as it is a perfect food to cure the hangover.

Pasticho: Venezuelan Cuisine Meets Italy

Venezuela Cuisine
Venezuela Cuisine

There are lots of Venezuelan dishes that are influenced by Italian cuisine and pasticho is one of them.

This dish is often called the “Lasagna of Venezuela”.

Pasticho – it is layered pasta mixed with tomatoes, cheese, and meat.

Resembles lasagna a lot, doesn’t it?

The difference is in spices that are used for this dish and the bechamel sauce that add creamy flavor to it.

Cocada: A Must-Have Venezuelan Drink


Cocada is one of the most popular Venezuelan beverages.

It can be considered a smoothie and somehow even a dessert.

This classic drink is very popular all over the country and among tourists so you can find it almost anywhere around Venezuela.

There are several methods to prepare this drink and locals still cannot decide which one is the most authentic.

Some people believe that only soft coconut pulp and coconut water are used for this drink.

Others ensure that milk should be added as well.

Also, there are those who prefer adding some vanilla ice cream or condensed milk to make it sweet.

The truth is that you need to try all of them as each option is absolutely great.

Tizana: The Perfect Summer Spirit


Venezuela is known for its tropical climate and hot weather so if you want to refresh, tizana is exactly what you need.

This fresh, fruity drink can be found almost in any stall around the country.

Tizana is a combination of lime, grapefruit, orange and pineapple juices,  watermelon, plums, apples, peaches, and melon pieces, and sugar, cinnamon, grenadine, and crushed ice.

It is very tasty and fresh so you can enjoy it in the shadow of trees while walking through a city.

If you want to make it spicier, you can add some rum or gin and an amazing Venezuelan cocktail is ready.

Dulce de Leche: A South American Milky Caramel

Dulce de Leche
Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is an incredible and absolutely authentic Latin American dessert.

There is nothing similar in any other part of the world.

Dulce de Leche is also often called arequipe.

It is a milk caramel that can be put on a toast, a slice of bread or a bun.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can just scoop a good spoon of this treat and enjoy it as it is.

This dessert is made of condensed milk that is cooked until it becomes brown and thick.

Local prefer adding it to waffles with a bit of lemon juice.

It is very tasty so make sure to try this sweet treat while visiting Venezuela.

Quesillo: The Tastiest Venezuelan Dessert

Venezuela dessert
Venezuela dessert

Quesillo is one of the most incredible desserts in the country.

It is somehow similar to Mexican and Spanish flan and perfect for people who like creamy, caramel desserts.

The truth is that Venezuelan receipt is even creamier than Spanish and Mexican, as locals add the whole egg instead of yolk.

The texture of this dessert is almost the same as the pudding have but it is a bit firmer.

Finally, the whole thing is usually topped with an absolutely delicious caramel sauce.

As you can see, Venezuelan cuisine has a whole variety of incredible dishes with exotic tastes.

The truth is that it was really hard to choose only ten dishes as there are so many incredible Venezuelan treats you should try.

The country isn’t very popular among tourists but in fact, it is a very beautiful and amazing place.

If you have a chance, make sure to visit Venezuela and enjoy the local cuisine as well as culture.

There are lots of amazing restaurants around the country where you can enjoy local tasty food.

Also, you can always check your cooking abilities and try to make some of these dishes on your own.

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