16 Pros and Cons of Living in Tyler, TX

Updated On October 9, 2023
Tyler, Texas

Moving to Texas is a dream for many people, but not everyone wants to live the “big city” life of places like Dallas and Houston.

If you fit into this category, you might be considering a much smaller area called Tyler, TX.

Tyler is a dream home to many people, but it’s not right for everyone.

Take a look at this guide full of pros and cons to determine if it’s right for you.

Tyler, Texas
Tyler, Texas

Pros of Living in Tyler, TX

Tyler has plenty to offer for many people and families.

Take a look at some of the most smiled-upon advantages.

1. Nearly Constant Warm Weather and Sunshine

If you love really warm weather, Tyler is most definitely a place to consider moving.

Though you can expect the temperature to drop in the winter months, it’s not likely to be below about 38 degrees during the night and about 58 degrees during the day.

The rest of the year, you can expect temperatures that hover in the 80s and 90s.

2. You Have Plenty of Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

For those that love the outdoors and nature, Tyler has a lot to offer.

In addition to fishing and boating, you have Tyler State Park, the Texas Rose Horse Park, bike trails, and more.

It’s also great for antiquing, historical sightseeing, and taking in the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden.

3. And Kids Can Have Quite the Educational Experience

Not all education happens in a classroom, and Tyler offers plenty of educational experiences.

The Caldwell Zoo is 85 acres covered with over 200 species of animals for kids to see up close and personal.

The Discovery Science Place, Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Historical Aviation Memorial Museum, Tyler Junior College Cultural Arts District, and Camp Ford Historical Park also provide an incredible dive into various topics.

4. The Actual Education System Is Pretty Decent

If you have children, schools are an important part of the equation.

While there are definitely better school systems in the country, Tyler provides a pretty average education.

There are only 14 to 15 students per teacher, which is certainly lower than many other schools and gives kids more one-on-one attention.

And many residents report that their kids went on to get accepted into some pretty good colleges.

5. No Need to Worry About Windy Weather

One of the things that many residents of Tyler enjoy is little to no windy weather.

Yes, you’ll feel a slight breeze here and there, but it’s limited.

Obviously, this can be a great thing as you don’t have to worry too much about wind damage or some of the issues that windy climates experience.

6. Great Place for Solitary Individuals

Though you’ll definitely have neighbors, many Tyler residents enjoy keeping to themselves.

That’s one of the things that makes it a pretty good place for anyone looking for a quieter existence.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to be all alone and there are people to associate with.

However, if you want to be left to your own devices most of the time, you’ll be in good company.

7. You’ve Got Big Cities Within Driving Distance

And when you’re ready for some fun and excitement, you have it within a few hours’ drive.

With Dallas, Houston, and Austin all fairly close by, you have a slew of restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment at your disposal.

So you can enjoy your time alone most of the month, and then consider a weekend getaway to these nearby hot spots.

8. The Median Income Isn’t Too Shabby

The median income in Tyler, TX is about $52,932, which is considered moderate when compared to the rest of the country.

It’s certainly enough for most people to live on, especially with what’s considered the fairly low cost of living in Tyler.

And as there are no state taxes, you actually keep more of what you make – that’s never a bad thing.

Cons of Living in Tyler, TX

No location comes without its disadvantages.

The following are some of the top complaints by residents and well-known cons to factor into your decision.

1. There’s a Pretty High Crime Rate

Sadly, living in Tyler means being in the midst of some pretty heavy crime.

It’s been given an overall crime grade of D+, with an average of one crime occurring every 1.5 hours.

According to statistics, 90% of US cities have a safer crime index.

2. And With the Sun Comes the Humidity

Warm weather year-round is a dream for many people, and it’s certainly something you can enjoy in Tyler.

However, with that warmth comes something most people don’t enjoy – humidity.

You can expect pleasant winters, but locals say that it feels a bit like a sauna during the hotter months.

3. There’s Very Little Wind

You probably noticed that the lack of wind is listed above as a pro – it definitely can be.

However, a lack of wind in such a hot, humid area means having few to no gusts coming through to give you relief.

The bottom line is that the lack of wind can be either a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it, but it’s definitely something to factor in.

4. And Don’t Forget the Snakes

As you can imagine in any warm climate, snake sightings are extremely common.

The trouble is that, with the weather being warm all year, those sightings don’t seem to stop.

With four known poisonous snakes and many more non-venomous ones slithering around, you’ll need to watch where you’re stepping and teach your kids to do the same.

5. You’ll Have to Drive for More Fun, Shopping, and Entertainment

Tyler does have some things to keep you occupied, but in many ways, it’s a sleepy little town.

If you want to enjoy it more, you’ll have to take a drive.

You can reach Dallas in less than two hours, Houston in a little over three hours, and Austin in about four hours.

This might not be a big deal for those who enjoy weekend road trips, but having to drive that far can be a frustration for many.

6. Drug Abuse Is a Pretty Big Deal in Tyler

It’s no secret that drugs are an issue anywhere you go, but there’s also no denying that it’s worse in some areas than others.

Tyler happens to be one of those areas.

Granted, it’s not quite as bad in Tyler as in bigger areas like Austin and Houston, but it is still certainly an issue throughout Tyler and East Texas, in general – one that many locals complain about.

7. The Education System Could Use Some Work

As stated earlier, the education system is decent, but it’s not really the greatest – or anywhere near the top.

In fact, national rankings for elementary through high schools in Tyler put them at a bit below 50 on a scale of 0 to 100.

While your children can get an average education there, it might not necessarily be the place to live if you want them to truly excel in academics.

8. Housing Costs Are a Bit High

Nearly half of the population of Tyler rents their homes, and those prices can be a bit steep – especially for a smaller town.

The average one-bedroom runs around $932 per month, two bedrooms are over $1100, and three bedrooms are more than $1400.

Compared to some other states, these prices aren’t too terrible, but they’re more than one might expect from a place like Tyler.

Pros and Cons of Living in Tyler, TX – Summary Table

Pros of Living in Tyler, TXCons of Living in Tyler, TX
1. Nearly Constant Warm Weather and Sunshine1. There’s a Pretty High Crime Rate
2. You Have Plenty of Outdoor Activities to Enjoy2. And With the Sun Comes the Humidity
3. And Kids Can Have Quite the Educational Experience3. There’s Very Little Wind
4. The Actual Education System Is Pretty Decent4. And Don’t Forget the Snakes
5. No Need to Worry About Windy Weather5. You’ll Have to Drive for More Fun, Shopping, and Entertainment
6. Great Place for Solitary Individuals6. Drug Abuse Is a Pretty Big Deal in Tyler
7. You’ve Got Big Cities Within Driving Distance7. The Education System Could Use Some Work
8. The Median Income Isn’t Too Shabby8. Housing Costs Are a Bit High

Tyler Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Tyler Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the job market like in Tyler?

Tyler was ranked as having one of the highest job growth rates in Texas, with an increase of nearly 10%.

Most employers in the area fit into one of the following industries: farming, healthcare, retail, and education.

Of course, if you don’t find a job you like in Tyler, there are plenty of bustling areas close by if you don’t mind a longer commute.

Will I need to travel to purchase groceries and necessities?

Have no fear – Tyler does provide the essentials.

You have access to three Walmart Supercenters for pretty much all the basics.

You’ll also find local grocery stores, several farmers’ markets, and more.

What’s the nightlife life in Tyler?

There’s not really much to speak of in Tyler after sunset.

Some bars and small entertainment venues are available for your enjoyment, but most seem to shut down around midnight.

As the population is increasing, that might change in the future.

However, for now, if you really want to experience the real nightlife, you’ll need to go for a ride to some of the larger Texas cities.

Is Tyler a dry location?

Not quite.

You can purchase alcohol most of the week – Monday through Saturday, to be specific.

A change in the law now allows beer and wine to be sold on Sundays before noon.

However, liquor still cannot be sold on Sundays.

Is Tyler considered a “country” area?

That’s really a relative question.

It’s more of a metro/suburban type of area.

However, many people who move there from bigger areas view it as “the country.”

Those coming from “the country” view it as a bit more “city.”

And it depends on the area of Tyler you live in.

There are areas that are much more out of the way than others.

Does it ever actually snow there?

It does.

About three days out of the year, you can enjoy up to an inch of snow.

If you’re looking to enjoy snowball fights and skiing, Tyler is not the place to move.

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    Anonymous says:

    Tyler is out I don’t like snakes and humidity.

  2. After this year’s 2023 weather, would you change your opinion?

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    Anonymous says:

    Sounds like my kind of place.

  4. NEXT TIME – Please include a link to a map of Tyler.

  5. There are a lot of things wrong with this guide, so I’ll help out for anyone checking comments.

    1.It doesn’t “hover” between 80-90 during the summer. It hits 110 and lasts sometimes up to september. (Our months drag behind a little though. So for example, our winter really wouldn’t start until december and then end at roughly March if not sooner. Then its 90s up to June.)

    2.It can get VERY windy here. Maybe not the windiest city in Texas, but its enough to push your car off the lane.

    3.We are no where near close to any of these major cities mentioned. Dallas is a 3 hour trip, Houston is 5/6 and Austin is 8. The closest thing we have is Longview. Even our own state park is out by about 45 minutes.

    4. You can definitely make a day out of Tyler, but not much else after that. The Zoo is definitely up there but that, the tiny mall, faulkner, and some small shops here and there are about it.

    5. This one really isn’t a correction, but just something they kind of missed out. The traffic insane, but in it’s own special way. Yes, it’s a small town full of slow old people, but when trying to navigate through that, you also have other people who see “hey, small town. I can tear ass”. That leads to something stupid happening and everyone on the police force cutting off all access to main roads in a 100 foot radius. Its small in the worst way.

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    Tim Mayfair says:

    One potential con is the Tyler’s job market may not be as diverse as in larger cities, which could be a consideration for professionals seeking specific career opportunities.

  7. B
    Bianca O'Hara says:

    The cost of living in Tyler is generally lower than in larger metropolitan areas, making it an attractive option for individuals and families who are thinking of moving there.

  8. E
    Erin Bishop says:

    The city is known for its beautiful rose gardens and outdoor recreational opportunities, which can be a pro for nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy a mild climate.

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