16 Pros and Cons of Living in Fishers, IN

Updated On October 25, 2023

Fishers, Indiana started as a small Midwestern town in 1802.

The town was incorporated in 1872 as Fishers Station.

In 1909, the name changed once again to Fishers.

Its history is rich with entrepreneurship and an active railway.

Settlers found the area that is located on the northeast side of Indianapolis, a perfect spot for building dreams.

Fishers, IN
Fishers, IN

Pros of Living in Fishers, Indiana

The positive points of living in Fishers, Indiana, outweigh many other communities in Indiana.

Here are some of the positive factors of this suburban area of Indianapolis.

1. The Livability of Fishers Indiana

Fishers, Indiana has an above-average quality of life compared to other Indiana cities.

The livability score comes from an overall average of housing costs, transportation, health care, and the cost of goods and services.

Fishers rank high in its goals to provide an above-average quality of life and affordability.

In 2017, Fishers, Indiana was identified as the best place to live in the United States.

This town was recognized by Money Magazine for having the most job opportunities, quality public schools, cultural amenities, and low crime rates.

By 2022, their position had dropped to 7th in the nation, but they still held an outstanding rating as far as best schools and entrepreneurial growth.

2. Convenience of Location

You couldn’t ask for a better spot to have the feel of a small community, but conveniently close to a large city.

Although Fishers is anything but small, the population of 100,000 has steadily grown from a burg of 350 residents in 1963.

Indianapolis is a short distance of approximately 20 miles.

Fishers is a suburb of the Indy Metropolis where jobs, hospitals, and big-town social events can be found.

However, a safe, family-friendly atmosphere is still appreciated and instilled, regardless of its rapid growth.

3. Schools and Education

Grades consist of preschool through the 12th grade and belong to the Hamilton Southeastern Schools district.

It is the 4th largest school district in Indiana with a 98% graduation rate.

The educators have a low turnover rate and many are involved in the HSEF scholarship program.

Designed for students looking for grants and scholarships, this program has worked well since its inception in 2001.

4. Housing

Whether you are interested in renting or buying a home in Fishers, Indiana, you will find both affordable.

The median home price is around $240,000. Rentals run around $1350 per month.

These numbers fall less than the national average.

As with all communities, there are affluent areas and those considered low to medium income status.

5. Cost of Living and Economy

Being next door to Indianapolis does not mean that great jobs cannot be found in Fishers.

It has proven to be economically resilient in good and bad times.

From farming to retail and technology-based companies, they are strong in attracting outside firms.

The potential for income advancement is decent with proud school districts and incentives for advanced education with grants and career counseling at the high school level.

Advancement in jobs is another way to work.

6. Transportation

Fishers offers a shared ride service, known as Hamilton County Express.

It offers the convenience of a taxi service at a minimal fee.

Getting to work, shopping, or appointments is as easy as picking up your phone.

For those with vehicles, the traffic routes are well-planned.

I-69 and the 465 loop are within a 10-to-20-minute drive to downtown Indianapolis.

7. Poverty in Fishers

The 2021 poverty rate compared to the national average stood at 2.83%.

This was a decrease from the previous year.

Poverty and the crime rate are known to go hand-in-hand. In the absence of both, the safety of citizens improves.

With close-knit communities and abundant jobs, Fishers has fought off poverty.

8. Low Crime Rate

Crime rates are determined by the number of crimes committed per 100,000 people.

Fishers, Indiana, hit the low end of the scale with 8.8 crimes per 1,000 residents.

The types of crimes include violent crime and property crime.

The reasons for the low average are directly tied to Fisher’s low poverty rate, good education system, and the great cost of living.

Cons of Living in Fishers, Indiana

There is no perfect town or city to live in.

While Fishers has many positive points, the cons must be mentioned.

1. Harsh Indiana Winters

It is no secret that the Midwest has its share of freezing temperatures and above-average snow.

If you are not used to the inclement weather of the four seasons of central Indiana, you could be in for a shock.

Pipes are known to freeze and burst. Snow-covered roads can be treacherous and extra time is needed to reach your destination.

Wind damages from high winds and tornadoes can make property maintenance higher than in warmer areas of the country.

2. Hamilton County Has One of the Highest Rates of Drug Overdose Deaths

In 2022, the overall national death rate was 32.3 individuals.

Hamilton County contributed 49.1 to this figure.

While federal funds are being distributed throughout Indiana, Fishers still has a lot of work to do in combating the current drug problem.

3. Religious Diversity

A large portion of the Fisher’s population consists of Caucasian, Black, and Hispanic.

Because less than 2% of residents are Sik and Muslim, places of worship are scarce.

Alhuda Mosque is the main place of worship for those of the Muslim faith.

Arabs can visit Fishers Arabic Church. With the continued growth of Fishers, this number will no doubt increase.

4. Property Tax for Fishers, Indiana

While the property tax rate of 2.28% is not the highest in the area, it is far from the lowest.

The highest rate can be found in Sheridan at 3.1% and the lowest in White River at 1.5%.

The rates are set in each district with new analysis on a bi-annual basis according to location and assessed value.

5. Suburban Sprawl

As with any small town, the threat of being invaded by suburbs is inevitable.

For people who have not viewed living in Fishers in the past 10 years, a lot has changed.

Being so close to Indianapolis brings more business and social diversity.

A sleepy little town can change dramatically in a few years.

If you have visited Fishers in the past, take a more recent trip to witness the number of changes.

Fishers may not be for you any longer.

6. HOA Restrictions

The suburbs have a council that makes rules and regulations for the residents to follow.

These are to keep appearance, maintenance, and property values protected.

Lately, residents have made their voices heard about HOC overstepping their boundaries.

For instance, easing regulations on rental properties.

Homeowners have pride in their property and are against rental houses next to theirs.

7. Hospitals and In-Patient Medical Care

Although Fishers offers a variety of health facilities, we found that patient reviews were waning.

3 out of 5 stars are reported on Yelp.com by patients.

Long ER wait periods and rude nursing staff were among the complaints listed.

On the bright side, Indianapolis hospitals offer 5-star treatment and service.

8. Entertainment

This is an area that is to be expected in a suburb that is close to a metropolis.

While there are numerous bars and outdoor festivities, some feel that the level of live performances could be increased.

Fishers, IN
Fishers, IN

Pros and Cons of Living in Fishers, IN – Summary Table

Pros of Living in Fishers, IndianaCons of Living in Fishers, Indiana
1. The Livability of Fishers Indiana1. Harsh Indiana Winters
2. Convenience of Location2. Hamilton County Has One of the Highest Rates of Drug Overdose Deaths
3. Schools and Education3. Religious Diversity
4. Housing4. Property Tax for Fishers, Indiana
5. Cost of Living and Economy5. Suburban Sprawl
6. Transportation6. HOA Restrictions
7. Poverty in Fishers7. Hospitals and In-Patient Medical Care
8. Low Crime Rate8. Entertainment

Fishers Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Fishers Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fishers, Indiana, a good place to retire?

There are 5 independent living facilities in Fishers, Indiana.

However, there are 18 total in surrounding areas.

Fishers, Indiana is above the national average in monthly price, but the care and apartments are said to be exceptional.

Are there any parks and green spaces in Fishers, Indiana?

25 parks are available for use year-round.

Many offer amenities like trails and recreational areas.

There are over 600 acres to choose from with planned activities and personal leisure.

What is the Reputation of Fishers, Indiana?

Fishers, Indiana is unique in the fact that its historical past of farmland has emerged into a social suburban lifestyle where much of the past has been preserved.

A balloon voyage or being able to explore small-town shops still exists.

If you are looking for a good quality area to raise a family and expand your career skills, Fishers, Indiana rates high on the list.

Does Fishers, Indiana, have a high quality of life?

Fishers is known for its solid quality and family-friendly way of life.

Although the small-town feel has given way to a larger population of residents, the city still prides itself in keeping an atmosphere of small-town hospitality.

Can I find a job in Fishers, Indiana?

There are many industries to consider for full-time or part-time employment.

Medical jobs and careers are abundant, as are service and restaurant openings for help.

Depending on your level of education, Fishers has positions ranging from $20,000 per year to $143,000 per year.

The average salary is $61,000 or $29 per hour.

What is the weather like in Fishers, Indiana?

Fishers, Indiana, enjoy 4 seasons of weather.

Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold and snowy.

Springs and falls have favorable temperatures that range between 55 and 65 degrees.

Is Fishers, Indiana, easy to reach?

Fishers, Indiana, is easily accessible from all directions.

It is located in the southeast corner of Hamilton County and runs along the west fork of the White River.

Bordered by Carmel to the west and Noblesville to the north, there are main roads that can be followed.

Once in Fishers, you will be pleasantly surprised to find 16 roundabouts and freshly improved roads throughout the city.

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  1. Fishers, Indiana seems like a great place to live with its strong economy, good schools, and low crime rates.

  2. Fishers, Indiana has a lot to offer with its strong economy, top-rated schools, and low crime rates, but it also has its drawbacks such as harsh winters and suburban sprawl. Overall, it seems like a great place to live with its high quality of life and convenient location near Indianapolis.

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