5 Best Portable Camping Toilets

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Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty
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Camco Travel Toilet Camco Travel Toilet
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Dometic 301097202Dometic 301097202
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Cleanwaste Toilet Cleanwaste Toilet
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Reliance Products Fold-To-GoReliance Products Fold-To-Go
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Camping toilets aren’t spoiled campers’ desires, they are necessary and required in some locations by federal laws.

Hygiene is essential when going out camping, so camping toilets are a necessity.

But, it doesn’t mean that camping toilets don’t have to be convenient.

Let’s have a detailed overview of the best camping toilets on the market.

Find the one that fits your camping style in terms of odor-locking protection, ease of use and cleaning, and comfort.


Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty
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This Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty is an excellent, portable toilet.

The model 248 is available in a capacity of 18 and 24 liters, so you can find the one that meets your needs.

The smaller model is better suited for a couple of people on several-day camping trips.

The tank can hold 3.7 gallons of freshwater to be used for flushing.

The piston pump is connected to a bi-directional nozzle and works by raising the level and pressing it down.

It is also easy to empty the potty by lifting off the top half, so moving the toilet is simple.

This Sanitation camping toilet provides an experience similar to standard toilets and can be used during emergencies in RVs and campers.

Cleaning might be a bit of a struggle, but you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the simplest process.


  • Comfortable seat size
  • Extra-deep
  • Two directional flush
  • Large water tank for freshwater


  • Difficult to clean
  • You need to get used to pull-up flushing mechanism
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Overall, the Visa Potty meets the needs of most campers.

It is similar to standard toilets and has plenty of useful and practical features.

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Camco Travel Toilet

Camco Travel Toilet
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This Camco portable toilet enjoys an excellent reputation amongst fellow campers.

It is available in standard and premium models, but I will focus on the standard version.

The standard version is available with 2.6 or 5.3-gallon capacity, but both can hold 2.5 gallons of freshwater.

Smaller models are better for short camping trips, but only if you don’t mind emptying the tank daily.

Both versions are reasonably priced and comfortable.

However, the smell control might not be the best, so you can always use a toilet deodorizer for odor control.


  • It is easy to detach the waste tank
  • No leaks due to sealing slide valve
  • Sturdy construction
  • Optimal weight capacity for most campers – 330 pounds


  • Doesn’t have a pressure equalization valve
  • Doesn’t control odors
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Camco portable toilet has classical features and a convenient travel toilet design.

It won’t give you the experience of using the standard toilet, but you can expect decent comfort and durability.

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Dometic 301097202

Dometic 301097202
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The Dometic toilet is suitable for campers looking for an RV-style portable toilet.

It is made from heavy ABS plastic, which makes it durable and heavy at the same time.

The push-button flushing system is convenient and easy to use, even for children.

However, if you are expecting a lightweight toilet, keep looking because the Dometic weighs over 12 pounds.

It also doesn’t have a water level indicator, but it is quite easy to empty.


  • Push-button mechanism
  • Saves water
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Includes seat lid latch


  • Compact seat
  • No waste and water level indicators
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Dometic portable toilet might not be the best one on my list, but I am sure some campers will enjoy it.

If you want an RV-toilet and you don’t mind emptying it every day, the Dometic one could be great for you.

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Cleanwaste Toilet

Cleanwaste Toilet
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The Cleanwaste toilet is an all-in-one system that is perfect for new campers.

It is designed specifically for camping and enables you to install your private bathroom in the woods.

The toilet includes a privacy tent, toilet, and fifteen waste kits.

Also, you will get a convenient backpack for easier storing and moving the toilet.

The design is very minimalistic and offers limited comfort, but it isn’t messy as some of the previous models.

However, if you are camping in a windy location, you might need to secure your toilet.


  • Disposable bags come with a deodorizer
  • Foldable
  • Can be used as a changing room
  • Comes with 15 disposable bags


  • Not wind-proof
  • You need to buy additional disposable bags
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Cleanwaste toilet is clean, easy to use, and perfect for campers who change location often.

Cleaning is simple, and the toilet offers great value for the money, and I highly recommend it.

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Reliance Products Fold-To-Go

Reliance Products Fold-To-Go
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Folding portable toilets are true-camping toilets that many campers prefer because of the lightweight construction and compact design.

The toilet is easy to use and includes disposable bags, so the entire process is highly hygienic.

The model is easy to fold and includes a built-in handle for user convenience.

The toilet can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and is quite stable because of the locking legs.

The basic design of this toilet doesn’t provide too much comfort but offers portability and simple cleaning.


  • Inexpensive
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Includes 5-year warranty


  • Includes only one disposable bag
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Fold-to-Go collapsible toilet is simple, easy to use, and clean.

If you aren’t looking for ultimate comfort, you will be highly satisfied with this one.

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Buying Guide

Camping toilets are essential for successful outdoor adventures, and you should carefully consider different aspects of portable toilets.

Let’s go through the three most important factors that determine the usability of the camping toilets.


First of all, consider the size of the toilet and waste capacity.

The size of the toilet is connected with the sitting comfort and ease of carrying it with you.

Height is also something to consider because if a toilet is too low it might not be comfortable or not suitable for people with some physical issues.

Generally, standard toilets in the USA are from 14 to 16 inches high from the floor.

Therefore, if you want maximum comfort, pick a camping toilet that is about the same height.

Next, waste capacity determines how many people a toilet may serve and how often you need to empty it.

Additionally, if you buy a camping toilet with a large waste capacity, you are risking more odors developing.

Ease of Use

When I speak about camping toilets’ ease of use, I talk about flushing and emptying systems, installing the toilet, etc.

Ideally, your camping toilet is easy to flush or use disposable waste bags.

Waste bags are more hygienic because toilets with flushing systems require cleaning the bowl.

If that is the case, check how easy is to clean the toilet.

Next, find out if the toilet requires a lot of pressure to push the button and if it is easy enough for young kids.

Lastly, find out if the waste tank is easily detachable for emptying or it requires more effort.


Camping toilets aren’t too pricey, but find the one that will last you for at least several camping trips.

Materials, emptying, and flushing systems determine the overall quality of the toilet, hence the durability.

If a camping toilet doesn’t have good construction, the handle can break, seals can weaken, and leakage is possible.

Lastly, find a portable device with strong ABS construction and minimal mechanical features.

Those are more likely to last for years.

Also, check the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Camping Toilets

If you have little experience using camping toilets, I hope that the next answers will be helpful.

How Can I Empty a Portable Toilet?

Emptying a portable toilet is easy in most cases.

Foldable toilets come with disposable bags that are easy to detach and throw away.

RV-style toilets have sealed waste containers you can detach and empty either by pipe or without it.

Are Portable Toilets Comfortable?

Portable toilets comfort depends on the model, size, and other factors.

Some high-end models resemble the design of the standard toilets and offer maximum comfort a travel toilet can offer.

But, most campers opt for compact toilets.

They aren’t very comfortable but are very convenient to use on the go.

Whichever portable toilet you choose, pick the one from 14 to 16 inches high from the ground level.

It will improve the user experience.

What is the Weight Capacity of Most Models?

Camping toilets are designed to support the typical man.

The weight capacity of most RV-style camping toilets is 350 pounds, while foldable models have a 200-250 pounds limit.

How to Dispose of Camping Toilet Waste?

Take all garbage, including toilet waste with you when leaving the campsite.

Camping toilets with waste tanks can be disposed of at RV dump stations.

Disposable bags can be disposed of at the same place or landfills.

How Often You Need to Clean Camping Toilet?

The cleaning frequency for the camping toilet depends on the toilet style and the number of people using it.

RV-style camping toilets used by approximately two people can be used for the entire weekend without emptying.

However, if more people are using it, you should empty it every day.

Disposable bags on camping toilets can serve for two or three uses of toilets before you need to dispose of the bag.

Once the camping trip is complete, make sure to clean the toilet when you can home and sanitize it from top to bottom.

What is a Chemical Camping Toilet?

A chemical toilet is an RV-style camping toilet that uses chemicals to control odors.

Most RV-style camping toilets include chemical deodorizers.

Non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals are the best option when choosing the toilet of this style.

What Toilet Paper to Use with a Camping Toilet?

Whenever you are in nature, try to use as many biodegradable things as possible.

The same applies to camping toilets, especially if plan to empty the toilet at an RV dump station.

Fast-dissolving paper is convenient for RV toilets, but single-ply toilet paper can serve as an alternative if biodegradable toilet paper isn’t available.


Don’t be shy and ask more questions about portable camping toilets.

Choosing the camping toilet should include careful research and consideration of different aspects.

First of all, determine which toilet type might work better for you – RV-style or foldable.

Foldable are better for mobility, but RV-style are more comfortable.

Foldable is also more hygienic due to the use of disposable bags.

Which model will you choose for your next camping trip?

Have you tried any of the reviewed toilets?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Best Overall Choice

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

Best overall choice: Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty See on Amazon

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