Is Tehran Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Tehran, Iran
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* Rated 75 / 100 based on 26 user reviews.

Considering the huge population of 14 million people, Teheran is the largest and the capital city of Iran.

Its location at the foot of the Alborz mountain range attracts many tourists.

Even though Iran is the Muslims country, Tehran is a cosmopolitan city and a pleasant place to visit.

Among the most popular sites to visit in the city are Azadi Tower, Golestan Palace, the Grand Bazaar and the national museum of Iran full of treasures and objects.

Warnings & Dangers in Tehran

Overall Risk


When the overall risk is in question, Tehran can be considered a safe city to travel, but the political risks and plenty of dangerous zones near the borders with Iraq and Afghanistan, make it less attractive. However, the practice of common sense and basic precautions concerning pickpockets in crowds will make your visit free of any kind of worries. Phone snatchers are very common on the streets of Tehran. Because of the high rate of poverty, there are plenty of slums around the city.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Traffic in Tehran is very dangerous, and not only for the drivers but the pedestrian as well. Accidents on the road occur frequently and driving can be dangerous since drivers are aggressive, and do not follow the signs. If you want to get around by taxi, agree on the price before the ride or ask them to turn on the taxi meter. You should know that women are not allowed to drive a motorcycle on public roads.

Pickpockets Risk


You should be aware of the possible robbery by a motorcyclist, so when walking along the street, pay attention not to become a victim of bag snatchers on a motorbike. Pickpocketing is a problem in the overcrowded bazaars and public transports. So, do your best to safeguard your belongings.

Natural Disasters Risk


The climate in Iran is so extreme which might lead to extremely high temperatures over 50 degrees. Most of Iran is prone to earthquakes, so it is advisable to follow the media before deciding to come to Tehran.

Mugging Risk


The risk of being mugged or kidnapped in Tehran exists and the usual aim of the muggers is getting your money and valuables. So, it is better to give them what they want than to get seriously injured, since the money is what they are after and not you.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorist attacks are very likely to happen in Iran. Attacks could happen anywhere and there have been reports that several bombings have taken place. Be vigilant in Iran, since there is a threat of kidnapping foreign tourists in the border areas.

Scams Risk


The first thing you need to pay attention to is the fake police. They are dressed in uniform and might request to see your passport or check your luggage. In case this happens to you, ask them to go together to the nearest police station, since a tourist can't tell these from the real police.

Women Travelers Risk


Female travelers need to avoid visiting remote neighborhoods late at night and they should know that the BRT lines have the women-only section at the front. Their behavior and dress in public must be following the local rules. To make your holiday trouble-free avoid walking alone especially at night.

So... How Safe Is Tehran Really?

Considering the size and the population, Tehran is a relatively safe city for those travelers that practice common sense and take the usual precautions against pickpockets.

As long as the city is crowded, even at night, it is hustle free.

Travelers are advised not to take a private taxi at night and pay attention to phone and bag snatchers.

The traffic in Tehran is very dangerous and should be considered some of the worlds’ worst.

It is required to wear a headscarf and long sleeves when going out in public.

Tensions in the region have increased with the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria which might lead to serious consequences, thus affecting the tourists’ impression of the city.

You should consider carefully the risks of traveling to Iran if you choose to travel there.

How Does Tehran Compare?

CitySafety Index
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82
Cordoba (Argentina)61
Toronto (Canada)81

Useful Information



The rule when coming to Iran is that the entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and foreign travelers who visited Israel. A tourist visa lasts 30 days and can be extended. Travelers should make their visa application well in advance of their date of travel because the application process for an Iranian visa can belong. Another rule is that women and girls over the age of nine must wear a headscarf in their visa application photos.



Riyal is the official currency of Iran and MasterCard or Visa are not accepted. You can exchange your currency in most banks after filling out some forms. There are no cash machines that accept UK bank cards and it is illegal to change money on the street.



The period from June to September is the hottest period of the year with extremely high temperatures. Heavy snowfall can also occur in parts of the country during the winter months. Sandstorms and dust storms are also frequent.



If you are coming to Iran by plane, Imam Khomeini International Airport, located 55 km from the city center, is the international airport in Tehran. Tehran's Mehrabad airport is older in the city itself used for domestic and cargo flights.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Medical costs, including medical evacuation, should be included in your travel insurance policy. It is advisable to afford travel insurance before coming to Tehran since accidents cannot be predicted.

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Feb 7° C
Mar 11° C
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Aug 30° C
Sep 26° C
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26 Reviews on Tehran

  1. !!!!

    You are just eating **** *****!!!Usually you say a lot of negative things to Iran!! But of course 100% Islamic republic of Iran is one of the most safe countries in the world!

    1. M
      Muhammad says:

      Stay away

      This review is right, Iran is a dangerous place especially to those who are Jewish or Christians, if you are Muslim and a man you will probably be fine, but for Christians and Jews you have at least 20% of the population that will want you dead. don’t risk it. go travel in another country.

      1. A middle east paradise

        Hi, I travel from Sydney to this great Persian land every so often, and have just returned from a month in the north. It is a stunningly beautiful and varied country. The people are soft and very friendly to tourists. It feels safe everywhere I go…there is no need for that paranoic fear that most Americans will relate to…the likelihood of you being shot at for no reason isn’t there…there is effective gun control. There is quite a large amount of poverty in some areas, exacerbated by the imposition of sanctions by America (this is an unfortunate and probably unforseen consequence). It has forced local food prices up and as a result made restaurants expensive. The quality, though is always good.
        Driving in this country requires a degree of defensive anticipation 🙂 … the road rules are not well adhered to. I thoroughly recommend people to visit this paradise of the middle east.

        1. u
          usa suck says:


          stay away from America too form our country it sucks here

      2. A
        Anonymous says:

        Bullshit it’s actually one of the safest places in the world for anyone. Also Iran has a large Christian and Jewish population itself so you must be a troll!

      3. Best place for travel , nice people , fantastic nature and everything is so cheap.

        He is big lier . Because he absolutely living in iran and just he hate from government, but who cares, i was travel a lot , i i saw more than 18 countries, I promise and I swear that iran and tehran is more safer than famous cities like LA- london – istanbul – and……
        It is the best country for tourism because it’s so cheap and high quality food and hotels. People are very friendly and nice , what do you need more.?!

        1. Alexander Came Thru Here

          Okay, but what if you are gay?

          1. As someone from Tehran i would recommend to hide being gay in public it is banned legally and many people don’t accept it BUT there are many many Iranians who support LGBT. You can’t expect gay clubs or kissing your partner in public even straight people can’t expect clubs and stuff they only can hold each other’s hands 😂but it is a nice place to visit and nobody will kill you

        2. Human rights in Iran are terrible

          Lol, you have no idea how life is inequal here and you can’t just judge a country by only traveling there. It’s cheap only if you are coming from a first-world country while around half of people are living under the poverty line here right now. They kill you if they know you’re from LGBTQ. The morality police will arrest you if you’re a woman who doesn’t cover her hair with hijab. Keep your propagandas to yourself.

  2. Persian paradise

    I have just returned from self-drive month in the north, starting in Tehran. I have visited this beautiful Persian land several times and always enjoy myself. The people are very friendly and go out of their way to help tourists like me who only speak a smattering of Persian. It is a country that evokes a feel of comfort and safety…Americans will revel in the fact that they don’t need to feel that sense of paranoia so prevalent in American society, caused by their country’s lack of gun discipline….as in all safe countries, there is effective gun control in Iran.
    I thoroughly recommend a holiday in this beautiful paradise.

  3. Best place for travel

    Safest place, people are fantastic, nature is beautiful, food is the best , and so cheap everything,

  4. Tehran is the safe place

    The writer is a liar . Iran is the best place to visit and a safe place. Don’t worry

  5. A
    Alexander says:

    Tehran is very safe

    Bullshit!!! Iran is f****g safe .i’ve been in europe last year, iran is by far safer than the italy , spain,..
    Its score should be 80 not 35 .i feel pitty for such an biased website ..
    You’re probably an american website .
    There was just one terrorist attack in past 40 years but how many in usa or germany.. ? So many

  6. Iran

    Iran is so beautiful with perfect four season weather, the food and hotels are perfect. People are so kind. But I suggest you hire an interpreter to help you and travel with you in all cities , it will be safer if somebody is traveling with you and not expensive. The bad thing is when they know you are foreigner they get more taxi fare or like that, but if you hire somebody , can help you alot . Totally dont miss traveling to Iran 👍🏽

  7. T
    Tavangari says:

    Help tourists as a university student

    If you decided to come iran,and looking for honest person for help, feel free to contact me via email.

  8. H
    Hans Dürr says:

    Safe country

    Iranians for sure are honest and helpful people. Traffic is chaotic, sometimes even dangerous, but apart from that, there is not much to worry, if you respect the laws of the Islamic Republic. Obviously, you do have the political tensions and the risk of earthquakes (but hey, you’ve got that in California as well), but apart from that, the country is safe

  9. My opinion about this

    Are you kidding me? I lived in Tehran for 19 years and never saw a terrorist attack. Where did you get this information from? Please people do not trust this information with no source.I am so sorry for this website and the writer that put here whatever hear from media with no other search and actually travelling there. If you once go there, you will see a completely different and really better that what media says about it. Please stop writing bullshit here without real experience.

  10. Lovely Safe Iran For Foreign Tourists

    I’m Iranian and live in Tehran. Tehran and totally Iran is one of the safest countries in the middle east. No terroist attacks !!! No danger for foreign christians or any religious or non religious foreigners!!! Don’t care about the news if you are from the United States, you can come here and enjoy the Iranian hospitality.

    Some notes:

    1- Women should wear hijab due to the goverment Islamic law. (Iranian hijab might be somehow more comfortable than you think. You can search <> on Google to find out how it looks like)

    2- Use authorized transport systems like BRT, Authorized yellow or green taxies , metro …

    3- After 11 PM it’s better not to walk alone outside like any other country.

    4- Unfortunately traveling to Iran for Israelan or even maybe for those who have the stamp of Israel in their passport is not allowed.

    5- No International credit card is accepetd anywhere in the country. Just the local payment cards or cash.

    The rest you can enjoy your safe trip and Iranian warm hospitality , try the fabulous Iranian foods with aromatic fantastic taste, sightseeing and so on

  11. Safer than many countries in the region

    As a 28 year old Iranian, I’ve never seen a terrorist attack except the one conducted by Isis 3 years ago in parliament. It is generally safe like any other city. Has wonderful Cities and nature. Iran has a diverse culture and delicious food. Actually people are pretty kind to tourists a d just like any other country bad things could happen to anyone.

  12. Safe?

    interesting. I’m an American man. I have a friend who lives in Maybod. I find it hard to believe that would be safe for me to go there and visit. Am I mistaken?

    1. Truth for Iran

      You should be fine as long as you are respectful of their laws and ways of living. The American media portrays Iran as this evil place. But, it is contrary to the popular beliefs we are “programmed” to faithfully follow in the USA. A large reason for our misconception of Iran in general can be linked to who is essentially in charge all of the major media outlets; the Zionist! The Zionist hate Iran and want to make the global West believe Iran is a dangerous primitive place. Iran is one of the safest places in the world with relatively no crime. I understand the hesitation of going to a country that you have been told your whole life is a dangerous place but just read reviews of people that have visited or even live there.

  13. What a nonsense index, Tehran is very safe and the chance is getting mugged is a million times lower than in popular tourist hotspots anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no shootings and less terrorist attacks than most of the world.
    Iran is the best!

  14. First time visitors be aware

    I’m an Iranian so read my review carefully if you plan to visit. If you are from LGBTQ and show it in public they will kill you and most people see it as something disgusting and taboo so don’t share it and don’t expect people to support you.
    The morallity police is strict with what women wear and will arrest them if their dressing is not according to islam.
    You can’t drink alcohol in public because it’s against the lawas. Also pork doesn’t exist here because it’s haram according to Islam so don’t go in stores and restaurants looking for these things.
    Ladies don’t go walking alone without a man in quite streets and alleys at night. There might be some pervert somewhere who wants to annoy you or someone who tries to rob you.
    If you’re from a western country you should know how toilets are before coming to visit. Toilets here are squat toilets but still you can find flush toilets in hotels and big restaurants most of the time though they aren’t very common. Also you can’t find toilet papers in every public restrooms so have some with you especially if you’re from a western country who isn’t used to washing yourself in toilet.

  15. J
    JEFF DEEZ NUTS says:


  16. All review is good but base on you experience or depend on individual aspects.
    in my opinion, irannian people have respective behavior to tourisms but you can warranty security of your trip base on few attention:
    1- travel with internet taxi like Uber : Snapp or Tapsi
    2- Book your hotel from organized site : Google [ , Snapp trip]
    3- Use digital map like [] to find historical place, restaurant, driving path , bus station or taxi lines.
    so you know every where and every think you need. there is no worry.

Tehran Rated 3.73 / 5 based on 26 user reviews.

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