10 Best Flea Markets in Missouri

Updated On October 8, 2023
Flea Market

Even though it has two major cities, Missouri is mostly a rural state, and that means there will be lots of good flea markets all over the state.

There are good ones in the big cities, to be sure, but the small town is where flea markets were invented and perfected.

You can find great deals at flea markets, and discover things you did not know you wanted until you see them.

They are a great piece of Americana and a great tradition.

They are also fun to just visit and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The 10 Flea Markets in Missouri

10. Super Flea

Super Flea, at the corner of Belmont Blvd and St. John St., in Kansas City is a flea market that needs to be experienced. 

It is a huge building with hundreds of vendors hawking just about anything you can imagine.

The exterior looks a little dodgy, and it has a lot of character.

Inside is crowded and chaotic, with booth after booth of new and used items.

There is memorabilia, antiques, clothing new and used, health and beauty products, electronics, and an on-site computer repair business.

It costs $1 to get in and there is a $100 cash drawing every day.

It is open Saturdays and Sundays only. 


9. The Rutledge Flea Market

The Rutledge Flea Market, in Rutledge, MO is a more traditional outdoor market that is open the second weekend of each month.

It started in 1948 when people could trade dogs and guns. 

It is on 80 acres in a small town that is in the northeast corner of the state, not far from Illinois and Iowa.

There are the usual new and used items, there may be animals and even cars for sale. 

Antiques, crafts, food, and guns are available. 

It is so big they offer golf carts for rent for you to get around. 

You may also bring your RV and camp right on the grounds and spend the whole weekend.  


8. Wentzville Flea Market

Wentzville Flea Market is open every Sunday all year long in this small town.

They do close sometimes if the weather is too bad, but they open if at all possible.

There are some reserved spots for vendors, and 300 or more unreserved spots, so you can show up and sell your items without notice.

There is an on-site cafe, restrooms, and ATMs.

Wentzville is a small town on the edge of the greater St. Louis area. 

There are the usual flea market items, but no animals are allowed.

Plenty of places to wander around and look at all the items, and there is plenty of good food available as well.  


7. Nate’s Swap Shop

Nate’s Swap Shop is open on weekends and is very close to downtown Kansas City.

It is outdoors and is more like flea markets in rural areas, but this one also has an urban feel. 

It is open Saturdays and Sundays year-round and claims to be the biggest outdoor market in the greater Kansas City area.

There is a wide variety of new and used items, lots of antiques, and treasures to be found.

There are also a lot of food trucks operating.

The address is 8200 E. 63rd St., in Kansas City, MO.

There is a $1 entry fee and free parking is available.

Security is also provided.


6. Old Time Flea Market

Old Time Flea Market in Farmington is an indoor flea market that is open every day from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

It has a wide variety of vendors with booths.

There are a lot of antiques, memorabilia, as well as new and used clothing.

Some vendors sell new items at bargain prices.

It is a huge indoor facility, the size of a football field. 

It started in 2011 as a weekend-only antique market and has grown steadily.

Farmington is a small rural town about 80 miles south of St. Louis.

They do not allow backpacks or bags to be brought in, but they have lockers for your use.


5. The Old Mill Antique and Flea Market

The Old Mill Antique and Flea Market started as the Fair Grove Swap Meet.

It is the classic fleamarket, with many outdoor vendors that change every week. 

Fair Grove is a small town north of Springfield in the southern part of the state. 

It operates outdoors during the summer months.

Many people come to sell their used items, and there is no telling what you might find.

There are old tools, various kinds of equipment, memorabilia, clothing, curiosities, and much more. 

4. The Joplin Flea Market

The Joplin Flea Market has been running on weekends for about 40 years and has shown no signs of slowing down. 

There are 200 or more vendors each weekend, and that changes week to week.

It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. 

There is plenty of food available, as well as fresh produce, collectibles, antiques, tools, cleaning and pet supplies, and things that might surprise you.

It is a popular flea market that can get crowded, but it is an enjoyable time.

There are also musical instruments, along with toys and games to get the kids’ interest going.

You can bring your own stuff to sell as well on the day of the event.

3. Redfield’s Flea Market

Redfield’s Flea Market in De Soto is an indoor market that is open six days a week the entire year. 

It has a lot of antiques and is a thrift store offering many items on consignment.

They have been in business for 30 years in De Soto, a small town 50 miles southwest of St. Louis.

A regular group of merchants has booths in this store, and some have been there for years.

There are valuable antiques, as well as memorabilia, new and used items, and treasures to be found.

Small furniture, electronics, and games are also available. 

They have drawings for prizes at various times.     

2. Flea Mart

Flea Mart in Independence is one of the largest indoor flea markets in the state.

There are more than 200 vendors.

This one is open every day throughout the year.

There is a wide variety of items for sale, both new and used.

One difference here is the food.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are sold, which is not often the case in indoor markets.

There is furniture, as well as electronics.

Merchants sell new and used items.

Antiques and memorabilia are also common.

Drinks and snacks are also sold.

You can have a fun day here just exploring.

1. Relics Antique Mall of Mount Vernon

Relics Antique Mall of Mount Vernon is in Springfield and has a unique flavor.

It has 90,000 square feet and a lot of very nice antiques.

You may find bargains, but they may not be cheap, because good antiques are expensive.

This is not a “junk” store by any stretch.

There are valuable antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, and rare items of all kinds.

They have an authentic tea room for food and drink.

The Relics Antique Mall is open six days a week throughout the year.

They also have a “fun fleamarket area” where there are no antiques allowed.

The 10 Flea Markets in Missouri – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
Super Flea6200 St John Ave, Kansas City, MO 64123
The Rutledge Flea MarketState Hwy V, Rutledge, MO 63563
Wentzville Flea MarketWentzville, MO 63385
Nate's Swap Shop8200 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO 64133
Old Time Flea Market4335 Showplace Dr, Farmington, MO 63640
The Old Mill Antique and Flea Market99 S Main St, Fair Grove, MO 65648
The Joplin Flea Market1200 S. Virginia Avenue, Joplin, MO
Redfield's Flea Market500 Main St, De Soto, MO 63020
Flea MartEast US Highway 40, Independence, MO
Relics Antique Mall of Mount Vernon1001 Daniel Dr, Mt Vernon, MO 65712

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best flea markets in Missouri?

The classic flea market is a glorified group yard sale.

People bring their stuff and sell it, and it is usually very informal.

Outdoor markets in small towns often have great places like this.

They also happen around large cities.

Some of it depends on your preference.

The classic flea market is where people bring their stuff to sell.

There are markets that have more professional dealers that make a living with this type of business, and they may be selling more new items and antiques.

Can you negotiate prices in Missouri?


Part of the fun of shopping at a flea market is the bartering process.

Some vendors also enjoy bartering and intentionally set their prices higher, knowing customers will negotiate with them.

It depends on whether you enjoy this type of activity, and whether the merchants are open to negotiating.

Bartering for the best deal possible is part of the adventure.

If you would prefer not to, you can also just pay the asking price for an item you want and bypass that process.

Is there any protection for buyers?

Shopping at a flea market is an adventure.

At a flea market, you should take the phrase “buyer beware” seriously.

There are no warranties, though there may be exceptions.

In almost all cases, sales are final and there are no returns.

Most dealers are honest, but there are some con artists out there selling imitations and junk.

Word also travels fast, so listen to what people are saying.

Examine expensive items carefully, and look for expiration dates on anything that could be perishable.

If a particular booth does not have any reasons, there might be a reason people are staying away.

When is the best time to visit a flea market?

Very early or very late are the best times to visit flea markets if you want good deals.

There are other dealers who will scoop up the best bargains early, so you need to be there when the sales start to find those.

At the end of the day, merchants may just want to get rid of stuff and may sell it very cheaply.

It may cost them less to sell it to you at a ridiculously low price than having to bother with taking it away.

People selling items are usually a lot more interested in negotiating later in the day.

But keep in mind that the best things have already been taken by then.

You can find the best stuff early, and get the lowest prices late.

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