Cost of Living in West Virginia Cities: These Are the Top 5

West Virginia Wheeling landscape

West Virginia is located in the Appalachian area in America.

It is in 38th place by population.

Also, it is the forty-two most extensive state of the whole United States.

It borders Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Let’s see some interesting facts about this Mountain State (as someones say this state).

West Virginia is one of the first states in the US to celebrate first mother’s day.

Moreover, this small state is the first state which opens the first federal prison for women.

If you are a pet lover, you have to know that, in this state, there are very critical pet rules.

In West Virginia is the most popular and the longest bridge, which is an attraction for many photographers and artists.

In one word – West Virginia is an incredible place for living and is full of rich and unique history.

Here, you can read everything about the cost of living in West Virginia.

Plus, you can discover which cities are the most expensive here.

The Cost of Living in This State

Everyone is deeply interested in the actual cost of living in West Virginia.

In the meantime, it is a state filled with many fascinating specialties to visit, and we all wonder about the living prices.

Are housing costs expensive?

How much does a transport ticket cost?

What are the prices for restaurants?

Well, do not worry all – West Virginia is in 5th place by lower cost of living.

That leads to the cost of goods and services here being around 9% above the national standard.

But, it is much less than 3% above the statewide standard.

Here is a detailed look at every cost – from housing to prices for leisure.

Housing Costs

The standard home price in this state is around $180,600.

That is much lower than the national standard for housing prices.

As for renting, in West Virginia, you can find a complete equipment apartment for around $1,150 per month.

This price can be fancy low – about $550 per month but in less popular city cush as Beckley or Martinsburg.

On the other side – in Charleston, the capital city of this state – the price can be fancy high – around $1,450.

Restaurants, Supermarkets, Foods

Restaurant and supermarket prices are everyday expenses that have a relevant role in our financial budget.

Knowing that food costs can vary from state to state, it is excellent to learn the prices here in West Virginia.

Is the food here also very costly such as in Washington, Alaska, or Hawaii?

No – definitely, not.

Moreover, the food here is much cheaper than likened to the prices in other states.

A single individual here spends roughly $2,780 on food per year.

That leads to the conclusion that in West Virginia, the food prices are also below the national standard of $3.500.

Besides- this state is around 2% cheaper than the state of Ohio.

The curious thing here is that West Virginia is very famous for agriculture.

As so, this state has two types of apples—the Grimes Golden apple and the Golden Delicious apple.

The prices for those apples are very reasonable.

Leisure and Recreation Costs

We have specially added these costs for you in this state.

That is because this state has plenty of specialties to keep you engaged.

From old museums to fascinating buildings, mountains, parks, etc.

But the entrances for all those things are pretty costly.

For instance, in Harper’s Ferry – entrance for one person is above $15.

A cinema ticket per individual is also $15, and a gym membership per month is approximate $50-$60.

The Most Expensive Cities in West Virginia


As the capital city, Charleston is in the first place for high living prices.

Also, Charleston is the most populous city in West Virginia.

Although it feels like a small city, located at Elk and Kanawha rivers, it has many outstanding landscapes.

It is a city full of recognizable history, well-maintained buildings, and unique shops and bookstores.

Let’s see the real cost of living in this Chemicilville(a nickname for Charleston).

The cost of living here is 12% higher than the national norm and around 5% higher than the state standards.

Prices for homes keep an essential role in these high costs of living.

And so do utilities.

However, the most expensive thing here is the leisure activities, such as visits to museums, etc.

For example, only for one entrance in the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, you should expect to pay a fascinating $13.


This city is located in the southwestern area of West Virginia.

It is one of the largest cities in the state of West Virginia.

This excellent place for a living has a mix of fascinating adventure parks and beautiful views across the whole city.

But, it is one of the most expensive places in West Virginia.

For example, a meal in inexpensive restaurants only for one person is $14, while lunch for two people is much more than $55.

The food prices in supermarkets are also very costly.

One-liter milk is $2.50, a loaf of fresh white bread is above $3, 1 kg white rice is $4.65, and eggs(regular 12) are around $3.50.

Honestly, these prices are some of the most expensive in the whole state.

As for transportation costs – it is also the same.

A one-way ticket for local transport in Huntington is $3.50, while a monthly pass is more than $50.

That is why Huntington is known as one of the most expensive cities in this state.


Morgantown is the most famous for West Virginia University, with its art museum and sculpture garden.

Although the cost of living is around 3% above the national standard costs, it is 3% high than the state averages.

The most expensive thing in this beautiful city is definitely healthcare services.

For one doctor visit, you should expect to pay around $110, while a dentist’s visit is more than $97.

Drug prescription is approximately $380.

The housing costs are also pricey.

In the end, the monthly bill for utility basics( such as heating, electricity, cooling, water) is above $160.


Parkersburg, known as the home of the Golden Trout, ranks in fourth place by high prices in West Virginia.

Almost everything for the cost of living is expensive, such as in previously mentioned cities above.


This Friendly City is located in Ohio Country.

About its cost of living – here is a quick performance.

Housing costs are probably 13% higher than the national standards and imagine utility expenses 5% higher.

Seeing that, the regular price for a home in Wheeling is much more than $400,000.

On the other hand, utility bills per one month for a one-family vary from $300 to $400.

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