Cost of Living in Oklahoma Cities: These Are the Top 5

Updated On October 6, 2023
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Oklahoma is a state in the South Central part of the United States.

It is bordered by Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Let’s see the most remarkable points about this Sooner State (a nickname for Oklahoma).

Firstly, Oklahoma has delivered more astronauts than any other state.

Moreover, this state has more lakes than any other state, with over one million surface acres of water.

Unfortunately, in Oklahoma is the most tornadoes of all states in America.

However, it is a state full of wildly fascinating history and surrounded by beauty.

So, when we have seen all the beautiful things about this state – there is just one more question here – What is the cost of living in Oklahoma.

Do not worry – we have prepared this ideal example with everything you must know if Oklahoma is your next home.

Keep reading the post, and you will find everything about the prices in Oklahoma and even more, which cities are the most expensive for living here.

Let’s start.

The Cost of Living in This State

In short, Oklahoma is the top state for a low cost of living.

Living in this state is pretty affordable.

Plus, this state is in the 4th position of the business costs, confirming that the value you get for one dollar overreaches nearly anywhere else in the whole of America.

The average home price in Oklahoma is about $125,000.

Comparatively – the average home price in the United States is almost $230,000.

Do you realize just how low costly Oklahoma is?

It basically costs half the price to buy a home in Oklahoma than it does in America, as a whole.

Similarly to housing costs, the regular rent in Oklahoma is much more inexpensive than in the rest of all states in America.

While the average rent in the United States has recently hit a record high of $1,500, in Oklahoma rent, is just a little over $700.

That is again – nearly half.

Utility Costs

Utilities in Oklahoma are not so expensive as utilities anywhere else in America.

Of course, they vary significantly, depending on many factors, such as the size of your home.

In this state, it is calculated much less than $100 per month for an apartment of around 65 m2, including bills for electricity, gas, water, and heating.

Also, the price for an Internet connection is around $40, which is a pretty low price.

As for activities to do, no matter where in Oklahoma cities you choose to live, there are always exciting things to do.

For example, membership in a gym or a fitness club will cost you around $26.

Cinema tickets are around $8-$10.

Food Costs

When it comes to Oklahoma, this state has a variety of places to eat and many supermarkets where you can buy food.

Oklahoma’s food scene is diverse, plentiful, and superb.

The regular meal of Oklahoma state is chicken fried steak, squash, barbecue pork, sausage, and gravy.

These meals cost in restaurants around $15.

However, enjoying the outstanding views while having dinner and degustating tasting menus will never be an expensive problem to your budget.

It costs only $20 per person.

The Top Five Expensive Cities in This State

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital city in Oklahoma, the largest city, and is one of the just two-state capital cities whose name contains Oklahoma’s name.

Like many of America’s up-and-coming cities, it is extending like crazy.

That is for some pretty apparent reasons.

Oklahoma City has an exceptional job market.

It’s also a growing cosmopolitan center with a strong economy, highly rated schools, and lots of fun things to do like events, entertainment options, and outdoor activities.

But, Oklahoma City is one of the overpriced cities in this state.

The prices for transportation, healthcare, groceries are enormously high.

But, besides the high cost of living in this city, we highly advise you to visit beautiful Oklahoma City and see for yourself.


In Tulsa, the average cost of living is $1986, which is in the top 10% of the famous popular group – the most expensive cities in the world.

In this city, the restaurant prices are the highest, compared to the restaurant prices in other cities.

For instance, a dinner menu in a restaurant for two individuals could cost you $78.

Also, renting an apartment has an enormous price.

One-bedroom apartment in Downtown, 45 m2 for rent, and utilities included are $1.180.

As for local transport, prices for tickets are the following:

А one-way ticket for local bus is $3.80, and a monthly pass is above $75.


All the beauties and spoils of Norman come at a cost, and it is so critical for you to know if you decide to live here.

The most costly part of living in this city is housing.

The average price for home sales is $389,000.

As for child and health care costs, we can say that they are approximately the same compared to other expensive cities in the other American States.

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is an attractive place where the climate is very nice.

However, you wouldn’t want to live here.

It is the most expensive city in Oklahoma.

For example, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment here is $1.400.

Moreover, the regular house expenses are the most of the cost of living.

Compared to the national average price, the cost of living in Broken Arrow is $1780, which is in the top 15% of the most expensive cities in the world.


While it is one of the most populated cities, it is also the most expensive city in this state.

The median home value in Edmond is $259,800, which makes this city the most expensive in housing costs.

But it is not just these costs that make this city expensive for living.

Eating only one hamburger in a downtown city can cost you around $8.

As for foods in supermarkets, you better have a large amount of money to buy essential things for your home.

A loaf of fresh white bread is around $3-$4, and one gallon of milk is $4.

So, always think twice before you start visiting this city about your financial budget.

Oklahoma Safety Overview

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  1. Oklahoma is a state with affordable living costs, but it also has some of the most expensive cities in the country, so it’s important to do your research and budget accordingly.

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