5 Best Camping Knives

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Bushcrafter 162Bushcrafter 162
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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
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Morakniv Fixed KnifeMorakniv Fixed Knife
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Kershaw Blur KnifeKershaw Blur Knife
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Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife
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Camping knives are irreplaceable tools out in the wild.

They are good for cooking, but also survival.

However, choosing the best camping knife requires a bit more knowledge and skills.

You have to check the blade design, carbon coating, edges, etc.

To save you the trouble of researching extensively, I created the list of best-camping knives in the market.

Check the list and find the right one for your further outdoor adventures.


Bushcrafter 162

Bushcrafter 162
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Benchmade makes quality products, and this knife can withstand whatever force or use and abuse you put it through.

The steel construction is durable, and the handle features a no-slip grip.

The diamond weave pattern maintains dexterity.

However, the sheath could be better for the price you are paying.

The lifetime sharpening by Benchmade is a nifty touch because you don’t have to worry about blade maintenance.


  • Diamond weave on the handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free sharpening service offered by manufactured


  • Weak sheath
  • Pricey
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

You won’t regret investing money into Benchmade blade.

The blade comes with a lifetime warranty and offers exceptional performs over a long period.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
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Gerber, as one of the most reliable brands, makes quality outdoor equipment.

The reasonable price tag is an additional plus, and Bear Grylls’s collaboration might be the best thing that happens to the brand.

This exceptional knife includes a textured, rubbered grip and suitable support for your index finger.

The black coating on the blade wears off after a while, but the point remains intact.

The Gerber knife is sharp and has a steel striking pommel, which you can use for setting the tent stakes and doing other outdoor tasks.


  • Stainless steel pommel
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Military-grade nylon sheath included


  • The coating isn’t durable
  • The blade isn’t full-tang blade
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Gerber knife has an exceptional design that provides stability and support.

It is durable and can help you with plenty of other outdoor tasks.

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Morakniv Fixed Knife

Morakniv Fixed Knife
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Outdoor enthusiasts prefer fixed blades, and Morakniv improves the performance.

The high-friction rubber grip ensures the right type of support for every situation.

Moreover, the handle is extended and has an ergonomic curve.

That way, you have enough support for your index finger.

The blade lays flat and has a strap that looks and feels too cheap.

However, because the blade is reasonably priced you can afford to replace the sheath and still keep the high-quality blade.

You pick whatever sheath color you want, but the brighter colors wear off quicker than natural.


  • Reasonable price
  • Versatile – good for carving, cooking, and plenty of other activities
  • High friction


  • Plastic sheath
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

You can rely on Morakniv for quality and exceptional customer service.

The blade is inexpensive, durable, and quite versatile.

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Kershaw Blur Knife

Kershaw Blur Knife
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Experts in outdoor tools often talk nice about Kershaw outdoor tools.

Kershaw produces quality, affordable tools with a simple design and great usability.

The handle has a straight edge, and the rest of the knife has an S30V steel construction.

The rubber grips on the handle make it convenient for use during different weather conditions, but your hands might still get sweaty.

It is a very durable knife and has a 3 3/8 inch long blade with a tempered clip.

Therefore, there aren’t any bending issues and the blade is quite versatile.


  • Excellent gripping
  • Fast deployment
  • Lifetime longevity
  • Blade length compile with national laws


  • Rubber on the handle may wear off
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The simple design makes this compact tool excellent for campers and outdoor adventures.

It is an affordable, high-quality knife that will last you a lifetime.

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Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife

Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife
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This knife by Light my Fire store is an excellent product, suitable for two things that many outdoor adventurers will appreciate.

Those are lanyard and dual flint stick that stays in the handle.

A knife is suitable for starting around 3.000 fires before you need a refill.

Unfortunately, the flint might get loose after a while.

Next, the blade is 3.7 inches long and supports 1” belts, and not 1.5-2.5 inches belts that are much more common in use.

Also, the price is reasonable for the quality you get.


  • A fire starter included in the handle
  • Friction resistant grip
  • Excellent capacity


  • The flint isn’t the best quality
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Light My Fire knife is affordable, suitable for carving, cleaning, and other common camper’s tasks.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, which is a downside compared to other brands that offer a lifetime warranty.

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Buying Guide

If you still aren’t sure which camping knife to get, there are a few things to consider.

Blade Properties

Blade Size and length are relevant in terms of personal handling skills.

Some people aren’t comfortable with wearing blades, so they can choose to get smaller knives.

The size and length of the blade determine the price, but also its use in outdoor situations.

Some knives might be great for cleaning the fish, but cannot help you protect from outdoor impacts.


Blades feature different build quality and use of materials.

Steel is always a safe bet, but there are differences in quality.

For example, 316L and 420L steel types differ in carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and nickel used.

Keep in mind, the higher the L value is, the better construction the steel has.


How long the blade will last depend on several factors.

Those are material, edge, brand, design, handle, etc.

Sometimes, the aesthetic doesn’t play a vital role, because some blades might look dull, but last a lifetime.

Edge Style

Edge style doesn’t affect the price of the knife, but it affects the use.

Also, blades are divided into five categories based on the edge style and other preferences.

Before you pick the knife, make sure to check other people’s reviews to ensure you are getting the one exactly for your needs.

Here are the five types of edge styles to consider.

Hollow Edge

The hollow edge is the most common type seen in hunting knives.

It is good for carving and striking, so most fishermen and hunters will appreciate it.

Chisel Edge

Chisel edge is on Japanese kitchen knives, and has one blade side flat, while the other is sharpened.

Therefore, edges create an uneven V shape.

It is more suitable for use in the kitchen than outdoors.

Compound Bevel

The compound bevel edge is similar to a V-edge and slightly bows inward.

Therefore it has a wider contact point.


V-edge is simple and perfectly symmetrical with a harsh point in the middle.

It needs more sharpening than most other edge types.

Convex Edge

The convex edge looks round when you look at it from above.

It is an advanced type of knife, that requires specific skills to be used and sharpen.

Therefore, it isn’t the best choice for first-time camping knife owners.

Camping Knives Types

Let’s see more about camping knife types.

Fixed Blade

The fixed blade-type doesn’t support assisted opening.

It doesn’t have a clip, and it comes with a sheath you can attach to your boot or belt.

There are more legality issues to consider with this type, and for most of them, you have to apply for a permit to use outside of campgrounds.


These knives have a button or latch system that ensures smooth blade opening.

Also, the dull edge swings outwards.

Generally, these knives are legal in most situations, and aren’t good for stabbing motions, but for other outdoor tasks.

Clip Fold

Clip fold has a similar design to assisted opening, but you use your thumb to remove the pressure and release the safety latch.

Then, you have to manually flip the blade out.

Multitool Camping Knife

Multitool knives are the best know for their relation to the Swiss Army.

These aren’t good for potentially dangerous situations but can help you with several other tasks.

I recommend it for campers beginner because you can use them for building shelter, cutting, and other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Knives

You probably have more questions about camping knives.

I tried to answer most of them, but if I skipped any, please ask me in the comment section.

What is a Good Size to choose for Camping Knife?

First of all, consider local laws and specific campground rules of the place where you are staying.

The knife with a 3-inch blade works for most camping applications and is allowed in most states.

However, a 5-inch blade might give you more opportunities, but do sure local laws.

What Materials to Consider for Camping Knives?

Every good camping knife has a steel blade.

It can be stainless, carbon steel, or stainless steel construction.

Steel provides great value and excellent durability.

Carbon and alloy might be stronger, but stainless steel is the most versatile.

However, the most important thing to consider when thinking about knife material is the lifespan.

Carbon edge blade requires less maintenance than stainless steel.

Why are Edges Made from Different Materials than the Blade?

Quality camping knives often feature a different blend of materials for the blade and edges.

Some knives feature porcelain edge, other have carbon steel edge.

The reasons behind it are cost and effectiveness.

It would cost a huge amount of money to make a blade entirely from one material.

Also, mixing materials for the edge sometimes help with the sharpness maintenance.

For example, a high carbon steel edge is durable and sharp.

However, you will notice when the edge begins to falter, and you might need to replace the knife.

Check the reviews to see which edge type is suitable for your needs.

How to Clean Camping Knife?

Proper maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your camping knife and ensures good and consistent performance.

Here is how to clean it.

Clean the knife with the soft sponge soaked in warm water with dish detergent.

Gently go over the entire blade and rinse it thoroughly.

Inspect the blade for the remaining grime, and repeat the process if needed.

To remove rust, use a copper or nylon pad to scrape it.

Sharpens the knife before you hop on to your next camping adventure.

Additionally, you can use WD-40 lubricant to maintain the blade.

Put a few drops of the lubricant on the gentle cloth and polish the blade.

Is Carrying a Camping Knife Legal?

It depends on the knife itself.

Every US state has its laws related to carrying a blade, you should check the local authorities to see what is considered a legal blade for personal camping use in your area.

The laws apply mostly to the length of the blade and type.

Pop-up knives or switchblades aren’t legal in most countries.

Instead of it, you can choose a fixed blade or a folding one.

To be sure your camping knife is legal, buy the one with a blade length shorter than four inches.

Also, check the regulations of campgrounds and national parks you plan to visit ass those places can have their terms.


There you have it – everything you need to know about camping knives.

Hopefully, by now, you know what kind of camping knife is best suited for your needs.

Don’t forget to like and share the article if you enjoyed it!

Let me know more about camping knives’ preferences, don’t be shy, stay in contact!

Best Overall Choice

Bushcrafter 162

Best overall choice: Bushcrafter 162 See on Amazon

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