4 Best 12 Volt Tvs for RVs

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SuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TVSuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TV
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Jensen Heavy-Duty LED HDTVJensen Heavy-Duty LED HDTV
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Axess 19-inch LED TVAxess 19-inch LED TV
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SuperSonic 24-inch LED Widescreen HDTVSuperSonic 24-inch LED Widescreen HDTV
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Long RV trips are more bearable with good entertainment.

Modern travelers cannot imagine their RV without TVs.

Watch movies and TV shows to break the monotony of long RV trips.

Even though you have limited options when choosing a TV for an RV, you shouldn’t sacrifice viewing quality and energy efficiency.

Check my careful selection of the best 12-Volt TVs for RVs.


SuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TV

SuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TV
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SuperSonic is one of the most reliable RV TV companies for many reasons.

The RV TV from SuperSonic allows multiple setups but comes at an affordable price tag.

The TV provides good color balance and anti-glare technology.

Additionally, it has a PC input, so you can stream content from your laptop to your TV screen.

Therefore, this SuperSonic TV is excellent for the road, just don’t forget to pack HDMI cable.

However, the SuperSonic TV has sound issues.

The sound is great and doesn’t have audio imbalances, but it is still too quiet even on the highest settings.

This RV TV is Energy-star rated for energy efficiency and has a high-quality picture.


  • LED display
  • Includes HDMI, USB, and AC port
  • Large screen with high-quality picture


  • Users might encounter dead pixels after a year of use
  • Quiet sound output
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

I really recommend this SuperSonic RV TV for several reasons.

Good quality, durability, price, energy efficiency, and convenient size are just some of them.

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Jensen Heavy-Duty LED HDTV

Jensen Heavy-Duty LED HDTV
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If you don’t want to settle for a lower-quality RV TV, consider the Jensen TV.

It provides crystal-clear HD picture and a large viewing screen.

The TV is energy-efficient which gives you the opportunity to watch a lot of shows and moves before the power runs out.

However, the TV requires some complex wiring for installation.

It also produces moderate sound and comes with a high price tag.

But, if you want to enjoy a large, 32-inch screen with a 16:9 ratio, you can get a soundbar to overcompensate for the bad sound.


  • Low electric energy consumption
  • Can be used with other devices at the same time
  • Excellent viewing angle
  • Clear picture


  • Poor sound quality
  • Complex installation
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

The Jensen TV is energy-efficient and exceptional as far as the quality goes.

The drawback can easily be overcome by installing a soundbar and paying more attention to installment instructions.

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Axess 19-inch LED TV

Axess 19-inch LED TV
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Take a closer look at this Acess TV if the previous two models don’t meet your needs.

It doesn’t recognize MP4 files, but it has plenty of other good sides.

Those are excellent sound quality, so you don’t have to spend money on soundbars to resolve the issues.

The TV is easy to set and comes with a stand.

All you have to do is attach it to your 12-volt power source.

Because of the USB and HDMI ports, the TV gives you more options to watch different programs.

However, it has a somewhat narrow view angle.

The 19-inch display is energy-efficient and has excellent color correction options.


  • Built-in DVD player
  • Excellent sound
  • Full-function remote control included


  • Narrow view angle
  • Doesn’t support MP4 files from laptop and phone
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Overall, the Acess TV offers a lot for its users.

Decent quality picture and excellent sound are accompanied by a simple installation and impressive durability.

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SuperSonic 24-inch LED Widescreen HDTV

SuperSonic 24-inch LED Widescreen HDTV
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SuperSonic is a leader when it comes to RV TVs.

The compact 24-inch screen is easy to place inside RV and install.

All you have to do is plug the TV into the 12-volt adapter and start watching it.

Conveniently, the TV comes with manufacturer’s instructions for troubleshooting any installation problems typical for TV TVs.

The HD resolution is great, but the TV has a narrow view angle.

Therefore, you need to be directly in front of the TV to enjoy the content without color distortion.

But, the TV offers many options for adjusting the color and picture.


  • Great audio correction
  • Easy to install and set
  • Good color correction option
  • Noise reduction


  • Narrow view angle
  • Flimsy cable
Dylan's TakeDylan's Take

Overall, this SuperSonic TV is worth your attention because it provides excellent value for the money.

It is easy to install and even has a built-in DVD player for user convenience.

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Buying Guide

Having an energy-efficient RV TV gives you more options to entertain during your RV trips, especially when the weather is bad.

Let’s go briefly through some reasons explaining why getting a 12-volt RV TV is always a good idea.


When you are going on a road trip, don’t expect every moment to be filled with adventure.

Sometimes, you can entertain and relax in front of the TV, and there is nothing wrong with it.

It also helps during the ride to go faster or help you fall asleep when you are driving solo.

White noise can help you with loneliness as well.

Weather Reporting

You can always check the weather forecast on the TV when picking the local signals.

It will help you plan your trip better and wisely use every moment of the trip.

In worst-case scenarios, you will be prepared.

Local Information

When going to a distant location, local information is of so much value.

You will learn more about the place you are going through.

Sunday morning programs are useful for reporting on upcoming fun local events, so you can buy tickets on time.

RV TV Benefits

Now, let’s briefly analyze some of the RV TV benefits.


Modern RV TV, as opposed to the vintage versions, feature anti-glare coatings.

Therefore, these TVs are excellent for watching from different exposure to sunlight and watching from different angles.

Internal Chassis

You can embed the TV into the wall, and the internal chassis will keep the TV safe and secured even during bumpy rides.

Don’t worry about the TV falling and getting broken.

Works on Every Temperature

Standard home TV is set to work in the home temperature range.

Sometimes, the temperature in your RV drops and the standard TV wouldn’t work or it will suffer some damage.

RV TVs work in all conditions inside your RV and provide much-needed fun during winter trips.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Standard TV in RV?

You might wonder why you need to get a 12-volt TV instead of installing regular TV.

Let’s discuss reasons why standard TV isn’t a good idea.

Driving Movements

Even with a good stand, standard TV can still fall during bumpy rides, because it isn’t designed to be used while moving.

TVs designed with campers in mind have much sturdier stands that allow them to hold well against movement.

Standard TV isn’t Good in Humid Conditions

Maintaining humidity in your RV can be challenging.

A standard TV won’t work well if the humidity is high.

RV TVs are designed to work like a charm even if the humidity is high.

Their components won’t break from the weather.

Additional Costs

If you opt for a standard TV to use in your RV, get ready for additional costs.

You will have to buy a mounting bracket or even hire a professional to help you install the TV.

Why Some People Still Choose Standard TV for RV?

Let’s see which factors convince a few campers to skip RV TV and install a standard TV.

Price Tag

Standard TVs come in a wide price range, and you have better chances to get a quality TV for less money.

Initial costs might be low, but please consider the additional costs you have to make to install the TV properly.


RV TVs aren’t easy to find.

Every tech store sells a variety of standard TVs, so finding the one that meets your needs isn’t difficult.

Choosing an RV TV is more challenging, and some popular models aren’t always available.

Things to Consider When Buying RV TV

Now, check what things you need to carefully analyze to get the best RV TV for your budget.

RV Size

When it comes to RV TV, a bigger TV can mean more trouble.

Oversized RV in a small RV won’t be comfortable to watch and will be annoying.

Therefore, pick the TV according to your RV size.


While you are on the road, cable or satellite TV won’t always be available.

Therefore, a TV with a built-in DVD player is highly convenient.

Despite DVD losing its popularity, some classic movies are still available on DVD.

Keep a few of them as a backup plan when you lose a cable signal.

TV Size

First, measure the spot where you plan to install your TV and search for some options.

Don’t be afraid to go with a smaller screen, because you will still be able to enjoy movies.

Too large TVs are very expensive, but they might have the same issues as the smaller ones – dead pixels, sound trouble, installment issues, etc.

Access Options

RV TV with HDMI, PC, USB slots gives you more options to stream content from your phone, laptop, or USB drives.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing the signal, you can always back yourself up with movies and TV shows on your phone.

Also, it allows you to use your RV TV as a music player.

Power Consumption

Lastly, pick an energy-efficient TV, especially if you don’t own a portable generator.

An energy-efficient TV won’t cause power issues and can be used alongside other devices in your RV TV.

Best RV TVs consume significantly less energy than standard TVs.

Mounting Options

Decide how you want your TV to be mounted?

Do you want to use it with a stand or you want wall-mounted TV?

Analyze your RV walls and space and pick the TV that fits.

How to Mount 12-Volt RV TV?

There are two options for mounting RV TVs.

You can use a hanging section behind the TV or install it with a wall-mounting kit.

Most TVs come with detailed instructions and tools you can use to mount the TV securely.

Go for the least aggressive method, which doesn’t require drilling or running wires.


RV TV makes RVing much more fun.

It improves the experience by entertaining you during long rides or bad weather.

Best RV TVs are energy-efficient and offer good value for the money in terms of size and picture quality.

You might need a couple of gadgets to improve your experience, but a god RV TV will do the trick.

Which model from my list do you like for your RV?

Best Overall Choice

SuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TV

Best overall choice: SuperSonic 22 Inches LCD TV See on Amazon

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