13 Things to Do in Tampa With Kids

Updated On October 8, 2023

Walt Disney World isn’t the only exciting place to bring your kids to Florida.

If you are looking for other parts of Florida with exciting things to do with your kids, consider Tampa, Florida.

Did you know that Tampa is home to the world’s largest continuous sidewalk?

Bayshore Blvd, located in downtown Tampa is 4.5 miles long.

But, besides that, Tampa is full of theme parks, culture, museums, and beaches.

There are so many options and destinations to take your kids that you won’t know which to choose!

13 Things to Do in Tampa With Kids

ZooTampa at Lowry Park
ZooTampa at Lowry Park

ZooTampa at Lowry Park

1101 W. Slight Ave l Tampa, FL 33604 l 813-935-8552

What kid doesn’t enjoy the zoo? ZooTampa is home to more than 1,300 animals and is known as one of the nation’s most beautiful zoos.

This is a perfect activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Your kids will be excited about feeding the giraffes and taking a peek at the manatees.

You will also get to set your eyes on some of the nation’s biggest tortoises.

If you go, make sure that you bring enough cold beverages and snacks with you.

Glazer Children’s Museum
Glazer Children’s Museum

Glazer Children’s Museum

110 W. Gasparilla Plaza l Tampa, FL, 33602 l 813-443-3861

If you are bringing kids on your trip to Tampa, FL, be sure to check out the Glazer Children’s Museum.

There are plenty of learning activities for kids and adults to enjoy together.

Glazer Children’s Museum is approximately 53,000 square feet and is full of a few different exhibitions.

There are also plenty of events and programs to take advantage of.

Glazer Children’s Museum is ideal for younger kids and preteens.

The Florida Aquarium
The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium

701 Channelside Dr. Tampa, FL 33602 l 813-273-4000

If your children enjoy marine life, they will love The Florida Aquarium.

Your kids will be able to set their eyes on a number of marine animals including sharks, turtles, fish, and many more.

Kids can also engage in different indoor activities that are both entertaining and educational.

Your kids will absolutely fall in love once they encounter some of the most stunning marine animals here.

It is perfect for preschool-aged kids and older kids.

Tampa Riverwalk
Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa Riverwalk

201 N. Franklin St. suite 2900 l Tampa, FL 33602 l 813-221-1539

The Tampa Riverwalk is 2.6 miles long.

It is known as one of the kid-friendliest destinations in Tampa.

While most kids are not too keen on walking, there are additional activities to partake in here.

You have the option of taking a ride along the river on a kayak or water bike.

They give you the option to rent an electric scooter or bicycle so that the entire family can explore the riverwalk.

If you would prefer a boat ride instead, Tampa Riverwalk offers this option as well.

Croc Encounters
Croc Encounters

Croc Encounters

8703 Bowles Rd l Tampa, FL 33637 l 813-217-4400

If you love crocodiles, your kids will enjoy seeing both crocs and other reptiles here at Croc Encounters.

This is the perfect attraction to take your kids as an alternative to your typical amusement park.

Children aged 5 and up will have the opportunity to learn about crocodiles and even get up close and personal with them.

Croc Encounters hosts various shows such as the Alligator Wrestling Show and programs such as Amazing Australia and Native Florida.

Croc Encounters is definitely the perfect place where your kids will have unforgettable memories.

Tampa Theatre
Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theatre

711 N Franklin St l Tampa, FL 33602 l 813-274-8981

If you’re thrilled with historic landmarks, you’re going to enjoy the Tampa Theater.

This theater can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

However, for the most part, the majority of films that are played in the Tampa Theater are much more suited for older individuals.

But, it is still highly recommended that you check out their schedule prior to seeing if there is something ideal for your kiddos to enjoy.

Either way, visiting the building overall is a memorable experience for the entire family.

iFly Indoor Skydiving
iFly Indoor Skydiving

iFly Indoor Skydiving- Tampa

10654 Palm River Rd l Tampa, FL 33619 l 813-773-4359

iFly is ideal for kids 3 and older. The entire family can enjoy and experience the actual feeling of jumping out of a plane.

If you love heights, you are going to enjoy the experience this delivers.

Simply follow the instructions given to you and allow your adrenaline to flow.

iFly Indoor Skydiving is located in a safe location so you have nothing to worry about if you’re considering letting your little ones try it out.

Horse Power for Kids and Animal Sanctuary
Horse Power for Kids and Animal Sanctuary

Horse Power for Kids and Animal Sanctuary

8005 Racetrack Rd l Tampa, FL 33635 l 813-855-8992

If you’re looking for budget-friendly activities for your children, this is a destination to keep in mind.

The Horse Power for Kids is home to a variety of exotic animals and farm animals.

If your kids enjoy farms,

they will be able to experience pony rides, train rides and even get a chance to pet the animals.

This is a great way for your kiddos to learn how to take care of animals.

It is perfect for kids of all ages.

Adventure Island
Adventure Island

Adventure Island

10001 McKinley Dr l Tampa, FL 33612 l 813-883-4386

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned water park.

Adventure Island is a 30-acre water park full of dining, water rides, and a variety of other attractions.

If you’re looking for an escape from Tampa’s hot weather, Adventure Island provides just that.

Your kids will thank you later as they can splash around the pool and relax.

A couple of slides featured here at Adventure Island include the Aruba Tuba and the Solar Vortex.

You can also sit back in a couple of their pools, such as the Splash Attack or Endless Surf.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park
Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

600 N Ashley Dr l Tampa, FL 33602 l 813-274-8615

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is ideal for kids of all ages.

You can even bring your pets along for the thrill! It is an amazing 8-acre park in the city featuring a lot of open space for your children to play and a variety of programs to enjoy.

It is also home to two interactive fountains: the Mist Fountain and the Louver Fountain.

Pack a lunch and relax, and soak up some of the Tampa sun.

Lettuce Lake Regional Park

6920 E Fletcher Ave l Tampa, FL 33637 l 813-987-6204

Another great destination to bring your kids to Tampa is the Lettuce Lake Regional Park.

It is a park that is 240 acres full of activities for everyone to take advantage of.

Pack lunch and have a picnic in the wooded area in the park.

You can also jog or bike on the 1.25-mile bicycle path they have.

If you and your kiddos enjoy spending time outdoors, this is the perfect location to do just that.

Guided City Tour in Deluxe Street Golf Cart
Guided City Tour in Deluxe Street Golf Cart

Guided City Tour in Deluxe Street Golf Cart

725 S Harbour Island Blvd l Tampa, FL 33602 l 813-992-1940

This is a destination suitable for kids ages 103.

It is educational, fun, accessible, and affordable.

Kids will have the opportunity to learn about landmarks, culture, and history in Tampa all while taking a ride on a golf cart.

It is a perfect alternative to the usual parks and zoos.

This is a perfect way to be introduced to everything the town has to offer.

Along the ride, you’ll get to check out Armature Works, Tampa Postcard Mural, and the Tampa Straz Performing Arts Center.

There will be plenty of other hidden gems you’ll discover along the way.

Henry B. Plant Museum
Henry B. Plant Museum

Henry B. Plant Museum

401 W Kennedy Blvd l Tampa, Fl 33606 l 813-254-1891

Located in the former Tampa Bay Hotel is the Henry B. Plant Museum.

This museum is home to ages of history.

This is ideal for kids ages 10 and older.

This museum features a bowling alley, a 150-acre golf course, a casino, a racetrack, and even an indoor heating pool.

You will be able to check out the original furnishings and art here at Henry B. Plant Museum.

It’s a perfect way for your children to learn about history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there kid-friendly or family-friendly restaurants in Tampa?

Tampa is home to many family-friendly restaurants for the entire family to enjoy.

Some of these options include The Sail Pavilion and the Columbia Restaurant.

The Sail Pavilion is a waterfront destination that has outdoor seating options and a casual dining menu.

Columbia Restaurant is a Spanish restaurant that has live flamenco shows and a menu, especially for kids.

Does Tampa have any family-friendly museums?

There are a few family-friendly museums in Tampa.

Some of these options include the Tampa Museum of Art and the Glazer Children’s Museum.

Both of these museums offer exhibits and educational programs and activities for kids to participate in.

These are both ideal for kids of all ages.

Does Tampa have any indoor play areas for kids?

There are several indoor play areas in the area.

If your kids are into trampolines, they will enjoy AirHeads Trampoline Arena in Tampa.

Playgrounds of Tampa also offer a variety of kid-friendly activities, bounce houses, arcade games, and other fun activities that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Are there any outdoor activities for kids in Tampa?

Tampa is home to a variety of outdoor activities for children of all ages.

You have the opportunity to visit various playgrounds and parks, take a bike ride along the Tampa Riverwalk, and build sand castles at the beach.

If you enjoy nature, bring your kids to Lettuce Lake Park.

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  1. Tampa, Florida is a fantastic destination for families with kids, offering a wide range of activities including visiting the zoo, exploring museums and aquariums, enjoying water parks and outdoor spaces like Riverwalk and Lettuce Lake Regional Park.

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