15 Things to Do in Little Rock With Kids

Updated On November 7, 2023

Little Rock is packed with history, landscapes, and a lot of culture.

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.

The town itself is located right on the Arkansas River.

But besides that, Little Rock is a great town for the entire family to enjoy activities suitable for everyone.

While planning a trip can become overwhelming, to say the least, this guide will provide you with some useful information on places to take your kids while visiting Little Rock.

15 Things to Do in Little Rock With Kids

The Wonder Place
The Wonder Place

1. The Wonder Place

10301 N Rodney Parham Rd e2 l Little Rock, AR 72227 l 501-225-4050

One of the most well-known and frequently visited attractions for kids in Little Rock is The Wonder Place.

It is ideal for toddlers between 1 and 3. It is affordable, educational, and most of all, exciting.

Your kids will be able to entertain themselves with a variety of fun activities in this indoor entertainment center.

Your kids will be entertained for hours between crawling, running, and climbing.

There’s a wide range of activities, art exhibits, and even a toy store!

The Arkansas River Trail
The Arkansas River Trail

2. The Arkansas River Trail

Little Rock, AR 72201 l 855-948-6437

The Arkansas River Trail is ideal for children of all ages.

Here, you can bring the entire family to enjoy a day of biking or hiking on 88 miles of land.

This is an exciting and relaxing way to check out everything the city has to offer your family.

Your family can take in all the history of Little Rock and enjoy the scenic views while you’re at it.

You can hike or ride your bike just along the river, or even participate in a kayak tour.

The trail also has plenty of water fountains and restrooms along the trail.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park
Pinnacle Mountain State Park

3. Pinnacle Mountain State Park

11901 Pinnacle Valley Rd l Roland, AR 72135 l 501-868-5806

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities to do with your kids.

The park is about 2,356 acres of land.

Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, rock climbing, or boating, you can do it all right here at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

It can be crowded during peak times, so be sure to choose a time that’s outside peak hours.

It is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

Museum of Discovery
Museum of Discovery

4. Museum of Discovery

500 President Clinton Ave l Little Rock, AR 72201 l 501-396-7050

If you have toddlers or kids between the ages of 6 and 9, take them to the Museum of Discovery.

It’s located right on the River Market.

There are plenty of interactive exhibits.

Some of these exhibits offer the opportunity for your children to engage in science experiments and more.

There are over 90 hands-on activities here at the museum, all of which will challenge your children mentally.

The exhibits are related to technology, engineering, and science.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Tesla Theater.

River Market District
River Market District

5. River Market District

400 President Clinton Ave l Little Rock, AR l 501-375-2552

If you’re looking for places to shop, look no further than the River Market District.

There are plenty of food vendors, shops, and more on every corner.

If you visit during the night, you can enjoy a nice dinner in the market hall with some live music from different genres including techno, jazz, and rock.

It is highly recommended for children of all ages whether you choose to visit during the day or night.

Little Rock Central High School Historical Site
Little Rock Central High School Historical Site

6. Little Rock Central High School Historical Site

2121 W Daisy L Gatson Bates Dr l Little Rock, AR 72202 l 501-374-1957

Another kid-friendly destination in Little Rock is the historical site at Little Rock Central High School.

Here, your kids can learn about the history behind the school.

It’s packed with African-American history and various exhibits that may bring you to tears.

Your tour will be led by a park ranger as they tell you some agonizing stories that have taken place here at the school.

It’s a destination perfect for kids 5 and older.

Arkansas State Capitol
Arkansas State Capitol

7. Arkansas State Capitol

500 Woodlane St l Little Rock, AR 72201 l 501-682-3000

If you have children 5 and up, we recommend taking them to the Arkansas State Capitol.

Your family will enjoy learning about the history behind the building and its structure.

It is full of history and amazing interior design.

You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the east side of downtown Little Rock in addition to the Arkansas River.

Magic Springs Water & Theme Park
Magic Springs Water & Theme Park

8. Magic Springs Water & Theme Park

1701 E Grand Ave l Hot Springs, AR 71901 l 501-624-0100

For kids ages 7 and up, Magic Springs Water & Theme Park is the perfect place to enjoy some fun in the sun.

There are plenty of rides that will give your kids a thrilling experience.

There is a wide range of pools, slides, and more.

This is the perfect place to let your kids let their hair down and release their wild side.

Big Rock Fun Park
Big Rock Fun Park

9. Big Rock Fun Park

11411 Baseline Rd l Little Rock, AR 72209 l 501-455-3750

For children ages 5 and up, Big Rock Fun Park is the perfect place to hang out.

There are a variety of activities including mini golf, go-karts, mazes, and even bumper boats.

The entire family can find entertainment the entire time they are here.

Besides all the activities, there are also over a dozen restaurants to choose from to grab a delicious bite to eat.

The Little Rock Zoo
The Little Rock Zoo

10. The Little Rock Zoo

1 Zoo Dr l Little Rock, AR 72205 l 501-661-7200

All kids enjoy the site of animals, making The Little Rock Zoo a perfect place to bring your kiddos while visiting.

This zoo is home to over 725 animals from more than 200 different species.

This is a great chance to see awesome animals up front.

Some of the habitats featured at this zoo include the Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe exhibit and several others.

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

11. Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

120 Riverfront Park Dr l North Little Rock, AR 72114 l 501-371-8320

If you have kids that enjoy history, but with a bit of a twist, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is perfect.

There are various U.S. Navy ships from World War II on display for tours.

This is a wonderful destination to make some unforgettable memories.

It’s perfect for kids ages 5 and up if you are planning on going on a real submarine adventure.

Burns Park Funland
Burns Park Funland

12. Burns Park Funland

25 Funland Drive l North Little Rock, AR 7214 l 501-753-7307

Children ages 3 to 11 will get a real thrill here at The Burns Park Funland.

This park offers over 12 exciting rides that will take your kids’ breath away!

It’s a well-kept amusement park and extremely affordable.

For the price that you pay, your kids can enjoy unlimited rides at their leisure.

It’s convenient and easily accessible.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library
William J. Clinton Presidential Library

13. William J. Clinton Presidential Library

1200 President Clinton Ave l Little Rock, AR 72201 l 501-374-4242

For children ages 3 and up, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library is a great place to enjoy.

There are plenty of activities available for children here at the library.

You will also be able to take a look at various exhibits and learn about history.

This library is also filled with various files of former President Bill Clinton and his presidency.

It’s a great way to get out and enjoy some inexpensive family excitement.

Old State House Museum
Old State House Museum

14. Old State House Museum

300 W Markham St l Little Rock, AR 72201 l 501-324-9685

Check out the state’s first capitol building, the Old State House Museum.

It is located just west of the Mississippi River and provides a deep history of Arkansas.

Some exhibits you can check out are Arkansas’s First Families, Pillars of Power, and more.

It is suitable for children of all ages. Admission is affordable and tours are offered.

Depending on the age of your child, admission may be free.

The Wonder Place
The Wonder Place

15. The Wonder Place

10301 N Rodney Parham Rd e2 l Little Rock, AR 72227 l 501-225-4050

A place to bring your kids to let their imagination run wild is the Wonder Place.

Your children will wonder, explore, and dream.

It’s a great experience for children 8 and younger.

Admission is just 48.75 per child.

There are various areas for children to explore according to their ages.

Little Wonders is designed for children between 0 and 2.

Imaginative Playground is perfect for children to play musical instruments and play veterinarian with the animals.

Wonder Works lets your child play with sand, trains, and blocks!

Little Rock Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any educational or historical attractions to take my kids in Little Rock?

Little Rock is full of history, thus making it suitable for children.

There are many attractions for kids that tailor to the history of the town such as the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

What are some cool museums to take my children to in Little Rock?

There are a few different museums in town that are suitable for children of all ages.

For instance, you can bring your kids to the Museum of Discover, so they can take a peek at various technology and science exhibits.

There’s also the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts where your children can see various art collections.

Additionally, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is perfect for those interested in history.

Where are some places in Little Rock where I can bring a 5-year-old?

You will have many options, even with younger children, when visiting Little Rock. Check out the Little Rock Zoo or Big Rock Fun Park.

Your younger children will also enjoy Burns Park Funland, Magic Springs Water & Theme Park, and the Museum of Discovery.

Is Little Rock a family-friendly town?

Yes, Little Rock is family-friendly.

There are so many attractions that are suitable for the entire family such as the Little Rock Zoo, bowling, splash pads, ice skating, and even escape rooms.

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