9 Things to Do in Gulf Shores With Kids

Updated On November 7, 2023

Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a great coastal town to visit because it’s big enough to have multiple activities for you and your kids but small enough that it doesn’t get overwhelmed by tourists.

If you’re looking for a more charming and low-key oceanside place to visit with your children, it’s an amazing opportunity that will build years of memories.

Here are several things to do in the area that are kid-friendly and fun for adults!

9 Things to Do in Gulf Shores With Kids

Though Gulf Shores has a bit of a small-town feel compared to other bigger cities, it still has plenty of engaging and exciting things to do.

This list will include plenty of outdoor activities, as well as some indoor fun that might engage your children.

Check this list to see which options appeal to your children the most, and plan your visit around these and other fun times.

Gulf State Park Gulf State Park is a popular destination not just for visitors but for long-term Gulf States residents!

It has beautiful sandy beaches, a popular campground, and many fun and engaging activities that will keep your children engaged.

Try this option if you’re interested in some outdoor fun and want to meet new people.

There should be plenty of opportunities to socialize and make new friends.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Do your kids love animals and want to see some unique species?

Well, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a great place to make some new memories.

You’ll get the chance to see giraffes, kangaroos, parrots, monkeys, sloths, and other fascinating species

Some animals are even safe enough to pet, as your children will get the chance to learn about these unique species in a hands-on and thrilling way.

The Track You don’t have to go to Florida or California to have some amusement park fun!

At The Track in Gulf Shores, you can have fun playing mini golf, racing small carts, playing bumper cars, riding amusement park rides, going down zip lines, and even playing arcade games to take a break from the more high-energy fun.

Many other attractions may interest you and your family when visiting here.

Waterville USA
Waterville USA

Waterville USA

Alabama is a hot state most of the year, which means you can have a lot of outdoor fun while visiting Gulf Shores.

For example, Waterville USA is a popular outdoor waterpark where you can slide down waterslides, surf on a water bed, play miniature golf, relax in a wave pool, and much more.

If you’re looking for the kind of wet and wild fun you can only get at a waterpark, Waterville USA is a great destination for your family.

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf is a national chain of fun mini-golfing adventures that includes interesting decorations centered on a pirate theme.

You’ll not only get the chance to play 18 challenging holes of golf but see beautiful waterfalls, get a bite to eat, and even explore two caves!

Kids who love the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies will particularly enjoy this trip, as will any parent who thinks they have the golf skills needed for this trip.

Chocolate Corner
Chocolate Corner

Chocolate Corner

There’s a kid in all of us that never outgrows their love of chocolate, ice cream, and candy.

Thankfully, Gulf Shores has the Chocolate Corner, a popular ice cream and candy shop that features amazing ice cream flavors, homemade chocolate treats, and delicious fudge.

It’s a great place to take a pit stop while you’re jumping from waterparks, outdoor parks, shopping centers, and other kid-friendly places in the Gulf Shores area.

Souvenir City Kids love shopping for souvenirs when visiting somewhere new, and Souvenir City is the go-to option for these items in Gulf Shores.

In business since 1956, Souvenir Ship is easy to spot: it features a giant shark entrance and shark-themed branding that catches the eye and makes it an even more fun place to hang out.

When you go in, you’ll get easy access to many fun and memorable knick-knacks that you and your children will love.

Pink Pony Pub
Pink Pony Pub

Pink Pony Pub

At Pink Pony Pub, you can eat right on the beach with your kids and even watch the sunrise together if you get up early enough!

They include fun kid-friendly branding with pink colors and cute horses throughout the pub.

Their foods include various appetizers, nachos, salads, soup, seafood, burgers, steaks, pub favorites, fries, onion rings, desserts, and a diverse kids’ menu.

It’s the kind of place that both kids and adults can enjoy together.

The Hangout Gulf Shores Hangout Gulf Shores is a fun entertainment option that includes live music, a courtyard with multiple games, photo opportunities, and lots of kid-friendly things to do.

While it’s true that there do tend to be college-aged students hanging out here, there are areas designed just for kids that they rarely go to.

As a result, you should be able to have fun with your little ones without worrying about them seeing anything too wild.

Backcountry Trails
Backcountry Trails

Backcountry Trails

Do your kids love biking and checking out the outdoors?

Well, that’s something that you can do together on the Back Country Trails.

These trails include bike-friendly paths and multiple destinations along the way, including spots to sit and picnic.

There are also lots of lake-side areas where you can see animals like alligators lazing in the sun.

There are over 28 miles to explore, so you and your young ones should have plenty of things to do!

The Factory
The Factory

The Factory

There are few things more fun than jumping on a trampoline, especially at places like The Factory.

At The Factory in Gulf Shores, you and your young ones can jump on over 12,000 square feet of world-class trampolines.

They’re all connected, meaning that you can move through the park with ease.

You can host birthday parties here, as well as participate in things like munchkin jumps or play arcade games.

There are also foam pits and even basketball games!

The Wharf at Orange Beach The Wharf at Orange Beach is located in nearby Orange Beach and includes multiple activities, stores, and games for you and your children.

For example, there are movie theaters, restaurants, live music, arcades, and much more.

It’s a great place to spend a day because it also features some amusement park rides where you and your kids can have fun.

In this way, the Wharf has an old-school pier-shopping experience that makes it a lot of fun for you and your children to visit.

SPECTRA light show
SPECTRA light show

SPECTRA light show

The SPECTRA Light Show is a beautiful experience that uses choreographed lighting effects and powerful laser lights to produce an attractive and magical night experience.

Kids love these nightly shows because they often feature themes like underwater travel, pirate adventures, and various mini-shows that change throughout the week.

This way, SPECTRA provides an ever-changing experience that should give you and your little ones the fun you want.

Gulf State Park
Gulf State Park

Gulf Adventure Center

Gulf Adventure Center is a destination at Gulf State Park that is fun for kids and adults.

It features multiple fun adventures, including Hummingbird Ziplines.

Here, you have over eight zip lines that cover 6,000 feet or more.

Don’t worry: all ziplines and gear are safety inspected every day to ensure maximum protection.

You and your kids can ride together or with a trainer to ensure you get an amazing experience.

Try this option with older or more adventurous kids.

Cetacean Cruises
Cetacean Cruises

Cetacean Cruises

Cetacean Cruises is a great way to get out on the ocean and experience the joy of spotting various wildlife.

Centered around finding dolphins, this cruise will help you and your family see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to have some delicious food, learn about how dolphins interact with their world, and much more.

It’s the kind of exciting and educational experience that both little ones and adults love.

Gulf Shores Safety Overview

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Gulf Shores

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fun museums in Gulf Shores?

If your children are interested in history, there are many amazing museums in Gulf Shores to visit.

One of the most popular of these is the USS Alabama Battleship Museum.

You’ll get to walk on the deck of an actual battleship, check out its interior rooms, and learn more about its history in a fun and engaging historical environment.

Where can I take my kids swimming?

Gulf Shores has a great aquatics center where you can take your children for general swimming lessons or just to get a little cooler on a hot Alabama summer day.

Residents and tourists often visit this center to get the unique water-based fun that they want and to help their kids burn off some of the excessive energy that young ones often have in those early years.

What if I also bring my dod?

When you bring your kids and dogs to Gulf Shores, you’ll have easy access to a dog park.

Here you can take your pup and give them a chance for some loose, outdoor fun with your kids and others.

For example, you can meet up with new friends and potentially strike up a relationship with Alabama residents that you can tap into the next time that you visit.

Does Gulf Shores have kid-friendly parks?

During your visit, you might just want to sit outside for a few hours and relax while your children have some fun.

Thankfully, Gulf Shores has Johnnie Sims Park, a fun outdoor area where your kids can play together and get some exercise before heading home.

This experience is a great way for your kids to burn a little energy before bed.

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  1. Gulf Shores, Alabama is a perfect family vacation spot with plenty of kid-friendly activities and a charming small-town feel.

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