10 Safest Cities in Estonia

Updated On October 10, 2023

Estonia borders Russia to the East and Latvia to the South in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

The Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea are to the north and west, which makes this little country quite dynamic.

Given its location, the swimming season is short before the harsh winters appear across the country.

In addition to its charming coastline, Estonia boasts stunning medieval remains, like Tallinn‘s (the capital) Old Town, which German crusaders constructed during the Middle Ages.

Today, this old town is considered one of the best maintained in the world, with towers and walls intact.  

If you’re interested in visiting this delightful Baltic country, you must understand the safest cities to stay in.

So keep reading to learn more about the ten safest locations in Estonia!

10 Safest Cities in Estonia

Generally speaking, Estonia is an incredibly safe place to visit with low crime rates.

However, it’s always important to remain vigilant and careful when dealing with traffic since there are plenty of reckless drivers on the road.

These are the top 10 safest cities in Estonia:

Keila, Estonia
Keila, Estonia

Ten: Keila

Situated in the northwestern segment of the country, Keila has been active with humans since around 3,000 BC.

The village officially formed during the 10th Century and has been a destination for visitors since due to the picturesque Keila Waterfalls.

However, due to the waterfall’s height and slippery rocks, falling over the edge can be a safety concern for visitors unfamiliar with the area.

Otepaa, Estonia
Otepaa, Estonia

Nine: Otepaa

For those looking for winter sports, Otepaa is the place to be.

As Estonia’s winter capital, Otepaa is an excellent option for winter holidays.

Given the tourist ski presence during the winter, police are active and on guard to deal with any issues, of which there are few.

If you’re planning to visit during the summer, then the beautiful Lake Puhajarv sandy beach won’t disappoint.

Paldiski, Harju County, Estonia
Paldiski, Harju County, Estonia

Eight: Paldiski

As one of the most popular cities in the country, it’s also one of the most frequented by police.

Located on the Baltic Sea coast, Paldiski was previously a Russian military base that’s been converted into a bustling seaside town and port.

The limestone cliffs are a major attraction, along with the family-friendly beaches.

This town’s most significant safety threats are swimming in the ocean and going too close to the cliff.

Otherwise, Paldiski is one of the safest cities in Estonia.

Kuressaare, Estonia
Kuressaare, Estonia

Seven: Kuressaare

The largest Baltic Sea Estonian island is Saaremaa Island, home to Kuressaare.

This town is best known for the stunning Kuressaare Castle, which was constructed in 1380.

Today, the castle hosts the Saaremaa Museum, one of the most visited and largest in the country.

In addition to the castle, the town hall and city center are two stunning attractions.

Given the museum’s presence, police activity in this town is high to keep visitors safe.

Haapsalu, Estonia
Haapsalu, Estonia

Six: Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a serene seaside resort town and summer destination with plenty of historical locations.

However, since the town can become crowded during the warmer months, it’s essential always to be vigilant for reckless drivers, especially when crossing the street.

This is the most significant safety concern when visiting Haapsalu.

Otherwise, tourists enjoy the mud bath houses and healing seawater, which has resulted in a booming spa culture.

For those looking to prioritize wellness, Haapsalu is a great choice.

Viljandi, Estonia
Viljandi, Estonia

Five: Viljandi

As the smallest city in southern Estonia, Viljandi boasts a rich history dating back over 2,600 years.

That means this location is ideal for history buffs visiting the country. 

The 16th Century Viljandi ruins and the Order Castle are two major attractions.

From a safety perspective, the city is so tiny that if graffiti is sprayed on a fence post, the whole town knows about it.

The only reason it’s halfway through the list is the annual Viljandi folk music festival is a magnet for pickpockets, so watch your purse or wallet.

Otherwise, the festival is an excellent attraction with dozens of concerts, including the largest in the country, and other activities.

Hiiumaa Island, Estonia
Hiiumaa Island, Estonia

Four: Hiiumaa Island

Coming in at number four is Hiiumaa Island, one of the 1500 islands in Estonia.

Hiiumaa is the second largest and one of the safest areas.

Boasting a peaceful and relaxed ambiance, historical buildings, and stunning scenery, Hiiumaa is adored by ex-pats and locals.

The island also features several ageless lighthouses, one constructed in the 16th Century.

This is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.

Furthermore, the island boasts endless beaches, countless hiking and biking trails, and exceptional eateries.

Parnu, Estonia
Parnu, Estonia

Three: Parnu

For those who prefer a visit to a seaside destination, Parnu is a luxurious and gorgeous tourist town on the southwest coast.

As a result of the heavy tourist population, Parnu is incredibly safe.

However, like other cities, be away from pickpockets in heavily touristed locations.

Otherwise, the picturesque parks and sandy beaches deliver tranquility to this region of Estonia.

Also, the timber villas surrounding the Parnu River add to the charm and appeal of the city.

Since Parnu is a popular international destination, it’s become one of the most modern cities in the country, with high-quality amenities like cocktail bars and spas.

Tartu, Estonia
Tartu, Estonia

Two: Tartu

Voted the intellectual hub of Estonia, Tartu is a college town due to the University of Tartu.

As the oldest city in the country, it is also one of the safest and most interesting to visit.

The central part of the city is designed with 18th Century buildings, which are used as innovative think tanks.

The quirkiest attraction in the city is The Soup Neighborhood, which boasts street names after soup ingredients like beans.

With over 100,000 residents and a large student population, Tartu is also one of the top cities for young professionals.

It is consistently rated as one of the top places to visit in the country.

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

One: Tallinn

Rounding out the top spot is the capital city of Tallinn, which is one of the safest in the country and the best place to visit.

The primary attraction is the heart of the city, Toompea, which maintains its historic and ancient ambiance with 15th Century establishments and Cobblestone streets.

This old town area is compact and incredibly walkable, making it ideal for history lovers.

From the highest point in Toompea, you can view the hustle and bustle of the old city below.

Tallinn remains a safe place to visit, day or night, because of the significant police presence wherever you go, especially in the touristy areas.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Estonia

When visiting Estonia, it’s essential to consider the following safety tips to ensure you have a seamless vacation:

One: Be Aware of your Surroundings

Always be aware of the people around you and the local surroundings.

Pickpockets in Estonia often operate in small groups where one or several will distract you while the other steals your belongings without you noticing.

That means you should only take out what you need for the day to have backup credit cards and money if an incident occurs.

Two: Avoid Poorly Lit Areas

Dim lighting or darkness are the ideal spots for night robberies since nobody will see the situation unfold.

As with any location on Earth, avoid those areas and don’t walk off the beaten path at night to best protect yourself from robberies or worse.

Three: Cover your Drink at Bars

Drink spiking occurs in casinos and bars, especially against solo women.

That means keeping your drink covered at all times, never leaving it unattended, and don’t get drunk as a lone female.

When going to the bar or casino late at night, order a rideshare or taxi to ensure safety.

Four: Avoid Online Personal Transactions in Public

Public Wi-Fi is an excellent option for sending messages, uploading photos and videos, and finding your way to the next destination.

However, public Wi-Fi is not secure, so it’s not advisable to conduct banking or other transactions with sensitive personal information, as hackers could steal this data.

Five: Stick to Well-Lit Carparks

Car theft is one of the leading crimes across Estonia, so it’s always best to keep your vehicle in well-lit car parks.

This also helps your safety when walking from your car to the building at night.

Additionally, never leave valuables in vehicles and keep luggage or travel items in the trunk where they are out of sight from criminals.

Estonia Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Estonia safe to visit in 2022?

Yes, Estonia is consistently one of the safest countries in the world to visit.

Crime rates are typically low, but it’s essential to remain vigilant and keep your valuables safe.

The greatest threat is watching for reckless drivers.

Also, there is currently no military threat to Estonia, despite the war in Ukraine.

What are the most common crimes in Estonia?

In 2021, 25,982 crimes were reported, with 11,551 being against property, 7,057 being crimes against an individual, and 3,013 being traffic crimes, according to the Estonia Ministry of Justice.

Is Estonia safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, walking the streets as a solo woman at night is incredibly safe.

There may be the occasional comment from men, but that occurs everywhere, and the risk of an unwanted event is incredibly low.

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