16 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Updated On December 19, 2023

Florida is one of the most desirable locations to live in the country.

There are many reasons why people prefer to move to the southern states.

However, the pros and cons of living in Florida.

There are some things to know in terms of downsides or cons to help make a well-rounded decision before moving to the state.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of living in Florida and what attributes potential residents need to consider.

Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida

Pros of Living in Florida

1. Low Taxes

One of Florida’s most attractive features is its low taxes.

Taxes for all sorts of consumer goods are low compared to the other states in the country.

That means individuals have more money in their pocket to spend on bills and recreational endeavors.

Anyone currently looking for a low-tax state to call home should seriously consider checking out Florida and its tax rates.

2. No State Tax

In addition to having some of the lowest tax rates of any state in the country, Florida does not have any state taxes.

This makes a living in this state extremely attractive for many individuals who are used to paying high state taxes.

This is another way individuals can thrive and prosper and save money when they move to the sunshine state.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Florida is filled with beautiful world-class beaches that attract tourists from every country in the world.

Individuals who like to spend time at the beach with family and friends will love the vast selection of areas to choose from when they want to spend recreational time in the sand and sun.

Another great benefit of Florida beaches is that they have some of the cleanest and clearest water in the country and some areas.

It is a perfect location for people who want to have memorable summers.

4. No Harsh Winter

One of the most attractive qualities about Florida is the mild winters.

Rather than having excessive heating bills and shoveling snow or driving in treacherous conditions, Florida has a mild winter.

Temperatures average around 60° and can go as low as the 30s in some areas and as high as the 80s in the state’s southern portions.

Individuals looking for a place with tolerable or even warm winters will love the climate throughout the state.

5. Plenty of Activities

There is never a shortage of things to do in Florida.

Whether you are looking for something free or want to take a family outing for the day, there are tons of things to do, especially outdoor activities.

Whether you like hiking, swimming, kayaking, nature walks, or sports, there is something for every family member.

6. Major Cities

Many major cities in Florida offer the activities and excitement that many people love, even if they do not want to live in a major city.

For example, Miami is one of America’s most sought-after tourist destinations.

They are known for their prolific nightlife and amazing beaches.

There is also Orlando, which is home to Disney World and many other popular attractions.

7. Diversity

Regarding diversity, Florida is one of the most notable places for a variety of cultures to settle and live.

There is a heavy Latin presence, but there are also many others from places all over the world.

This is one of the most culturally diverse places to live, giving it a unique feel.

Anyone interested in living in an area with plenty of diversity will love most areas of Florida.

8. Plenty of Jobs

One thing to know about Florida is that there is a wide range of jobs in the state that are readily available.

This includes all areas of industry, technology, and retail.

Florida is home to some of the largest companies in the world, which is a massive benefit for those looking for an abundance of work opportunities.

It is a great place to weigh your options and has a few options to choose from rather than having heavy competition for fewer jobs, which is the case in some states such as New York or California.

Cons of Living in Florida

When it comes to living in Florida, it may seem like the perfect place with sunshine and beaches year-round.

While that may be mostly accurate, there are still some drawbacks to understand before deciding to live in this southern state.

Consider the following disadvantages or cons.

1. Higher Cost of Living

Florida has a higher cost of living these days due to many factors.

In the tourist areas, the cost of living is very high and comparable with living in a large city.

However, those who opt to live in more rural areas will enjoy a lower cost of living, but on average, it is still higher than in many states.

This higher cost of living is present in housing, food, gas, and utility.

2. Flat Terrain

Florida is a very flat state with no mountains or hilly terrain.

This area is also known for its swamps and woods, which are low-lying and flat.

This might not be ideal for those who like to hike or ride bikes off the road.

Outdoor activities are very limited in this portion of the country.

3. Bugs

Florida is home to many species of pests that can make a living there somewhat challenging.

Not only is this area known for having dense populations of mosquitos, but they also have tons of other bugs that can invade your home.

It is vital to avoid attracting bugs and always protect yourself from diseases spreading by mosquitos all year.

4. Little Public Transportation

There may be limited public transportation in most areas, which is why having a car is essential, even in the larger cities.

Some cities have excellent public transportation systems that allow residents to move freely without a car.

However, Florida is not one of those states.

5. Heat in the Summer

The heat in the summertime is stifling.

Even life-long residents of Florida may have trouble enduring the heat in the summer months.

Knowing your limits and staying out of the heat during extreme temperatures is essential.

With the humidity, Florida can sometimes seem like a steam room.

6. Tropical Weather

Tropical weather conditions may attract some, but tropical weather does not always mean good weather.

Florida is prone to frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, making it difficult to live there during the hurricane season.

It is important to know that you must be prepared for short notice if a tropical cyclone is approaching.

Insurance on your high-ticket items such as home, belongings, and vehicles is crucial to offset the cost of damage associated with severe weather.

7. High Crime Rate

Unfortunately, Florida has a higher crime rate all across the state than other states.

This higher crime rate can be a deterrent for many.

Learning more about any potential locations you may live in before you move there is important.

Try to investigate neighborhood crime rates and take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime in Florida.

8. Poor Healthcare System

Florida is not known for having an excellent healthcare system in place.

The best way to circumvent issues related to healthcare is to explore your options and ensure your employer provides adequate health insurance.

Some areas with higher populations may have better healthcare, so those with chronic health issues may consider moving closer to larger cities like Miami or Orlando.

Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

Pros and Cons of Living in Florida – Summary Table

Pros of Living in FloridaCons of Living in Florida
1.Low Taxes1. Higher Cost of Living
2. No State Tax   2. Flat Terrain
3. Beautiful Beaches3. Bugs
4. No Harsh Winter4. Little Public Transportation 
5. Plenty of Activities5. Heat in the Summer
6. Major Cities6. Tropical Weather
7. Diversity7. High Crime Rate
8. Plenty of Jobs8. Poor Healthcare System 

Florida Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is hurricane season in Florida?

Hurricane season begins in May and ends at the end of November.

A tropical system, storm, or hurricane can approach land and cause significant impacts anytime during the hurricane season.

It is worth mentioning that tropical-like systems can approach land even during the months after the hurricane season.

Always be prepared for these storms if you choose to live anywhere near the coastline, but especially in Florida, which is most prone to them.

Where are the most expensive places to live in Florida?

The highest cost of living is found near the tourist beaches and in the larger cities.

Areas like Miami and Key West have the most increased cost of living because of their population and the surge of tourists year-round.

Individuals who want more affordable housing and lower consumer product prices should live in rural or suburban areas away from beaches and major cities.

Are mosquitos dangerous in Florida?

Mosquitos are known for caring for diseases such as Zika and West Nile.

This is most common in the southern states, like Florida.

Florida has been notorious for having more cases of these diseases than any other state.

It is essential to wear mosquito repellents at all times to avoid bites and ensure you stay healthy.

Are there sharks in the water in Florida?

There are many creatures in the open waters of Florida, and sharks happen to be some of those creatures.

Sharks are known to inhabit the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, which should be a word of caution to visitors to pay attention to their surroundings whenever they venture into the water.

The same goes for the many springs and swamps located throughout the state.

There is always the potential to come into contact with wildlife.

Which states border Florida?

Florida is bordered by two states that include Alabama and Georgia.

Alabama is located in the western part of Florida in the panhandle, and Georgia to the north.

This is very convenient for those individuals who would like easy access to the Eastern Seaboard and the offerings of bordering southern states in the region

It is also worth noting that Florida is very close to Cuba and the Caribbean for those who like to take mini-vacations.

13 Comments on 16 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

  1. D
    Don Jr. says:

    I like FL very much but don’t know if I am going to relocate there.

  2. I have lived in many different states, I love Florida. I have been here 20 years. Except for the occasional hurricane, the weather is usually fantastic.
    Traffic can be a little hectic, even lawless. Hit and run is the norm. If you have kids there are endless inexpensive things to do, One major tip, buy your home in a gated community. HOA’s are a pain to most people. But in 20 years ,I’ve never seen a crime, let alone been a victim.

  3. Living in Florida is like playing roulette with a fully loaded revolver. The kids will be left behind in schools by their peers in other states bc of lack of real facts and the play of politics, racism fear mongering.

    1. Regarding the “lack of real facts, politics, and racism” I believe DeSantis eliminated CRT from schools, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. CRT was never in schools. So you’ve just demonstrated a reason to never live in Florida.

  4. Way too much migration to Florida! I was born and raised here since the fifties and have seen way too many people bring their habits here. Florida used to be an incredibly quiet, sleepy town, very friendly and neighborly years ago. Things started to change in the early 80s: crime started going up, people brought their attitudes from northern and western states, and people started building mansions on the coastal waters and beaches, whereas before You could walk outside your front door in your bare feet into the sand, had small convenience stores, a lot of farmlands, quiet neighborhood’s, everybody knew each other. Florida used to have a lot of wetlands and two-lane roads, now it’s turned into a cement and mortar factory. if you weren’t born here, you’re a tourist

  5. I’m thinking about relocating to Florida and there’s a lot of things to consider. I go to Florida for vacation at least twice a year and love it very much. My whole family lives there and says it’s perfect to raise a family and I’ve actually saw tons of things for kids to do when I went down.

  6. M
    Marilyn says:

    Moved here 15 years ago to escape harsh winters. It was beautiful here, quiet and somewhat rural feeling (Brevard county). Now can’t wait to get out. The once beautiful Indian river lagoon is so polluted the manatees literally are starving to death. There have been 9 drowning deaths in two months at the beaches.

    Traffic related deaths are happening about 2X a week, hit-and-runs common – people drive very aggressively and recklessly. Let’s talk about crime: there is gang violence here for starters.

    Look up “shooting at spessard holland beach”…this is a family friendly beach in a higher income area – the gangs don’t care! Lots of drugs, including fentanyl. Car thefts are increasing. Panhandlers on every corner and a growing homeless population due to the ridiculously high cost of housing – the average person can’t afford to rent much less buy a home.

    If you have kids be aware that the school system here is in chaos due to politics playing a bigger role at the Board level than any expertise in education or running such a large, complex system. Banning books is a reality here – is this America?? Thought we were free here but not in Florida. No taxes a plus, but everything else is super expensive, and beware homeowners – the cost of insuring your home is rapidly increasing and some people have just been dropped altogether.

    Finally the area is being overdeveloped and the infrastructure here is not able to support the huge influx of people.

    The developers are clearing land as fast as they can and leave no green space. Coyotes, fox, raccoons and other wildlife are literally left with no woods to live in away from humans and are having to adjust by roaming neighborhoods looking for food, meaning sometimes peoples pets are killed. If this all sounds like an exaggeration, check out the local news.

    I wouldn’t recommend moving here – I do love the weather, year round gardening, and proximity to beaches. The quality of life overall is declining.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      And that’s what they call paradise? No Thank you, I’ll stay in the midwest and deal with the winter months.

  7. Don’t be fooled the weather in Florida is horrible! It is hot as heck May thru November along with endless hurricanes and tropical storms you are constantly having to be prepared. December thru April weather is decent, but it can be very unpredictable. Homeowners/Flood insurance is super costly. Healthcare is horrible, good luck ever getting to see a real Dr. let alone a specialist. Medicare cost is more expensive in Florida than other states. Real Estate taxes are also very costly. We may not have a state income tax but the fees and “other charges” are totally ridiculous. Did I mention that most roads in central Florida are all toll roads. I have never seen so many in all my life. No taxes? LOL

      1. Totally agree with you. Also I don’t like the politics down there…too much to the right for me.

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