10 Most Dangerous Cities in Honduras

Updated On October 10, 2023

Honduras has a very high crime rate, including murders.

In fact, in 2011, Honduras had the highest murder rate of any country in the world, with a rate of 86 murders per 100,000 people.

This was 18 times higher than the U.S. rate at the same time. 

The good news is crime has been declining in the country in recent years.

In 2019, the rate was 45 murders per 100,000 people.

This means that the murder rate has been cut in half, but it’s still much higher than in most countries. 

While Honduras can be a dangerous place, there are areas that are considered safe.

Tourism is a vital part of Honduras’s economy, with many tourists arriving on cruise ships.

Most Dangerous Cities in Honduras

San Pedro Sula
San Pedro Sula

1. San Pedro Sula 

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras.

It’s also the industrial center for the nation, as well as a transportation hub.

The city has an international airport, railroads, and a large road network.  

Things to check out include Cucuso National Park and the Cathedral of San Pedro Sula. 

San Pedro Sula is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with a crime index of 80%, and a safety rating of just 19%.

The level of crime is 90%.

Nearly all crimes are rated as very high or high.

The exception is crimes related to physical attacks due to your ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, which is moderate. 

Safety walking alone during the day is 26%, which is low.

At night, the number drops to 18%, which is very low.

Walking alone in San Pedro Sula at any time isn’t recommended. 

El Progreso
El Progreso

2. El Progreso

El Progreso is located on the western Caribbean coast.

It’s the fourth largest city in Honduras.

It’s important for agriculture and is located at the base of a mountain range, near Valle de Sula.

El Progreso has a crime rate index of 80, and the safety index is only 19.

The overall level of crime is 90, which is very high.

Aggressive or violent crimes are among the most common crimes, at 89.

Concerns about being mugged or robbed are also very high, at 83. 


3. Tela 

Tela is located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

Its notable features include Lancetilla Botanical Garden and Jeanette Kawas National Park.

Tela has a crime index of 79, which is very high.

The safety index is very low, at just 18.

The overall level of crime is 89.

The crime increase over the last three years is very high, at 81. 

The highest risk is violent crime, at 88.

Drug-related crime and property crime are also very high, at 83. 

La Ceiba
La Ceiba

4. La Ceiba 

La Ceiba is a port city on the northern coast of Honduras.

It’s in the southern part of the Caribbean. It’s considered the 3rd most important city in Honduras.

It was originally a banana port and is still a major port for Honduras.

It’s also an important industrial center, with many products being manufactured there. 

For tourists, La Ceiba is a transit point for the Bay Islands, a popular tourist destination. 

The crime index for La Ceiba is 76%, and the safety rating is 24%.

The level of crime is very high, at 87%.

Nearly all other crimes, including murder, are high or very high. 

Violence due to a person’s ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is moderate, along with concerns about being insulted. 

La Ceiba is known as the Eco-Tourism Capital of Honduras, and the Entertainment Capital of Honduras. 


5. Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras. 

Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela are sister cities and are separated by the Choluteca River.

It’s located in a valley and is surrounded by mountains.

The United Nations National Park on El Picacho Hill is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. 

The city has a crime index of 75% and a safety rating of 25%.

The level of crime is 89%, which is very high.

Nearly all crimes in Tegucigalpa are rated high or very high. 

Concern about being insulted is moderate, and violence due to a person’s ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is low.

So, Tegucigalpa is violent and not very safe, but it is a tolerant city. 

Safety walking during the day is only 34%, and walking alone at night has a rating of only 10%.

Walking alone in Tegucigalpa is not recommended at any time of the day. 


6. Olanchito

Agriculture is the main industry in Olanchito.

It’s also famous for being the birthplace of popular literature writers.

The city is located near the Aguan River. 

Olanchito has a crime index of 74, which is very high, and a very low safety index of 23.

The overall level of crime is very high, at 86.

There’s been a very high increase in crime over the last 3 years, with crime up by 72%. 

Theft and property crime are big concerns, with the risk being very high.

Drug-related crimes and violent crimes are also very high. 


7. Tocoa

The city of Tocoa is located on the right side of the Aguan River. 

Tocoa has a crime index of 74, and a safety rating of 23, making it one of the more dangerous cities in Honduras.

The overall crime rate is 86.

The crime increase over the last 3 years is 81, which is very high. 

Items being stolen from cars and car theft are very high.

Drug-related crime is very high, at 83. Violent crime is even higher, at 86. 


8. Juticalpa

Juticalpa is located near Rio Juticalpa.

The area is an agricultural center for the state of Olancho.

Juticalpa has a crime index of 72 and a safety index of just 24.

The overall level of crime is 87, which is very high.

Violent crime is the most common, at 88.

Concerns about being robbed or mugged are also very high, at 86.  

The rate of corruption and bribery is very high as well, at 94. 


9. Roatán

Roatán is an island off the northern coast of Roatán.

It’s the largest of the Bay Islands.

It’s located on an exposed coral reef.

The area is popular for diving. 

The general rate of crime in Roatán is 68, which is better than many cities in Honduras.

The rate of vehicle theft and racial bullying is low.

Drug dealing and street crimes are the biggest concern, with a rate of 62.  


10. Utila

Utila is one of the smallest Bay Islands.

It’s located on the south portion of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is the second-largest reef system in the world. 

It’s a popular tourist destination and is known as one of the best dive locations in the world.

Utila is one of the safest cities on our list, with a crime index of 35%, and a safety index of 64%.

The crime increase over the last 3 years is moderate, at 55%. 

Most crimes in the city are low.

However, people using or selling drugs, property crimes, including vandalism and theft, and corruption and bribery are moderate. 

Safety walking alone during the day is high, at 72%.

Safety at night is 67%, which is high for Honduras.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Honduras

1. Avoid Dangerous Areas

First, avoid any areas that are very high crime.

You should also avoid unpopulated areas, because you are more vulnerable in areas with few people, particularly in urban environments. 

2. Put Your Phone Away

Cell phone theft is a very common problem in Honduras.

Avoid using your phone on public transportation, and try not to use it in public areas to avoid having it stolen.

These thefts can even occur when you are stuck in traffic in your vehicle. 

3. Leave Your Valuables at Home

Theft is a big problem in Honduras.

If you are displaying valuable items or signs of wealth, you are putting a target on yourself.

These items include expensive watches, jewelry, handbags, and even designer clothing. 

4.  Don’t Go Out at Night or Alone

When you are in Honduras, you should always travel as part of a group.

Many areas aren’t safe to walk alone, even during the day.

Whenever possible, avoid being out at night, even as part of a group. 

5. Be Vigilant at ATMs

ATM robberies or thefts are also a concern.

Use extreme caution when using an ATM.

Be aware of your surroundings, and have a travel partner “watch your back”, while you use the ATM.

You should also be careful not to expose your pin.

Honduras Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Honduras for tourists?

It really depends on the area you go to.

Tourist areas like The Bay Islands are relatively safe, while cities like San Pedro Sula are very dangerous.

Violent crime and gang activity are common, and there aren’t enough police and emergency medical teams to provide fast help.

Is Honduras in a state of emergency?


A state of emergency was called due to high crime, particularly gang activity and violence.

Why visit Honduras?

Honduras features breathtaking landscapes, including jungles, beaches, Mayan ruins, and exotic wildlife.

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  1. Avoid using an ATM at night, if possible.

    In addition, be sure to check your bank statements regularly for any suspicious activity.

  2. My personal opinion is that while Honduras may have some areas that are considered safe, the high crime rate and dangerous cities make it a risky destination for tourists.

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