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Updated On November 7, 2023
Brno, Czech Republic
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Brno is the second-largest city of Chezch Republic after Prague located in the Southern part of the country at the confluence of two rivers and namely Svitava and Svratka.

The city is located really close to Austria and the Slovakia border where are held a wide range of exhibitions annually for which it is also known as the capital of trade fairs.

But the city fairs are not the only reason why a tourist should visit Brno, it is also known for its architecture as well as rich cultural life.    

Warnings & Dangers in Brno

Overall Risk


Overall it can be claimed that it is a safe destination for tourists if all precautions measures will be taken into account and choose wisely your accommodation.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport infrastructure is very developed in the city and as a result, traveling facilities are available everywhere and are claimed to be very safe. Taxi risk is diminished if use a labeled car.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets are often met here and therefore it is advisable to keep a close look at your belongings especially on your documents and try if possible not to carry all you have with you but instead store them in a safe place.

Natural Disasters Risk


There are no considerable natural disaster risks that can somehow affect you negatively.

Mugging Risk


There is an increasing number of violent crimes in the city, meaning that in order for you to avoid such unpleasant cases you should opt for not walking alone at night in not-so populated places and take all measures to safeguard your possessions as well as yourself.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorist attacks happening in the city can not be ruled out and the only solution to this would be to follow the advice of public authorities in case of emergency.

Scams Risk


There are scammers in the city but these could be easily avoided through using your common sense and not being easily influenced. If you feel some pressure on your choice from an unknown party it is advisable to report this behavior immediately.

Women Travelers Risk


This is definitely a safe place for solo traveling women as their population is believed to be open-minded and non-discriminatory.

So... How Safe Is Brno Really?

Overall it is a safe destination for you as a tourist from almost all perspectives, but it is advisable to take all measures in order to preserve your safety and security.

In recent years with the development of tourism in the city the cases of robberies, thefts, and crime, in general, have increased, which means that you as a tourist should choose wisely your accommodation which will ensure your safety.

Be aware of a big gang of pickpockets that operate in the touristic areas and keep a close look at your belongings, especially your documents.

Also, it is recommended to always have a mobile phone from which in case of emergency you will be able to call as well as have a list of numbers in a written form also.

Even if it is claimed to be safe there are some neighborhoods that are advisable especially by night not to be visited alone, which can be easily found out when talking with locals or hosts of your accommodation.

Taking everything into account and following all the above-mentioned pieces of advice you will be able to safely enjoy your trip.

How Does Brno Compare?

CitySafety Index
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information



It depends on your citizenship whether you need a visa or not, but all the required information is clearly provided by the web-site of the public authorities.



The local currency is the Czech crown (koruna), you can find many currency exchanges throughout the city that will accept most currencies. The use of the Euro is very limited in the country, so be aware it is not a good substitute and you should convert it to make purchases.



Brno has a warm and temperate climate, which means that summers are warm and dry while winters are fairly cold.



Brno–Tuřany Airport is the airport located approximately 7 kilometers from the city that operates a wide range of flights, therefore, is considered to be the second busiest airport in the country.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

As it is always recommended to have travel insurance while traveling, no matter the destination, therefore, Brno is not an exception.

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Brno Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan -2° C
Feb 0° C
Mar 5° C
Apr 10° C
May 14° C
Jun 17° C
Jul 19° C
Aug 19° C
Sep 15° C
Oct 10° C
Nov 4° C
Dec -1° C
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4 Reviews on Brno

  1. A
    Andel P. says:

    It is smart when traveling anywhere be it Brno or any other place in the world to have protection for your items. Pick-pocketing happens in most major cities around the world. I feel like overall, this is the only reason that makes Brno have the lower score. It is a wonderful place. I have family out there so I go once a year and I have never felt uneasy or unsafe.

  2. J
    Julienne says:

    Cozy place, lovely architecture

    Our trip to Brno was a quick one as it was a few hour car ride from Vienna. Brno is a cozy place and it doesn’t demand your attention. Beautiful architecture and a relaxing environment. The towers of St Peter and Paul Cathedral were one of places I recall visiting. They also have this yummy pastry rolled into sugar which I forgot the name of but I believe it was a signature pastry there.

  3. There's plenty to visit and do in Brno.

    The St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral should be one of the first stops. Then maybe go for the Spilberk Castle, Brno Dam (do it at night if possible), 10-Z bunker (if you’re not claustrophobic), Vida! Science Centre and the Observatory and Planetarium. There’s plenty to visit and do in Brno.

  4. Safe and relaxed

    I lived in Brno for 10 years and it still remains one of the safest places I visited. The rating on this page is 74 – much lower than Prague. I have been living in Prague for last 1.5 years and it is incomparable. Brno is much safer than Prague. Less drug addicts, less weirdos, nobody is yelling at you or anybody else, nobody is pissing on the streets, people are not honking all the time. The city is pretty relaxed, it’s just students all over the city most of the time.

    Probably the only way you can get pickpocketed is to fall asleep on the bench in front of the train station, but even there the police has cameras and I saw a few videos where someone pickpocketed some drunk sleeping there and almost immediately was seized by the police. But, what kind of people fall asleep in front of the train station?

    The biggest issues in Brno are lack of apartments, not enough trees on the sidewalks and still unfinished circuit for cars, but the public transport is excellent anyway.

Brno Rated 4.75 / 5 based on 4 user reviews.

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