Cost of Living in North Dakota Cities: These Are the Top 5

Updated On October 6, 2023
North Dakota Grand Forks

North Dakota is a state located in the Upper Midwest territory of America.

In fact, this state is the third least populous state in the country and the 19th largest state.

In other words, you can imagine Rhode Island fitting inside North Dakota 46 times.

This state borders Canada to the north, Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west.

In the following text, you can learn more about the noticeable cost of living in this state and which cities are the most expensive for living in North Dakota.

So, let’s start.

Is North Dakota a Good Place to Live?

As any other state has unique parts that give them its own identity, so does North Dakota.

This state is home to a wide variety of inimitable facts and has the highest quality of life in the nation.

That is not surprising since North Dakota has spectacular national parks, a healthy environment with many interesting individuals, and what is more important – outstanding job possibilities.

And the second most importantly – low cost of living.

Living in North Dakota is slightly inexpensive when compared to other states across the United States.

In fact, this state is in 16th place for low living expenses.

Housing Costs

The average home is worth $190,000, almost $18,000 less than the national average home value.

Also, renting prices are less than the national average monthly rent.

With that in mind, we can say that the standard resident in this state spends around $810 per renting one month.

Accordingly, monthly rent for a one-bedroom in the state is $665, while the typical rent for a unit with five or more bedrooms is $1,100.

Food Costs

When it comes to North Dakota, this state definitely has a variety of places to eat and many supermarkets where you can buy food.

All of the restaurants in each city have been serving tasty food in a friendly and kindly atmosphere.

Like other Midwesterners, North Dakotans enjoy hotdish, a filling and delicious casserole usually topped with tater tots.

For example, a meat-filled pastry or popular tasty potato, all of these meals are so delicious.

Wondering what prices are these meals?

One regular meal in a restaurant for one person is around $14, and for two people is about $40-$50.

It is assumed that the restaurant prices will grow more in the future.

Transportation Costs

In North Dakota, 90% of commuters drive to work, compared to 85.5% of commuters nationwide.

From that seeing, the average cost of gas is pretty low – $2 a gallon.

In North Dakota, the average car insurance premium is $1,450.

So, the average single adult in the state spends $10,700 a year on transportation.

Healthcare Costs

The average healthcare expense for a single adult in the state is $4,100 per year.

That price is not so costly, compared to the national average of $4,266.

For a family of four, average annual health care costs total $12,200, again – less than the comparable national average of $12,950.

The Top Five Expensive Cities in This State

Although we have already said that the living costs in this country are much lower, let’s look at the most expensive cities.

These five cities (Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, and West Fargo) have the highest prices for living like accommodation, housing, utilities, transportation costs, etc.


Bismarck, as a capital city, is full of rich history.

However, the most expensive things in this city are prices in supermarkets, housing, and childcare.

For example, a small bottle of water is $2, and a gallon of milk in supermarkets is $2.90.

Furthermore, a loaf of bread is $2.80, a dozen eggs are $3.10, and a pound of bananas is $2.55.

The average home value in Bismarck is $329,303, which is really overpriced.

About childcare, the average cost of childcare full-time, per month, is $950.


The cost of living in Fargo is 15% higher than the national average.

You have to pay $156 per month – and that is only for the energy bill.

Not to mention that healthcare in Fargo is 11% higher than the national average.

E.g., a doctor’s visit can cost you $119, a dentist visit – $109, while a veterinary visit for your pet you could pay above $70.

Moreover, Fargo has food prices that are 9% higher than the national average.

To list, a loaf of bread in a supermarket costs much less than in Bismarks – $2.50, a carton of eggs is $3, while one gallon of milk is above $2.50.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks is a relatively safe place to live.

It is pretty neutral with a stable economy.

But, the average cost of living in Grand Forks is $1755, which is in the top 30% of the most expensive cities in the world.

Accordingly, only for one person, a lunch in a restaurant is $21, while dinner for two in a restaurant is $65 up.

If you are a fast-food lover, then you should know that in Grand Forks, the prices for fast food meals are Equiv. McDonald’s is pretty overpriced – from $9.50 up.

The rent price for one-bedroom apartment Downtown, 40 m2, is $940.

As for transport prices – a one-way pass is $2.45, while a monthly ticket for local transport is $50.


It is a city in and the county seat of Ward County.

It is one of the most faster-growing cities in the United States.

In the meantime, the most costly one too.

In this Magic City(as a nickname for Minot), you can expect excellent healthcare services but – for really unreasonable prices.

A one doctor’s visit is around $116.

And, what makes this brilliant city expensive is -transportation costs.

Only for one monthly ticket for local transport, you could pay around $60.

That is enormously expensive because, as we said before, North Dakota is a state with a low cost of living and low transportation prices.

West Fargo

The last one in this post is West Fargo.

It is, for sure, one of the most extravagant cities in North Dakota.

The real cost of living is almost identical to the previously mentioned cities – Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot.

This small city is a relatively safe place to live and visit.

So, do not be afraid of its high cost of living – you will never regret visiting this city.

North Dakota Safety Overview

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  1. North Dakota offers a high quality of life with its spectacular national parks, interesting individuals and outstanding job opportunities; plus the cost of living is relatively low compared to other states.

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