14 Most Beautiful Castles in Belgium

Updated On October 5, 2023
Gravensteen Castle

Belgium is home to a significant number of castles and palaces as a result of its medieval history.

There are approximately 3000 castles across the entire country, which places Belgium at having one of the highest densities of castles per square kilometer across the globe.

Some castles are also considered citadels, manors, and Châteaus.

14 Most Beautiful Castles in Belgium

With so many different castles throughout Belgium, it can be overwhelming to even attempt to see them all.

These 13 hotels have been chosen because of their history, their beauty, and their ability to tap into fairytales.

Castle of Zeller

The Castle of Zellaer is found in Bonheiden, Belgium, and was first built in the 13th century.

It has been the home to a number of different families this has led to significant renovations throughout its history.

Today’s style is neo-Gothic as a result of its renovation in 1885.

The castle is open to visitors during various parts of the year.

While park grounds are free to enter, tours of the actual castle require advanced reservations.

Spring and summer months are often the best times to tour because the grounds are aligned with bright flowers.

Cleydael Castle

When you think of a classic castle, you also think of it as having a moat. Cleydael Castle is considered one of the most alluring castles because of its large moat.

It has existed in one form or another since the 14th century, and it has held up over time.

The castle, found in the Aaertselaar province, was owned by the Lords of Cleydael until the 18th century.

Today, it is private property, and it is found next to a massive golf course.

It is not a castle that you will be able to go inside, but it is certainly worth taking a few photos.

Borrekens Castle

If you find yourself in Vorselaar, you will want to make sure to visit Borrekens Castle, also known as Kasteel Borreken to the locals.

This castle is considered to be one of the most scenic and is surrounded on all sides by a moat.

It is privately owned, so you will not be able to enter it.

The castle is found in a picturesque park which is free to visit.

There are opportunities to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the view of the castle.

Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle in Ghent was actually built as a prison where there were areas designed to torture people.

While it has a dark past, it has also taken a variety of other purposes over the years.

It has been a home for wealthy families, a cotton factory, and even a court.

The castle was built in 1180 and renovated to its current design in 1885.

Today, it is possible to visit the castle because it has been turned into a museum.

It’s a chance to learn about dark history in detail.

Additionally, on November 16 of every year, the “Battle of the Gravensteen castle” is commemorated because of a protest that took place in 1949 to rage against the rising cost of beer.

Solvay Castle

Solvay Castle is actually one of the newer castles in Belgium, and it sits on top of a hill.

It was built for the Marquis de Bethune in 1840.

However, it was quickly sold to Ernest Solvay in 1893 and was used as a summer home.

He passed it on to his sons.

In the late 1900s, it was given to the Belgian state, which allowed it to be opened to the public for visiting.

The Solvay Castle is one of the many that is found in a park where there are also spectacular gardens surrounding it.

Castle of Meldert

The Castle of Meldert proves that not all castles are for the homes of royalty.

It was built in 1845 as a school.

Its Gothic style has attracted many simply so that they can take photos.

However, while the school was open, it was used to provide quality education to the lower-class population.

The castle was sold in 1957 and has since been converted into a full center for education.

In 2017, the castle made history by being one to receive some of the most expensive renovations to date.

These updates added up to approximately €2.6 million.

Gaasbeek Castle

Gaasbeek Castle was built in 1240 as a fortress to help the rulers of the region defend itself from neighboring regions.

During the Middle Ages, the Duke of Brabant wanted to create a land that would defend the Duchy of Brabant against the counties of Hainaut and Flanders.

The park that surrounds the castle is open to the public.

Currently, the castle is going through restorations set to reopen sometime in 2023.

Although it is being renovated, it is still considered to be one of the best-preserved castles in the country.

Groot-Bijgaarden Castle

If you love flowers, this castle located in Dilbeek may be one of the best to visit.

Every year, a flower show known as the Floralia Brussels is hosted at the castle with flowers and bright colors.

This is the one and only event where you have the opportunity to see the castle up close.

Otherwise, the bridge that leads to the castle is open to the public but nothing beyond that point.

The castle was built in the 12th century for the first lord of Bigard, Almaric Bigard.

A bridge with five arches helps to add character to the overall view.

Various components have been added since its original construction, including a gatehouse that was added in the 14th century.

Carondelet Castle

Carondelet Castle is a well-preserved castle in the town of Crupet, impressive considering that it was built somewhere around the 11th century.

While it is one of the smaller castles, it is also quite grand.

It is also one of the few hotels that serve as an entertainment venue.

People have the ability to rent spaces and hold events at the castle.

It is currently going through a renovation, though may love the castle because it is one of the most preserved outside of Ireland and the UK.

Horst Castle

Horst Castle is an abandoned castle in Holsbeek, situated within the Hageland hills.

It is a moated castle that has been around since 1658.

It has never been renovated or rebuilt.

It has been empty and unlived ever since that time, too.

While no one has ever lived in the castle, it is the home to a fiction comic book character – the Red Knight, a character created by Willy Vandersteen.

While the inside cannot be visited due to current renovations, the grounds around the castle are open.

Walzin Castle

Walzin Castle provides a stunning view because it sits on the top of a cliff.

People from many villages overhead the ability to see the castle.

It was first built in the 13th century. It was burned down by the French army in 1554, causing it to be completely rebuilt.

The castle is not open to the public, but some of the neighboring grounds provide beautiful views.

It is said that kayaking down the Lesse will allow you to pass right by the castle, providing the best views.

It is also possible to hike from Walzin Castle to the Castle of Veves to get a stellar view.

Manoir de Lebioles

Manoir de Lebioles is a manor house that is built to look like a castle.

It is found in the city of Creppe and is open to the public.

If you have ever wanted to be treated like royalty, you can stay at the manor, enjoy a day at the spa, and enjoy culinary creations.

The manor house/castle has a long history as Wilhelm II abdicated here in 1918 from being emperor.

Now that the Belgian castle is a luxury hotel, spa, and restaurant, it has earned the nickname of being a mini Versailles.

Castle Ter Elst

Some castles do not hold up as well over time as others.

A perfect example of this is Castle Ter Elst.

It is an abandoned and uninhabited castle.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Antwerp, Belgium, and it was damaged during World War I.

You will not be able to go inside the ruins, but you can walk around them.

There likely won’t be many people around the ruins, but there will be plenty of sheep grazing on the greenery.

Poeke Castle

There’s a pink castle in Belgium that is within the province of Flanders.

It is surrounded by a moat, though there’s a stone bridge that can be crossed at either the front or the back of the property.

The castle became the property of the municipality in 1977.

A year later, the castle and the park around it were declared to be a protected landscape.

The park is free to visit, though the castle requires reservations with a tour guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest castle in Belgium?

Het Steel is located in the heart of Antwerp.

It is believed to have been constructed around 1200 as a medieval fortress.

Is it possible to stay at a castle when visiting Belgium?

A few of the castles throughout Belgium have been turned into hotels, allowing you to use them as accommodations.

Perhaps the most notable one is Le Château de la Chapelle, which has a history dating back to the 13th century.

There are rooms inside of the castle available as well as luxury tents set up on the grounds outside.

What castle does the royal Belgian family reside in?

The Castle of Laeken, which is also known as The Palace of Laeken, is the home of the King of the Belgians as well as the entire Belgian royal family.

Which is the most famous castle in Belgium?

If you are looking to visit a castle that is one of the most famous and widely recognized, Alden Biesen Castle is likely one of the more well-known.

It is also considered to be the largest.

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