How to Have a Good Time at Boots & Hearts (8 Tips)


Boots & Hearts is one of the biggest music festivals in Canada.

There you can enjoy performances of 35 artists that include both famous stars and only up-and-coming talents.

The event takes place in Ontario every summer and lasts for four days.

Visit Hearts & Boots and enjoy some great country music and party atmosphere.

To make this event great, just use some tips from our guide below.

Music Festival
Music Festival

Boots & Hearts Location and Date

This festival is an annual event which is held at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada.

It starts on August 8th and lasts till August 11th so you can have four days of fun.

Boots & Hearts Lineup

There is a wide range of great artist performing at Boots & Hearts.

2019 list contains such bands and singers as  Jason Aldean, Mirando Lambert, Maren Morris, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown, and Kip Moore.

The audience at the music festival
The audience at the music festival

Boots & Hearts Tickets

General Admission 4-Day Pass

This pass guarantees you a four-day admission to the festival.

The cost of the pass is $249.

Also, it’s free for kids of 12 and under.

VIP Admission 4-Day Pass

Buying this pass, you’ll get not only 4-day access to the festival but some extra features as well.

It includes front of stage viewing areas, exclusive after parties, private bar, expedited entrance, shaded areas, private washrooms, designated food vendors, and complimentary grooming services.

The cost of this pass is $599.

Tent Campsite Pass

It doesn’t include an admission while providing you with a parking space for one vehicle.

It costs $149.

RV Campsite Pass

This pass also doesn’t include festival admission.

Standard pass doesn’t contain hydro but there are lots of other options for those who need hookups.

The pass cost is $349.

Parking 4-day Pass

This pass can provide you with a parking space from 4pm-4am for 4 days.

It’s only 20 minutes away from the festival location (2 km).

Keep in mind that shuttlers aren’t included in this offer.

The cost of the pass is $79.99.

Raised hand
Raised hand

How to Get to Boots & Hearts?

There are two ways to get to the festival:

  • by taxi – there is a trusted taxi service, Barrie Taxi Ltd., to get to the venue;
  • by car – you need to take Highway 11 to get to Oro-Medonte where the event takes place.

Staying at Boots & Hearts

Those who don’t want to spend their time at Boots & Hearts staying at the camp, you can look for various accommodations near the location.

People at the concert
People at the concert

Boots & Hearts is a perfect event of young and energetic people who love parties and enjoy country music.

While being excited waiting for the event, you can just forget about some crucial points.

To help you avoid the problems, we’ve prepared for you a bunch of useful tips for your stay at Boots & Hearts.

8 Tips for Great Boots & Hearts Experience

1. Dress appropriately

Boots & Hearts – it’s an outdoor event which means that probably you won’t be able to avoid getting dirty.

It means that you should choose some comfy clothes which can get a little dirty without stressing you out.

Speaking of shoes, it’s better to give preference to some boots or at least sneakers.

2. Remember your camping essentials

If you decided to stay at the camp, make sure to prepare all necessary gear such as flashlight, bed paddling, plastic bags, and small locks to keep your tent safe.

3. Better safe than sorry

Consider the fact that there are lots of various people visiting the event and you won’t spend your time at your tent.

It means that you can miss some of your things.

To keep them safe, make sure to leave them in a secure place such as your car.

Guitar players
Guitar players

4. Sun protection

Keep in mind that Boots & Hearts is a summer event.

To stay safe under the Ontario sun, make sure to wear SPF.

5. Keep the fun going

You might enjoy some great time with the crews “next door”.

To make it possible, consider taking some exciting games for a company.

Also, make some planning and think over other activities you can have between sets.

And, of course, don’t forget to make new friends.

6. Mark your territory

Camp can be flooded with similar tents that is pretty challenging.

If you want to be able to find your tent easily, prepare some signs and decoration to make your place unique and easy to find even in the dark.

7. Arrive together

You should know that one campsite is allowed to have only one car.

It means that all your gear and belongings should be kept in one vehicle.

8. Post-festival wind-down

Spending your time at the festival and dancing can be really tiresome.

To get some wind-down, you should consider visiting Spa at the Horseshoe Resort.

You should know that it’s a popular place among festival visitors so it’s better to make a reservation beforehand.

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