5 Impressive Facts About Roatan

Updated On October 8, 2023
Roatan port

Roatan is a heavenly place to explore.

If you have seen amazing white beaches and white sands in the ads, then you have seen Roatan.

It’s located in the Honduran Caribbean Gulf worth visiting.

The incredible island offers a range of exciting adventures for travelers.

We have collected the top five things in Roatan.

Read through to go on a virtual journey!

1. Splendid Beaches

You’ll think you are dreaming when you see these beaches.

White sand beaches and turquoise water look marvelous.

Get a map of the island where all the beaches are marked.

Start your adventure from any point.

We recommend that you start with the beaches of Guanaghi.

It’s one of the amazing bays on the island.

Another must-visit place is the city of Guanaja which is called the Venice of Honduras.

The reason is the water canals pass through the entire city.

Sunset at the beach
Sunset at the beach

The beach of Omoa can be called another worthy spot.

You can get on board to the 18th-century Spanish fort of San Fernando.

As a bonus, you can be lucky enough to see playful dolphins in the harbor.

The other beach you need to visit is Tela.

Punta Sal Nature Reserve is located nearby.

On Sundays, go to Sambo Creek where the cast residents dance traditional dances.

The full list of beaches that you can visit counts for more than twenty.

Try to visit them all!

2. Catchy Fishing

The island offers many sightseeing tours.

We advise you to try your fisherman skills here.

The Caribbean has many species of fish.

It might happen that you’ve always dreamed of catching marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi or barracuda.

After you’ll catch the fish, the staff will clean and cook it for you.

In addition to the traditional fishing on the island, you can find something unique like deep-sea fishing!

Combine diving and fishing and get a truly new experience.

Fishing rod in hands
Fishing rod in hands

3. Deep Diving

The amazing underwater world opens off Roatan Island.

Diving should be tried even by those who have never done this before.

You’ll see marine life and plants of the Caribbean.

Choose less visited places to dive, for instance, Sambo Creek beach.

It is located at the mouth of a small river.

Female diver under water
Female diver under water

The beach is considered the gateway to a huge underwater kingdom.

You can go diving to the Kayos Kochinos archipelago in the Caribbean from this place.

Kayos Kochinos consists of two small islands, 13 coral reefs, and tiny islands.

The coral reefs are part of the second-largest reef organism in the world.

That makes Kayos Cochinos an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

4. Yummy Roatan

Roatan is tasty!

Take a cup of Honduran coffee with a little Ruatana rum.

Choose among 110 kinds of rum produced in the country.

The Salvavida, Imperial, Port Royal, Nacional, and Polar rums are considered the best ones.

Apart from this, try Honduran clam vegetable and spicy soup for dinner.

It is often accompanied with Bajo beef or alligator sausages on a taco.

As for the dessert, we recommend trying rum cupcake or local chocolate from the local factory.

You will not forget this culinary experience.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving

5. Attractive Butterflies

Roatan is a paradise with heavenly butterflies in the Tropical Butterfly Garden.

No other place has such a quantity and variety of species.

Watch and feed them.

Such butterflies as Blue Morpho, Kaligo Atreus, Moon Butterfly, Golden-eyed Biblis, and Silvia Tigrovaya adore the flesh of the fruit.

The others are seduced by flower nectar.

The park is not only inhabited by butterflies.

You can stroke monkeys, parrots, exotic birds, and turtles.

This tour can truly be called unity with nature.

Tropical Butterfly
Tropical Butterfly

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