10 Things to Do in Aruba With Kids

Updated On November 7, 2023

If you are considering your next family vacation to Aruba, no doubt you are looking for sunbathing on beautiful beaches and walking along the shimmering water.

But there is so much more to do.

There is something for everyone.

From interacting with local wildlife to riding in a submarine to examine the ocean life to just relaxing and enjoying the “One Happy Island”, your vacation will be fun for both you and your kids.

Things to Do in Aruba With Kids

Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach

Relax and Play at Eagle Beach

When your family first arrives in Aruba, there is no doubt that everyone will be ready to hit the beach.

Eagle Beach with its white sands and beautiful waters is considered one of the best beaches on the island.

The views alone are worth the visit.

The water here is calm and welcoming.

It’s also home to fotoi trees that are famous in the Caribbean.

Walking along the beach, kids will have fun trying to identify the different types of sea turtles.

Rental companies for water sports equipment are also located there.

Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarine

Take a Cruise on an Atlantis Submarine

Take an unforgettable cruise on a certified Atlantis Submarine.

This outing is great for the whole family.

As the vessel submerges, it takes you deep into the Caribbean Sea to explore the ocean life that lives in Aruba.

There are even shipwrecks to spot.

Many sea creatures can be found as you glide over the Barcadera Reef.

This adventure is perfect for those who don’t like to snorkel or scuba dive.

Cards mounted next to the windows help everyone identify the fish and sea animals that they find.

You may even be lucky enough to see sea turtles during your hour-long trip.

Baby Beach
Baby Beach

Spend the Afternoon at Baby Beach

This white sand beach is perfect for the whole family, particularly the little swimmers.

Located in San Nicholas, Baby Beach has very shallow water, so little ones can safely enjoy the water while their parents watch.

Umbrellas and snorkeling equipment are available for rent.

This area is known for its many sea turtles and fish.

When everyone gets hungry, there is a concession stand and several restaurants to choose from.

Arikok National Park
Arikok National Park

Explore Nature at Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park covers 20% of the east coast of Aruba.

Expect stunning views while walking through nature.

Get a map at the visitor’s center and head out to search for plants and animals.

Surrounded by stunning flora and fauna, it’s a breathtaking adventure with every step you take.

There are also two beaches nearby that you can visit after your walk.

A conservation fee is required to enter the park.

Ostrich Farm
Ostrich Farm

Get Close Up at the Ostrich Farm

Visiting an ostrich farm may seem like an odd family outing but it will be unforgettable.

A tour guide will take your family around the park and talk about the ostriches, their diet, and their behavior.

Along the way, everyone will get to feed the ostriches.

There are other creatures to meet, too, including lizards, peacocks, and emus.

The tour is half an hour, so it’s not too long.

When it is done, there is an on-site restaurant, Savana offering a variety of food options.

Also, don’t miss the souvenir shop that offers locally made artist products.

You could find the perfect thing to remember about your trip.

Splash Park Aruba
Splash Park Aruba

Cool Off at Splash Park Aruba

This is not your typical water park!

Located at Surfside Beach in Oranjestad, the inflatable jungle gym of a water park sits in the clear water.

It’s a great place to cool down and burn off some energy.

The park has designated splashing areas with challenges based on kids’ ages.

They can try the Flip, a free-floating water catapult.

Then head to the climbing ropes or slides.

There is even an obstacle course to master.

While teens and older children will have a great time at the park, toddlers will too.

There is a designated area for them to splash and enjoy the water.

After the fun in the sun, there is a food court to satisfy any hungry ones.

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary
Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Have Some Fun with Animals at the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

In Holland, the Dutch have a practice called cow hugging or ‘koe knuffelen’ to relieve stress and have fun.

Aruba, as a Dutch island, has its tradition but with donkeys.

The donkeys are gentle, loving creatures that have been part of the culture for over 500 years.

The animals are very affectionate, making it a fun visit.

Visits are about thirty minutes long filled with petting and hugging.

The entrance is free.

First stop at the visitor’s center for an overview of the sanctuary and how to interact with the donkeys.

Guests then head out to a secure porch where kids can pet and feed the donkeys.

This is the perfect time for funny photos!

Parents can join in or watch from the observation deck.

Aruba Butterfly Farm
Aruba Butterfly Farm

Explore the World of Butterflies at the Aruba Butterfly Farm

This is an exciting trip! The sanctuary is located in Oranjestad Noord.

The primary exhibit at this peaceful place is the tropical garden.

The garden is filled with butterflies from around the world.

Spotting the different species is a fun experience.

The garden also has a Koi pond amid the green space filled with native plants.

Tour guides are available to talk about the butterflies that you are seeing and discuss their lifespan from egg to cocoon and eventually a butterfly.

Designated areas allow you to get close to the butterflies to see their colors.

They might even land on you if you are standing still enough.

If the kids have a great time at the sanctuary, you can visit again.

Your admission tickets are valid for the length of your stay in Aruba.

Mangel Halto
Mangel Halto

Visit Mangel Halto

Looking for the perfect family-friendly beach?

Head to Mangel Halto Beach.

It’s clean and secluded, not to mention beautiful.

The beach is situated among a mangrove network.

This leads down to a beautiful beach and calm water.

The beach is located off of Pos Chiquito.

Considered to be one of the best beaches for kids when visiting Aruba, the shallow water allows them to splash and play safely.

This beach is also a place where many come to shore dive.

The other attraction is that it is considered to be the best of Aruba’s snorkeling spots.

Even if you or your kids don’t snorkel, it’s a great place to relax, soak up the sun, enjoy the water and view.

A large number of marine animals can be spotted along the reef.

Kids can even walk to a place near the edge of the reef where they can see fish like yellowtail, parrotfish, and snappers.

Kayaks and paddle boards are available to rent for your time at the beach so that your family can get even closer to marine life.

This is usually a less crowded beach which makes it perfect for families looking for time in the sand and water.

Consider bringing along a picnic.

There are several huts available for you to have a meal.

De Palm Island
De Palm Island

Visit the Magical De Palm Island

Endless adventure is what De Palm Island is all about.

To access this small islet, your family will need to take a short five-minute ferry ride.

Pick up the ferry at the De Palm Island Ferry Terminal.

Admission tickets give your family access to all the activities the island offers.

Everything is driven to be family-friendly.

There is a massive water park where kids can splash and play.

There are also guided snorkeling trips available.

Try one of the banana boat rides for fun.

There are activities designed for children of any age.

When it’s time in between activities, there is a seaside restaurant that even offers a hot buffet for lunch.

If that’s not what the kiddos want, there is also a concession stand offering hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries.

While the kids are enjoying all the island activities, parents can indulge in a few specialty frozen cocktails while lounging on the beach and enjoying the ocean view.

You can book your family’s trip through the De Palm website.

Also, many of the island hotels offer trip packages.

Just consult the concierge.

Often, they will also offer complimentary shuttles that can make the trip stress-free.

Aruba Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aruba best known for?

Simply put white sand beaches along long stretches of jade, turquoise and blue waters.

There are also natural pools and rocky bays to explore.

Should we rent a car while in Aruba?

There are several public transportation choices on the island.

However, if you rent a car, you and your family can explore the island on your own timetable.

If you are planning on visiting some of the more distant locations such as Arikok National Park, having a rental car is a good idea.

So it’s not a requirement but in some situations, it might be a good idea.

When is the rainy season in Aruba?

The rainy season, or wet season, begins in September.

It reaches its height in November.

However, it will still linger through January.

Although known as the wet season, precipitation during November averages 3.8 inches, so rain bursts are common but not heavy.

Many Caribbean islands experience the same rainy period.

In Aruba, the rainfall is much light than in the northern islands.

When is the best time to visit Aruba?

Due to Aruba’s geographic location, hurricanes are not a significant factor, although they still have to be considered.

At the southern edge of the hurricane belt, most storms pass by each year.

January – September is considered the best time to visit due to the lower risk of rain or storms.

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