Top 6 Beaches in The Maldives

Updated On October 4, 2023

The Maldives – a real paradise on our planet!

Perfect honeymoon destination and the most popular desktop screensaver.

Considering the incredible beauty and magnificent nature of this place, it is clear why the Maldives are so popular.

Its gorgeous beaches, turquoise water, breathtaking lagoons, white sand, and colorful reefs make the Maldives a destination that everyone dreams to see.

In this article, we’ve collected the most amazing beaches in the Maldives.

Crystal clear water
Crystal clear water

Cocoa Island

The Maldives – it’s a complex of tiny reef islands that are divided into 26 sections.

If you want to enjoy this place in its fullest, it is better to stay at a private resort.

Most of these resorts are located on separated islands and one of such places is the Cocoa Island.

It is known for its beaches that are one of the most gorgeous in the Maldives.

There is an amazing marine life created by the two flowing channels.

At this resort, you can have some great time enjoying snorkeling and eating local food.

As we’ve already mentioned there is only one resort on this island – Cocoa Island Resort.

It is an incredibly luxurious place with beautiful exotic overwater bungalows.

If you want to get there, you need to take a boat from the capital city of the Maldives’.

Beach houses
Beach houses

Mirihi Island Beach

Mirihi Island Beach is a beautiful place with sparkling emerald water and soft, white sands.

To relax there, you need to get to the island of South Ari Atoll.

There are several gorgeous resorts on this island and the most popular one is Mirihi Island Resort.

This place is not only luxurious but also incredibly romantic.

There you can enjoy some absolutely delicious food and breathtaking views.

To get there, you need to take a seaplane from Male.

Lazy bed on the beach
Lazy bed on the beach

Hulhumale Beach

Located in Kaafu Atoll, Hulhumale beach is often called one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Maldives.

It should be mentioned that this place isn’t a part of any resort that gives you an opportunity to save some money.

You aren’t obliged to stay at expensive resorts or hotels and spend lots of money on restaurants.

It’s a great option for those who want to have a budget trip to the Maldives.

Just keep in mind that the Maldives is a Muslim country which means that you cannot wear your bikini if you aren’t on a private resort.

But still, you can enjoy some relaxing time and beautiful view sitting under a palm tree.

Also, this place is known for its stunning sunsets.

A 10-minute trip from Male airport is enough to get there.

Paradise on the Earth
Paradise on the Earth

Nika Island

Nika Island is famous for its breathtaking beaches with clear blue water and white sand.

The island is a part of the North Ari Atoll region.

There you can find some incredible private beaches where you can relax without worrying about anything.

Considering an incredible underwater world of this area, it is a great place to try some scuba diving and snorkeling while observing bright tropical fish.

Also, it’s a great honeymoon destination where you can have some special time with your beloved and spent a romantic evening at one of the local restaurants.

The island is just a 30-minute plane trip away from Male International Airport.

Perfect blue water
Perfect blue water

Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is located in Baa Atoll and it is one of the most romantic places in the Maldives.

In fact, it’s a perfect place for some relaxing vacations.

You’ll be fascinated by its calm blue waters, warm white sands, and beautiful green palms.

If you want to have some unforgettable time, you can book a room at the Reethi Beach Resort.

It is an absolutely luxurious and magnificent place that you can get to by a seaplane from the capital city.

Palm tree on the beach
Palm tree on the beach

Angsana Ihuru Island on the North Male Atoll

Angsana Ihuru Island is a perfect image of a tropical island you might see in ‘Finding Nemo’.

There you can find one of the most gorgeous reefs in the Maldives so it’s a great place for snorkeling.

Also, there you can enjoy some beautiful sunset while walking along the beautiful beach.

Angsana Ihuru Island
Angsana Ihuru Island

Useful Tips

  • If you are thinking of visiting Maldive, it is better to go there from December to April which is a dry season.
  • Before getting to one of the islands, you need to spend some time in Male – the Maldives capital city. We highly recommend you to spend there at least one day so you can explore local markets and streets. Just make sure to follow all safety rules, to make your trip smooth and great.
  • Don’t waste your time as some of the islands are disappearing constantly.
Angsana Ihuru Island beach
Angsana Ihuru Island beach

Maldives Safety Overview

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