Things to Do in Mexico City for Two Whole Days

Mexico City crowded street

The city of Mexico is charged with incredible energy which has been transmitted to each of its visitors.

Despite having a rather long and interesting history, the city is very modern.

Even the local men in years behave as if they had a very young soul, and they feel absolutely free too.

One day in Mexico City is too little to appreciate all its diversity and look into every historical corner.

We offer you an approximate route for two whole days in this city.

Therefore, you can get inspired by its beauty, customs, and taste with no effort.

First time in Mexico

9:00 AM – Morning Buns in a Famous Bakery

White buns
White buns

Everyone starts their day in Mexico differently, but there is still something in common for all people currently there.

The Mexicans and tourists have some common morning rituals.

One of them is tasting fragrant pastry accompanied by delicious morning coffee.

The most famous Mexican bakery, Panaderia Rosetta, employs high-class bakers to produce the best bread in the city.

They follow their own recipes, adding some chocolate, cardamon, and other delicious things to the pastry.

11:00 AM – Shopping at the Largest City Market

Mexican woman selling vegetables
Mexican woman selling vegetables

Heading away from the central square of Mexico City, you will hit the huge open-air market.

You will have the opportunity to choose from the range of freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

At Mercado San Juan you might get lost and lose your head under the influence of the aromas and colors.

The sellers are pretty cute and friendly, though.

They will always help you to choose the right item.

Also, they will give you a better price if you bargain just a little.

1:00 PM – Right Time for a Picnic

Who would mind going to a picnic in any city in the world?

With a full basket of delicious products from the market, you can now go to the impressive size park in Mexico City.

It is a kind of mixture of the forest, park, and jungles which stretch across a lively and bustling city in Latin America.

Chapultepec will lead you through the wide avenues past the ancient statues, ponds, fountains and, of course, souvenir and snack counters.

The fans of antiquity and history will find that challenging to enter one of the many museums located in the park.

4:00 PM – Having a Cup of Coffee

Coffee shop signboard
Coffee shop signboard

Cafe Avellaneda is one of the few in Mexico City which is truly popular among tourists thanks to the fragrant coffee cooked of natural coffee beans from a special recipe.

In addition, you can order a delicious dessert, or have a bite by ordering the main course once again.

6:00 PM – Fresh Fish Out There

Fish in a freezer
Fish in a freezer

From wherever you came to visit Mexico City, you will not be able to walk past the freshest portions of seafood which this city has long been famous for.

Tuna, octopus, shrimps, and all the dishes you can imagine cooked of them will necessarily make your stay in the restaurant, and you can even ask a local for some recipe for yourself.

9:00 PM – Dance Evening Announced Open

Tomorrow is another day for walks, and, therefore, there is an opportunity to sleep for longer, not to rush the plane, and spend the night dancing.

Well, where else can you dance Latin other than Mexico City?

If you are looking for a dance club, keep in mind the Mama Rumba stage.

You can relax here and dance until the daybreak, no matter if this is the first time you made it here.

In the homeland of Latin dances, they will support you and help you out.

Next Morning

9:00 AM – A Breakfast from Street Vendors

Women serving street food
Women serving street food

You can ask for a suggestion from your apartment host or at the hotel reception, and they will offer you to buy traditional breakfast from the stall or from the bike.

You will see the counters with the traditional tamales and a great choice of juices.

The street vendors usually ride bicycles, so it will be easy to recognize them and stop them to buy something delicious.

10:00 AM – Go to Central Square

The historic center of Mexico
The historic center of Mexico

The central square of Mexico City reflects the image of the city during the official events, parades, and concerts.

From now on, you will be able to go to the park, the Metropolitan Cathedral or the National Palace.

1:00 PM – Eat at El Cardenal

In the historic heart of the city, there is an authentic culinary art building.

The food is rich in herbs, seafood, and spices which give it an unforgettable aroma.

This place is also relevantly cheap.

3:00 PM – Visit the Great Temple

A stone face mask
A stone face mask

Since you’re already on the central square of the city, head to the Museo del Templo or the Great Temple.

This place is unique and it tells it’s visitors about some prominent historical events.

Apart from the traditional outdoor Aztec civilization temples, you will be able to see the museum inside.

6:00 PM – Dine in the Best Restaurant

Fresh vegetable salad
Fresh vegetable salad

La Casa del Tono is one of the most visited restaurants in Mexico City.

It has a lot of inexpensive dishes and drinks to taste.

The trick is the less expensive something is, the shorter the window of opportunity to get it is.

Homemade masa, enchiladas, pozole, and guacamole deserve coming earlier to try them.

8:30 pm – Have a Drink in a Traditional Cantene

Candlelit drink
Candlelit drink

Wherever you go in Mexico, you will hear the music here and there.

The live melodies supported by a glass of Tequila will make you want more.

Salon Tenampa features live music in the evenings and drinks, of course.

Where else will you listen to the incredible Mariachis?

11:00 PM – Stay in the Heart of the City

A bed in the hotel
A bed in the hotel

What makes the middle of the city of Mexico really convenient is the Historico Central Hotel.

When you enter Mexico City it feels like home in this hotel.

You can have enough of rest on comfortable beds, freshen up in a swimming pool, and enjoy a nice city view from your balcony.

The hotel offers its services round the clock so you can easily get back here for your baggage after a long day, and check out late to reach your night plane without any mess.

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