The Most Affordable Hostels in San Diego

San Diego

Nowadays, travelers have a stereotypical image of a hostel.

Some people see it as a bedbugs experience but in most cases, it is considered as a great party spot and an excellent place to find new friends all over the world.

What is often forgotten is the fact that sometimes hostel it’s not a far-off place as it can be found everywhere even next-door to your house.

If you want to take a domestic trip, you can find a bunch of cheap but still great accommodations.

One of the most popular destinations among young travelers is San Diego in Southern California.

Of course, it can be not so overwhelming as Los Angeles that is not far from the city.

However, San Diego has lots of exciting things to offer to its visitors.

There you can enjoy amazing weather, great beaches, unforgettable culture, and delicious street food.

If you are planning a trip to California, you should know that it can be really expensive but in San Diego, you can find some great and cheap places to stay.

Luxury yacht
Luxury yacht

ITH Adventure Hostel

The ITH Adventure Hostel – it is a bright Victorian house that is located in the Little Italy district which is one of the most exciting places in San Diego.

The hostel is right near the harbor but you should know that there is no beach.

Nevertheless, the hostel’s staff are ready to help you organize some great time while enjoying the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day on a sailboat.

One other great thing about ITH is that there you can have an absolutely delicious breakfast and dinner.

Tall buildings
Tall buildings

USA Hostels Ocean Beach

On the north of the city, there is Ocean Beach that will catch your heart with its bohemian vibe, numerous dive bars, and great surfing locations.

USA Hostel Ocean Beach is located in one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the area.

It is a bright bungalow which is designed in a hippie style and decorated with a huge peace sign.

Earlier, it was called the Ocean Beach International Hostel and it is already 20 years as the building considered as the symbol of the area.

It is just a few steps away from the beach and also guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the area from the rooftop deck.

Moreover, every week, the hostel organizes bonfire parties that are really amazing.

City lights at night
City lights at night

Lucky D’s

Advertised on much of the internet as a “hip-hop themed” hostel, recently Lucky D’s seems to have gone away from that reputation as the decorations are eclectic and every room a bright color; so think more Andre 3000 and less Suge Knight. Adjacent to San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, an area famous for bars and restaurants, Lucky D’s does not shy away from embracing a party hostel feeling as some of their events include free drink nights at major clubs like Omnia. For those needing a respite from the lively atmosphere renting one of their private air-conditioned rooms could be an ideal option.


Tall buildings by the sea
Tall buildings by the sea

California Dreams Hostel

The California Dreams Hostel is situated on the Pacific Beach which is on the north from Ocean Beach.

The hostel is right between frisky Mission Beach and peaceful  La Jolla.

Hostel’s guests can enjoy numerous activities available in the area.

Also, you should visit one of the local micro-breweries that produce some absolutely great beer.

It’s not a secret that San Diego is known as one of the beer capitals of the USA.

Yachts in a pier
Yachts in a pier

USA Hostels San Diego

Located near the Gaslamp, USA Hostels San Diego is surrounded by numerous historical buildings and some of them were even built in the 19th century.

Before this place was a brothel but nowadays it is one of the best hostels in the city.

Nowadays, it is known for its privacy pods.

Each bad has its private space with individual lights, power outlets, shelves, and even noise screens.

An average price for bad at USA hostels is about $33 per night.

In the area, guests can enroll in a whole variety of activities including soccer matches, movie nights, and pub-crawls.


ITH Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

ITH has a whole bunch of hostels all over San Diego.

One of the hostels is located right near the famous San Diego Zoo but it is not the one we’d like to offer you.

ITH Beach Bungalow is located on Pacific Beach and it is just a few steps away from the beach.

During your stay there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of an amazing sunset from the second-floor deck.

The most popular activity offered by the hostel is a day trip to the south of the border.

You have an opportunity to have some paradise experience in Tijuana that is only one hour away from Mexico.

Plam trees at the sunset
Plam trees at the sunset

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