5 Extremely Cheap Hostels in Salvador

Salvador city

Salvador is one of the biggest cities in Brazil, which is also well-known as a home to the largest African community in this country.

You’ve probably heard about Salvador’s great architecture style with its bright old-fashioned houses and streets.

What’s more, a famous Bahian Carnival takes place here annually in February.

The city is full of a party atmosphere – African music is heard from everywhere.

Salvador is really worth visiting, at every time of the year.

We’ve made a list of top 5 budget places under $20 a night to stay in while traveling to Salvador.

1. Sleep Well Hostel

Hostel multi-bed room
Hostel multi-bed room

One good accommodation to choose is Sleep Well Hostel.

Its location is Rio Vermelho beach — a well-known pre-carnival event takes place here two days before the main party.

This hostel is suitable for those fond of relaxing under the sun, samba dancing at the beach, and just having fun.

It offers multi-bed rooms and pleasant family atmosphere.

2. Casa de Artes Sustentaveis

Beach yoga
Beach yoga

The hostel takes place in an old 19th-century building.

Even though it was rebuilt recently, the original atmosphere of a former mansion still remains here — wooden floor and furniture, brick walls, etc.

The Hostel provides guests with many activities, as well as a studio for yoga and a huge collection of paintings.

Sustentaveis means “house of sustainable arts”.

What’s more, the hostel is friendly to nature.

Also, be sure to visit its own cafe on a rooftop of the hostel to admire beautiful views of the beach.

3. Bahia Prime Hostel

Bahia city Salvador
Bahia city Salvador

The hostel is situated in an old rebuilt colonial house.

It features both dorm rooms, which may accommodate from 12 to 18 people, as well as private ones.

Rooms provide guests with many facilities like conditioners in each of them or lockers where you can leave your things.

The Bahia Prime Hostel is located right near Barra Beach as well as near the main tourist attraction.

You can feel the rhythm of Salvador city life here.

Tourists like simple breakfasts here, for example, eggs and bread with exotic fruits.

4. Che Lagarto Salvador

Barra beach Salvador
Barra beach Salvador

Did you know that Che Lagarto is the most well-known chain of hostels in Brazil?

Tourists like it because of numerous parties, loud nights, a huge variety of funny events.

Moreover, you can easily find friends with the same interests as yours here if you prefer to travel alone!

Located within walking distance to Barra Beach, Che Lagarto offers to visit a deck for stunning sea views.

The Hostel provides guests with tidied dorm rooms and good drinks.

5. Cafe Hostel Salvador

Silver chairs
Silver chairs

Among a huge variety of hostels in Salvador, we’ve distinguished five only, and the Cafe Hostel Salvador is probably one of the best.

Situated in a historic city center, it has an amazing exterior and beautiful courtyard: terrace and palms around it, which is good for having breakfast.

It is built in colonial style and is close to the city’s main attractions.

You are welcome to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

Plenty of restaurants, cafés, and clubs near the hostel offer you their services.

Don’t miss the chance to taste unique El Salvador dishes!

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