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Updated On November 27, 2023
Boksburg, South Africa
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Boksburg, South Africa was founded as a town in 1887.

It was established as the administrative center of the East Rand after the discovery of gold and coal.

The town was named for Dr. W.E. Bok, the Secretary of State for the Transvaal Republic.

The city is in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

It is a bustling city that has a rich culture and history.

It is known for its natural beauty.

Travelers to Boksburg enjoy visiting historic sites, nature preserves, and nearby lakes.

Visitors need to know the crime risks, the other risks to travelers, and useful information before planning their visit.

Warnings & Dangers in Boksburg

Overall Risk


Head Topics South Africa warned of increasing violent crime rates occurring in Boksburg, South Africa in August 2022. That sentiment was re-affirmed in September 2023, when the Boksburg Advertiser reported on problem crime areas and overall serious crimes. Boksburg city officials have increased the law enforcement presence in some areas of the city. Travelers need to always be aware of people around them and their surroundings when they are in Boksburg, South Africa.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Several taxi companies offer safe transport services for Boksburg, South Africa residents, and visitors. Travelers should check company ratings before they order a taxi. Boksburg is also served by the Metrorail line. Be aware of people using the same public transport, whether going by Metrorail, bus, or other transport services.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocket risks are not as high as some other types of crime that occur in Boksburg or the surrounding area. Most crime risks involve violent crimes. Robberies at businesses and residential burglaries are on the rise, but not petty crimes such as pickpocketing. Travelers still should make sure that they do not provide the opportunity for pickpockets to take advantage of them.

Natural Disasters Risk


Boksburg has had its share of natural disasters, including recent events. A January 2023 earthquake registered at a magnitude of 4.4. The Boksburg Explosion occurred on December 2, 2022. The explosion killed at least 18 people after a gas tanker exploded on Christmas Eve. An underground gas leak killed nearly 20 people in 2023. The dead and injured were part of an informal settlement in Boksburg. Gas leaks during mining operations, including illegal mining operations in and around Boksburg have also occurred in recent years. The epicenter of a 2023 earthquake was outside a Boksburg mine. Concerns have been raised by local officials about the poor response to natural disaster management.

Mugging Risk


Travelers and residents in Boksburg, South Africa are at a high risk of being victims of mugging incidents. Recent crime statistics show that assault with intent to cause “grievous bodily harm” is up by 13 percent. Common assaults recently increased by more than 28 percent. All types of theft are high in Boksburg, South Africa.

Terrorism Risk


Travelers who visit Boksburg should be aware of terrorist activities and the possibility of terrorist incidents. The risk changes from one day to the next, so it is important to check the U.S. Department of State for risks before going to Boksburg, South Africa. Bomb threats have caused the evacuation of Boksburg Schools on several occasions. One incident took police away from other duties, and a major heist occurred when police were diverted to schools.

Scams Risk


The origin of many scams is in Africa, including South Africa. Common Boksburg scams include deposit and refund scams. Do not make online purchases or transactions in Boksburg or before visiting Boksburg if you do not know for sure that you are visiting a legitimate and reputable site. Do not fall for the scam where a resident or traveler is contacted by someone who claims to be a police officer. One scam occurs when someone has a stolen vehicle, or another reported stolen item. A scammer contacts the person and makes a demand for money before releasing the vehicle or other item to the victim.

Women Travelers Risk


Women should not travel alone in Boksburg, or in other areas of South Africa. One incident of a serial rapist is not the only reason that it is unsafe for women travelers to visit the Boksburg sites and destinations alone. The rate of attempted murders recently increased by 100 percent. Women and underage girls have been raped in the Boksburg, South Africa area.

Tap Water Risk


A June 2023 report indicates that the quality of drinking water in South Africa has dropped for several reasons. The South African government blamed the water infrastructure and the water resources. There was a recent cholera outbreak, which the report indicates should not be a surprise. The water supply services suffer from neglect and overall collapse. Travelers want to avoid drinking the Boksburg tap water.

Safest Places to Visit in Boksburg

The cultural heritage is one reason that many people visit Boksburg.

The city boasts a variety of ethnicities, including Afrikaans, Zulu, English, and other communities.

There are many cultural sites to visit in Boksburg.

Visit a nature park in or near Boksburg.

Learn about Boksburg, South Africa by booking a history tour.

Embark on a guided safari tour.

Boksburg has plenty of activities for families.

Take the kids to a water park or a local mall.

Visit a bird sanctuary.

Go to Bokkie Park to feed the sheep, the rabbits, and the goats.

Have fun by engaging in extreme sports, such as sandboarding at Mount Mayhem.

Visit a museum in Boksburg, or the old post office or the old Boksburg Law Court.

Places to Avoid in Boksburg

The high crime rate in and around Boksburg means that it is important for travelers to know the places to avoid when visiting the city.

Boksburg North is listed by local officials as having high rates of certain crimes.

It has a high number of sexual offenses and high theft rates.

Boksburg is listed as one of the safest cities in South Africa, yet some areas have high crime rates.

There is a one in 18 chance that you may become a crime victim in Boksburg.

Law enforcement officials identified industrial sites that are in the Boksburg SAPS precinct and areas around Rondebult Road as hot spots for criminal activity.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Boksburg

  1. Leave valuables at home. Do not take valuables with you on your trip to Boksburg. The large number of residential burglaries and burglaries that occur at businesses indicates that it is likely not safe to bring valuables along and leave them in your hotel room.
  2. Make copies of your passport and visa. Do not carry original documents with you in case you are a mugging or robbery victim. Keep the original documents in a safe place.
  3. Do not flash cash. Do not let other people, including merchants, see you pull out a lot of cash. Carry the cash that you need and leave the rest at home or keep it in a safe place while visiting Boksburg, South Africa.
  4. Travel with a Tour Group. Travelers are likely to be safer when they visit Boksburg if they book a tour with a reputable tour group. Stay with the tour group while visiting local attractions and sites.
  5. Use reputable public transportation. Do not get into a taxi or other mode of public transport if you have not contacted that company. Check the reviews and ratings for taxi companies and other transportation companies before calling or booking a ride using the app.
  6. Check hotel ratings and reviews. Saving money by booking an inexpensive hotel room likely sounds appealing but may jeopardize your safety. Read the reviews and look for a hotel that has high ratings.
  7. Protect your wallet and purse. Carry your wallet and purse so that you do not become an easy target for pickpockets or other criminals. Using your purse in a crossbody fashion or putting it over your shoulder is safer than carrying it in your hand. Placing your wallet in an inside pocket of your jacket helps to secure it from would-be criminals.
  8. Avoid unsafe neighborhoods. Some sites may sound attractive, but you do not want to risk your safety. The increasing rate of some types of violent crime makes it important for travelers to avoid unsafe neighborhoods.
  9. Obey Boksburg, South Africa laws. Visitors get excited when they travel but must remain mindful of the laws. Do not go anywhere that is off-limits. Do not engage in any criminal activity.
  10. Stay Informed of Safety Risks. Visit the U.S. Department of State site before traveling to Boksburg. The agency listed South Africa as a Level 2 Travel Advisory Level in November 2023. The increased crime rate is a major reason for the updated advisory.

So... How Safe Is Boksburg Really?

Boksburg, South Africa is known as a vibrant community that has a lot of things to see and do when visiting the area.

The safety risks and recent crime surge have affected the safety of travelers and residents.

Some petty crimes pose a lower risk to travelers, compared to more serious and more violent crimes.

Muggings, robberies, sexual assaults, and incidents of attempted murder are all on the rise in Boksburg, South Africa.

Staying with the travel group and not going anywhere alone, especially at night, helps to increase safety for travelers.

How Does Boksburg Compare?

CitySafety Index
Cape Town43
Port Elizabeth65
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information



Tourists who plan to visit South Africa, including Boksburg, do not need a visa for a short visit. The South African government allows U.S. residents to travel to the country for up to 90 days. Travelers still need to have a valid passport. The passport must have a validity date that is 30 days beyond the intended date of exit from South Africa.



The South African currency is the Rand. The currency code for South Africa’s currency is ZAR. U.S. travelers are restricted to having 25,000 ZAR upon their entry to South Africa. Declared foreign currency is unrestricted.



Boksburg, South Africa has a warm and temperate climate. Residents and visitors see more precipitation during the summer months, rather than during the winter months. January, a summer month in Boksburg, is the warmest month of the year. The temperature averages around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperatures occur in July when the temperature averages 49.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack clothes and accessories that allow for sudden changes in the weather.



The closest airport to Boksburg, South Africa is the OR Tambo International Airport. The airport is just over five miles from Boksburg. Travelers may take a taxi or a bus from the airport to Boksburg. The Rand Airport is about seven miles from Boksburg, South Africa.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is a must for travelers who want to protect themselves from the many risks that can occur when traveling to Boksburg, South Africa, or to any other destination around the globe. Do not choose the first option from a search list. Get a quote and make the purchase that best suits your needs.

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Feb 21° C
Mar 20° C
Apr 17° C
May 15° C
Jun 12° C
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Aug 14° C
Sep 18° C
Oct 19° C
Nov 20° C
Dec 21° C
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South Africa - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Cape Town43
Port Elizabeth65

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