Medical Tourism in Italy

Updated On October 7, 2023
Venice, Italy

Italy has many things to offer if you give it a try.

You will enjoy delicious cuisine, amazing wines, and numerous sights.

It is not for nothing that Italy has become one of the world’s main centers of fashion and style.

The country can boast of fantastic and super-expensive sports cars.

It is the birthplace of the most famous masterpieces of art and incredible landscapes, so the chances are high you fall in love with it at first sight.

However, the list of its advantages is much longer, and stunning nature is not the only reason you should go there.

Thus, the Italian health care system meets high European standards, and if you have any health issues, you can solve them there.

In the 2000s, WHO recognized it as the second in the world in terms of accessibility and medical care efficiency.

So, you can kill two birds with one stone, combining a great vacation with treatment.

If you are overwhelmed with healthcare essay writing and some other tricky assignments, an optimal solution is to search for outside help to get rid of the academic burden.

What Services Do People Want to Get There?

In most cases, people go to Italy to get qualified help in private clinics.

They are attracted by comfortable five-starts accommodations and high-quality services provided.

Besides, many try to combine visits to hospitals with a pleasant pastime on numerous recreation spots.

Dental services, plastic, elective surgery, hair transplant, and reproductive technology are in great demand.

Wellness tourism in Italy also gains its momentum thanks to numerous SPA and Thalassa resorts on mineral and sea waters and a wonderful Mediterranean climate, contributing to healing and rehabilitation.

Thus, the proximity of the Italian thermal resorts to the largest cultural and historical centers and the excellent tourist infrastructure makes Italy an iconic option for modern medical tourism.

Private or Public Hospital?

You can seek help from renowned hospitals such as the Rome American Hospital or the Milan Clinic, staffed with English-speaking personnel.

Medical tourists point out that in Italy, public and private hospitals are two big differences.

The best hospitals are concentrated in the northern and central parts of Italy.

Some of them have an excellent international reputation.

The Roman Catholic Church runs private hospitals that are an excellent alternative to public hospitals for wealthy people.

Usually, private hospitals specialize in a certain medicine area, while multidisciplinary private clinics are less common.

The choice always depends on a bank account.

Thus, if I cannot afford such a trifle as to order an assignment, it is obvious that I can hardly afford a private clinic.

And if I require a specific doctor in a public hospital and want to shorten the waiting time, I will have to pay for it.

They have recently adopted a restriction that prohibits private doctors from performing surgeries in public hospitals.

What Diseases Do They Treat?

Most foreigners go to Italy to deal with cancer and heart disease.

And it is not surprising since the state is famous for its achievements in these areas.

About 40 such medical institutions are located in such large cities as Milan, Rome, Palermo, and Naples.

The most popular is the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and the Villa Stuart clinic in Rome.

In addition to treatment, every clinic in Italy is also famous for its comprehensive check-up diagnostic examinations.

All Italian medical institutions are equipped with the latest technologies of Italian and world production.

It allows you to give the most accurate and true results, which will become the basis for the right treatment.

You can check for any diseases in the special departments of the Villa Stuart clinic, San Donato, and the Italian diagnostic center, located in Milan.


Sometimes it happens that treatment or recreation under doctors’ supervision is not enough for a complete recovery.

In this case, you cannot do without surgical intervention.

The main thing here is to choose a suitable clinic.

You need to choose exactly the medical institution that specializes in a specific disease.

For example, the San Rafael hospital’s oncology department will be able to remove a cancer tumor effectively.

The brain surgery in Italy will be successfully performed by doctors from the Roman hospital of San Filippo Neri.

Nonetheless, plastic surgery is most in demand today.

About 20 thousand plastic and lifting operations are performed here every year since many people (even young ones) want to improve some parts of their bodies.

And if you are one of them, but you cannot go to Italy because of a tight schedule and numerous assignments, qualified experts can have your back and help you find some free time to make your dreams come true.

Treatment Costs

You might have guessed that only locals or those citizens who have a residence permit can receive free treatment in Italy.

Everyone else will have to pay money for a certain range of services.

Treatment costs will be different in every case since the price of treatment directly depends on the type of disease, the time spent in the clinic, and its complexity.

As you know, almost any surgery is a great difficulty for a doctor.

For example, cancer treatment in Italy, especially at the stage where surgery is required, can cost you 20 thousand euros or more.

Payment for diagnostic services, for instance, computed tomography, will cost only 1,000 euros.

A stay at the clinic, a treatment course, consultations may cost from 200 to 1 thousand euros.

Italy Safety Overview

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