Cost of Living in Philippines

Updated On January 31, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Philippines?

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago country in Southeast Asia.

Generally speaking, the Philippines is a developing country so the cost of living is not too high.

Your own, personal, cost of living in this country depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to have, and what kind of a job you have.

The least amount that a person can be comfortable with is 600$ or so, and for a couple 900$ will be sufficient.

However, if you want a swanky lifestyle 1000$ to 1200$ is sufficient.

Cost of Living Index:
* Based on Research & User Data

Philippines FlagPhilippines : Cost of Living by City



Eating out is definitely more expensive than cooking at home, but the Philippines offer some great cooking – and not as expensive as it would be expected.

Of course, there are many high-end fancy restaurants and they’re not cheap, but you can also eat at an inexpensive restaurant for less than 4$ and have a dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant for only about 22$.



Cooking at home is cheaper probably by 40 to 50% than eating outside.

You can shop at many supermarkets or the Robinsons mall and if you really want to splurge, you’ll need around 500$ a month.

There are also small bakeries in the neighborhood that sell cheap bread and sari-sari stores (variety stores) where you can buy goods in smaller packages.



Transportation isn’t the best in the Philippines.

You can use Grab Car or Uber, and keep in mind that if you use a normal taxi in Manila you might get ripped off.

Jeepneys are the cheapest way to get around and could significantly decrease your transportation costs.

Transportation is, in general, very cheap though.

A monthly pass for public transport costs around 11$.



Utilities are just ridiculously expensive in the Philippines.

You can easily spend around 100$ per month.

That would include using an air conditioner for around eight hours per day.

Lights, gadget charging, TV, and hot water in an apartment of around 85m2 will cost you over 100$.

The water bill is around 5$ per month.

Sports and leisure


Cities in the Philippines are filled with cinemas, theaters, and other leisure opportunities, and a ticket for a movie in a cinema will cost you around 5$.

Indulging in sports and fitness is more expensive, like in most countries.

If you want a gym or a fitness club membership, it will amount to around 34$.

Clothing and shoes


Major cities like Manila are literally brimming with large malls that are just waiting for you.

They also offer great shopping opportunities since the prices are pretty low.

For example, you can buy Levi’s jeans for around 40$, while a pair of running shoes from brands like Nike cost around 70$.

Lighter pieces of clothing like shirts and summer dresses are around 25$.

Rent per month


Rent for an apartment is at least 100$ per month around the city.

But if you are alone, you might prefer to stay in a boarding house or lodging house.

Depending on the part of the city, you can find an apartment for 100$, or 350$ – if you have your mind set on living in the city center.

For a larger apartment for the whole family, you’ll have to pay at least 400$.

Cost of Living Averages Table for Philippines

*Note: All prices are indicated in USD.
Average Restaurant Prices
Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant)$3.67
Domestic Beer (0.5 Liter)$1.28
Water (0.33 Liter)$0.41
Average Market Prices
Milk (1 Liter)$1.67
Loaf Bread (500g)$1.20
Eggs (12)$1.76
Average Transport Prices
One Way Ticket$0.28
Monthly Pass$11.01
Average Utilities Prices
Basic (Water, Electricity, Garbage, Heating, Cooling)$102.15
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local$0.15
Internet (Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)$38.19
Average Leisure Prices
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult$34.48
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour)$5.93
Cinema, 1 Seat, International Release$5.14
Average Clothing Prices
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Comparable)$39.55
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, etc...)$24.62
1 Pair of Adidas Walking Shoes (Mid-Range)$71.15
Average Rent Prices
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center$348.07
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center$192.72
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center$778.42

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Philippines?

An average person in the Philippines definitely spends the biggest amount of money on food – which is no wonder, considering that most world countries follow that pattern.

The next biggest expense is definitely rent, but it’s not too far from the expenses for transportation, which means that rent isn’t really that expensive in the Philippines.

Interestingly enough, the Philippines are rare in the sense that utilities draw more money from the people than from eating in restaurants, which is not common at all.

Clothes are the least important of all expenses, according to these numbers.

Average Costs Breakdown


Philippines: Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages

As for the salaries, they aren’t the highest in the Philippines – far from it!

Even though the prices are pretty low, the salaries are also very low, which makes it impossible for people to comfortably cover all their expenses and not worry about tomorrow.

What testifies to that is the minimum wage in the Philippines which is only around 158.7$.

The average monthly net salary in the Philippines is double the amount – around 300$, but it is still not enough to live a comfortable life in this country.

Average Salary$303.86
Minimum Wage$158.7
Mortgage Interest Rate7.28%

Philippines Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Philippines Safety Review

Safety Index:

Cost of Living by City in Philippines

CityCost of Living Index
Quezon City31.66

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82 Reviews on Philippines

  1. j
    jane c. paderog says:

    informative and very helpful.

    1. The Real Philippines

      The Philippines. EXAMPLE. Average wage per day is about P600 US$11-60 by usually 6 days a week, sometimes its a 10 hour day too, so thats like $11-60 x 6 x 4.3 for a average monthly amount of US300 but remember that could be a 10 hour day and 6 days a week. The overall RISK is MEDIUM, not high at all, the quoted price for an inexpensive restaurant is actually the price of a burger king junior whopper meal, which consists of a tasty but not too large hamburger with limited filling, small fries and a cup of coke, not exactly resto dining. Most restaurants are actually expensive as they seem have a bloated opinion of themselves and the average resto dining in meal is really not that great from a taste point of view, apple pie is almost unknown , you wouldn’t get a decent beef stroganoff and their idea of butter chicken is chicken fried in butter. If you cooked at home your monthly bill for groceries, including vegies would be about $120 which is pretty good and you can whip up some good dishes with some recipees although some ingredients are hard to find. Fresh milk is alot more expensive than listed here as they mainly have UHT milk which is pretty yuk but prob at the price they say. On line shopping through Lazada is prob the best way to buy your little luxuries including clothing items but sometimes the markets for clothes. Rents? Vary tremendously and are mostly over priced. It’s also a hard place to get medical services and you pay a lot. Any way thats a little overview that somewhat contradicts the article.

      1. S
        Shannon says:

        Thanks, Harry! Single lady looking to relocate to Cebu and appreciate your real-life input!

      2. K
        Karl Britton says:

        real cost to live per month

        Brilliant layout of cost but id like a hands on opinion to be more sure of a permanent move m8 i have a house in philippines paid outright, solar takes care of my electricity completely. I have a deep well with water filtering. How much do you think i would need per month for family of 3 please

  2. R
    Rick Graef says:

    If someone was Incarceated in the US can they still move to the Philippines?

    1. S
      Someone who knows says:

      Don't go to Philippines if you are an ex convict.

      I would think it would be about the nature if your crime. If you are a non violent offender, I would think so. If you are a violent offender, a drug dealer, or busted with drugs or a habitual offender that’s always doing wrong, I suggest that you don’t even try to come to the Philippines. You might not ever go back to the US.

  3. C
    Conrad Huang says:

    No, we don’t want you here

  4. P
    Proud American Citizen says:

    People In us prisons live better then everyone in your country though 🥱 in one week a person in jail in America spends a hundred dollars on commissary and that’s all they are allowed they’d spend more it’s sad your trying to be a douche but the poorest American would be the richest in your entire country 😏 America!! Fu** yeah !!!!!!

    1. E
      EDDIE BOLOGNA says:

      Unless you have been in jail in the USA don't make false statements.

      NOT TRUE.

      1. It’s true.
        That’s exactly what an inmate would say.
        Inmates cost in the US per year$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    2. B
      Blah Blah says:

      If American prisons are so wonderful, why not stay… enjoy your stay.

      1. Right, it’s Biden, Kamala and the liberals ‘defund the police’ fault. These libs LOVEs criminals.

      2. T
        The Homies says:

        We try but they make you leave.

    3. I.I’m a Filipino living in California, when I’m in San Francisco there’s a lot of white beggars and drug addicts that roamed in the streets and in the sidewalks. One old lady asking for a dollar and I gave one, another guy open his palm I gave a dollar too. Then your saying even the poorest in America can live a decent life to all Filipinos?

    4. E
      Educated expat... says:

      Wake up....

      You should say D_m American Citizen.
      If you are a criminal you are not wanted…period!! You wish you would live here….lol

      1. There are a lot of people in the Philippines, who have money from the Philippines. Not every single person is poor.

    5. I’m American bro, let’s be honest though. Nothing beats freedom so the people in the phillipines who are broke are free so there living better than locked in a cell

      1. by freedom i think you mean… tax.

    6. I must say, your level of ignorance and arrogance is truly astounding. It takes a special kind of delusion to believe that the poorest Americans or even prisoners would magically become the richest individuals in the Philippines. Your lack of knowledge about global economics is truly staggering, and it’s quite apparent that your understanding of the world extends no further than the boundaries of your own ego.
      Let me enlighten you, oh wise one. The Philippines, like any other country, has its own economic dynamics and social disparities. While poverty exists everywhere, it’s preposterous to assume that the destitute in America would suddenly transform into the wealthiest in a different nation. Such a notion displays a profound lack of understanding of the complexities of poverty, wealth creation, and socio-economic factors.
      Your blatant ignorance and superiority complex only serve to expose the depths of your arrogance. Instead of spewing such baseless and insulting claims, perhaps you should educate yourself and broaden your horizons. But hey, if living in your fantasy world helps you sleep at night, who am I to burst your bubble of blissful ignorance?

  5. S
    Sophia Carney says:

    What would be an Average House purchase for a 2 bdr/2bath with electric, air conditioning, sewer, water, internet/cable?

    1. T
      Tobiasz says:

      1.8 million pesos outside of city center

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        For that amount of pesos he his referring to is around 200000 usd and is a manion over there. 6 and 7 brd etc

        1. 1.8 million PHP as of now is 32,412.29 USD.

      2. wow

        what only $32,802.43 US wow!

        1. But wait...

          I did read that Phil Law says the foriegner cant own property there. If this is true youd either have to rent or have a local sign the deed, and there can be issues with that.

        2. Yes! I have a currency calculator. You can check it out yourself.
          I’m making plans to visit the Philippines that’s why I’m doing my research and I’m currently in-touch with a family in Philippines.

      3. A
        Anonymous says:

        That’s what I find really fascinating about as Americans 85% or more. I have never been outside of our country and yet we’re more than willing to bash other countries thinking they’re less than us when in reality most people in America live poorly compared to other countries until you’ve been around the world a bit and you’ve seen it for yourself. I know you don’t believe this, but America is not number one and has not been number one in any category for a long long time, and that’s a reality that we need to face. We should be the leaders of the world and we’re not.

        1. I do believe you my friend. I am Filipino, I’ve lived here for years….it is very well said….

        2. A
          Anonymous says:

          You are so wrong, America is number 1 in whole list of categories I will just list a few.
          1, Most expensive military budget we spend more then the next 24 countries combined.
          2. Most incarcerated citizens per capita.
          3. Most paid to big pharma ,oil companies, Gas companies, electric companies,
          I could go on but I think you get the point

    2. House prices 2023

      This is really nice topic now.
      Let me tell you something.
      Lot 191sqm
      House 105sqm
      Single garage
      4 bedroom
      3 fully bathrooms
      4 ac (split type ac)
      220v/110v outlet
      Gate security 24/07
      Community swimming pools
      Basketball Court
      Tennis Court
      Volleyball court
      Quite community

      Total $70,000.00.
      For the person who wants to build an owned house.

      But you can buy a build house ready to occupants for only $25,000.00.
      2 bedroom
      1 full bathrooms

  6. R
    Real American says:

    The person calling themselves “Proud American Citizen” made this post from China. That person is not really American.

    1. R
      Retired American says:

      Yes they love to divide and cause trouble. The Philippines is a developing country but the people are very friendly. The infrastructure is lacking but overall the people are very accommodating. I look forward to my retirement here and lIving a peaceful life. ✌️

      1. My wife and I are also planning a retirement in the Philippines. We are taking another trip there in March. We have already reserved a lot for our new home. While we are there we will be finalizing the papers.

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Americans can not own land in Philippines unless you are married to a Philippines woman or you have someone over there and if so. 60% of it had to be to a Philly

          1. And this information is correct. I hope he and his wife have done their research.

  7. P
    Poor boi says:

    Wow! Very good breakdown,
    thank you for the information.
    I am officially poor.

  8. Compared to what I pay in the U.S., those prices are dirt cheap! At $1250 a month Social Security pension I would be considered rich there.

    1. E
      EDDIE BOLOGNA says:


      Not RICH but midle class if you manage your income wisely

      1. You are right there kabayan…. Most of American don’t know how to manage their income wisely…..they carry the blue passport, they think they are rich

  9. B
    Better than You says:

    Look up prisons in the philippines… locked in a shit hole for 7 years before going in front of a judge who then says “oh yeah we caught the guy who really did that crime like 6 years ago, why are you still in prison you idiot”

    but yeah they got something to say about the greatest nation in the history of the planet

  10. Philippines does not need another prisoner due to overcrowded living and also its adding burden to the country

  11. T
    Total Perspective Vortex says:

    “Greatest nation in the history of the planet.” You must be a Brit since the British empire covered more than a quarter of the world landmass at its height – to say nothing of their naval dominance. Second and third runner up are the Mongolian empire and the Russian empire (pre USSR). If you’re talking about ‘Merica, it ranks 10th.

    1. B
      Bon Appetite says:

      US Greatest Country. Not

      US is not highly ranked in many categories except military and vast number of its population in prisons. Rank in education and medical care is not good. Your making an assumption about “greatest country”. I don’t think the facts support that. Google them

  12. J
    JoJo NoNo says:

    What I like about most Filipinos is that they are humble, honest, love God, help each other. I really had a lot of help getting out of the Philippines after the COVID-19 bomb dropped on our planet. It could have been much worse if I was visiting another country at that time in history. The US has the same problems as other countries not to mention $25 trillion in debt. Any country carrying massive debt can fail any day of the week without warning.

  13. I’m a fairly well-read, intelligent, responsible, and respectful American. I see America’s problems, especially the economic problems, and have decided that the Philippines will be the best place for me to retire. I have done the research and the Filipinos are kind, happy, and very hard working. The Philippines has the workforce and the mineral deposits to evolve very well. I’m betting on that. When the Philippines opens for tourism I’m moving there.

    1. E
      EDDIE BOLOGNA says:


      Before you move, save money or have enough credit cards for an extended stay. It will take time to find the best place suitable for your lifestyle. It takes money to get arounf. There are many islands and unlike the USA you canot drive from one to another. Take yur time and plan for more than one visit. Compare cith living, verses provinces. So many options and all affordable. One bit of advice. Dress casual. You don’t want to look like a rich foreigner.

  14. L
    Lynne Walker says:

    What is the cost of a house bought outright?

    1. E
      EDDIE BOLOGNA says:


      A foreigner cannot buy a house in the Philippines and have it in his/her name. You have to be a Filipino to own a house but if you are married to one, the title will be in his or her name.

      1. A
        American 😷 says:

        You can buy a house you can’t buy the land.

        1. B
          Bon Appetite says:

          Mute point

          The Philippines does allow condo purchases. Purchasing a non moveable, nice home on land you do not own is substantially the same as renting. In most cases it doesn’t make sense. If i were a landowner i would let a fool do that. When the lease of land expires so does your home ownership. It goes to the landowner.

          1. M
            MabaitAmerikano says:

            Working around ownership laws.

            The Philippines has an interesting property ownership law. Essentially, you can own a home in the Philippines provided the land is leased from a Filipino citizen. For many foreigners a Condo is the best way to go, others prefer Apartment living and many places in Manila and Cebu have them available for expats. Technically a lease can be renewed, it just requires an agreement with the land owner.

  15. C
    Cost of Living in Philippines is High says:

    Please update your data. Compare gardenia bread cost and rice and market price of beef, and shrimps and bee. Also compare cost of infants milk and egg.

  16. I
    I love the Philippines♥️ says:

    Stupid f***ing gringos. I’m American unfortunately, and I’d rather live in any shit hole other than USA. Racist white crackers. I got me my Filipina beauty and I love the people and culture. Better than anyplace I’ve ever been.

  17. I want to know if I come to Philippines can I get my disability there Same as here in USA. What would one bedroom house cost to buy in us dollars

    1. E
      Expat-Cali-Pinoy says:

      What most people do is get their disability from their native country, and then move to the Philippines. If you get more than $1200 USD/month then you will live comfortably depending on your lifestyle.

  18. T
    Tywhite says:

    Can a foreigner own a house in Philippines

    1. T
      Tobiasz says:

      You can own a home but not the land. You can lease the land (like a 99 year lease) and build a home on it.

  19. B
    Brian Alden says:

    Just cause you’ve been incarcerated didn’t mean you’re a “bad” or terrible person. I’ve been incarcerated and I’m trying to start a nonprofit program that allows foreigners to come to America to work and the money they earn they keep no fees like other international employer job placement agencies besides visa, plane ticket and living expenses they’ll pay as they work so that they can save and gain as much profit as possible so that they don’t have to spend a lifetime away from there family just to take care of them so I would appreciate it if you would rethink your views on people that have been incarcerated.

  20. Yeah, stay in the US, we don’t want you here.

  21. M
    MARTIN BB says:

    I love this country and I m thinking 🤔 to move there ..!! People are very friendly..!! Beautiful country Beautiful people..!!

  22. A
    Anonymous says:

    Wow,,lotta angry folks on here

    1. This suppose to be positive feedback

      I thought this was a forum I could get positive feedback about the Philippines since I’m thinking about moving to there.
      There’s a lot of anger here.

  23. M
    Married with a filipina says:

    Please don't trash talk the Philippines

    I went to the Philippines, got married, brought my wife to the US (4.5 year legal battle).
    I was shocked to see how friendly Filipinos are. I don’t usually equate large cities with friendly people. However, that’s what I found in the Philippines.
    The Philippines is a great country with fun people. I feel sad when I see arrogant Americans trash talk the Philippines.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      agree i am a us citizen with a filipina wife.. love the country and people there… looking forward in a few years to retire to the philippines.

  24. I’m getting old (68) and figure I will be single… have thought about moving to your country. I’ve heard alot of good things about it. What I don’t like is the high risk that’s associated with living there. Like crime, kidnappings, terrorist… definitely something to consider and think about.

    1. E
      Expat-Cali-Pinoy says:

      Surround yourself with good people and away from high risk areas. I’ve known lots of elderly retired folks that made the Philippines home and are very happy. The only hurdle is medical services which is paid upfront.

      1. G
        Gene from Florida says:

        Talking about health issues.
        If they are part of Medicare. They can reimburse when they going back to mainland. Just keep the receipt everything

    2. A
      Anonymous says:

      Make sure you have good health because medicine, doctors, and hospitals are very expensive..

  25. Live in the countryside but having 1250 doesn’t make you rich but can meet ends.

    1. B
      Bhole McGoodwin says:

      Y’all seem to forget these Americans coming would not be bringing pesos, they would be bringing USD and 1250 a month USD = 68,000 pesos, that’s pretty rich…

      1. 68,000 pesos per month is not rich, not even close

    2. Sounds cheap enough

      How does $3200 Cad pension make u live?
      And at 65 $5000cad
      Sounds like a nice place and cheap to live
      I can return to canada for health care

  26. Great info

    Wonder what it would be like for a couple in our young 50’s to live there. This country has so many wonderful things to see, untouched nature, the small fishing villages and the cultural experience would be unbelievable. A lot of Americans travel to this type of country and try to change things to what they are used to. I would love to live near a fishing village and allow the culture change me, I’m sure it would be tough in the beginning but who am I to ask people to change for me. Only thing I’m worried about is our safety. If I knew we would be safe I for sure would move there in a minute!! Just to sit and talk with local fishermen and the fish market would be an experience! Maybe some day….. but maybe they don’t want us there.

    1. Hallelujah!!! I found one simple purpose on this whole conversation….😊Just try Jeff…just continue your simple purpose of life and I bet you you will be love by my fellow Filipino….we welcome humble personality 😊

  27. H
    Hopeful Designer says:

    Architectural Jobs in the Philippines

    My sister and I want to move to the Philippines in the near future. She is a doctor going for training and I am an architect. While her income is secure because of her training program, I’m unsure about my chances of getting a job. Can anyone offer any advice?

  28. W
    William Onacoli says:

    Be careful

    I married a Filipina who wanted to remain and stay here in California ( otherwise, she could have been an illegal alien). After couple of years, we bought a house, she became a US citizen and petitioned her kids to the US. Once they all settled, my wife decided a divorce and we did. She executed her well planned perspectives in life and took everything she can get out of that marriage. Be careful what you get into.

  29. The name of that tune

    Any country in the world that experiences a great deal of poverty will be the same. I’ve lived in the Philippines and lived in South America. Many countries desperation is desperation wherever you live take care.

  30. G
    Gene from Florida says:

    Opinion, thankful, lucky, hateful

    I’d seen a lot of opinions in here. The fact is where ever you guys go is really good to stay in place. In the country of the Philippine the economy, cost of living, community, lifestyle and people are all unique in the land of the Philippine.

    It’s cheap if you’re making or your currency is a more than the value of Philippine money.
    Easy to spend money when you start to feel like a rich person in the Philippine. But easy to lose money if you want spending more than what you need in single day.

    Cost of living
    45+ pesos per $1 dollar the value of a US dollar
    Now if the person is so picky on food. Not good
    And if you like an American food for
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s good.
    If you know how to cook.
    Expenses everyday is cost around $25+ including eat out.
    But $10-$24 spend a day not eating outside. That’s good.(for hungry person).
    Clothes is so expensive
    (That’s why I always bought HANES T-shirt 10pack at Walmart before I went back to Philippine). People don’t care how you looks, they care how you treat them.

    Picky eater-no good
    Always hungry for food and eating everything-good

    Some cities have a low price to eat out like
    Breakfast $1.75 all you can eat
    Lunch $10+ all you can eat
    Dinner $12+ all you can eat

    If you disabled from US (sss). And making $2,000 a month. Oh yeah you good. If you’re veteran disabled with 100% from VA ($3,500 a month)Oh yeah you good. If you get a $1,500 to $1,800+ a month from civilian SSS pension is good.
    But not good if you don’t have a fully paid a house, condominiums. Cost of interest is really high. The best way is buying a full property place and then might giving you a discount. Like

    House and lot cost 1.8 million pesos that is equivalent of $36,000. (1.8 devided 50)
    HOA and property tax a year $120 to $150 a year.(subdivision),including swimming pool,basketball,tennis,pavilion, gate security service 24/07.
    Some realtors knew that if you pay full price. Always have a discount from 15% to 25% .
    Of the retail price.
    Sta. Lucia realty
    Cambridge place realty
    Camellia home realty

    Just like in United States .
    Be nice and they’ll give you a good attitude.
    I believe that this is a human attitude. But in the Philippine different
    They will feed you, shelter you with an open arms with no doubt. That’s why they are unique.
    But please don’t let them angry, because they will eat you alive. They don’t like bad foreigners.

    Now if you need more details and thinking about to be there or it’s in your bucket list.
    Here’s my email

    I’m willing to give more info to you.
    Thank you

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