12 Cheapest Places to Live in Switzerland

Updated On May 23, 2024

Switzerland is a beautiful country to live in and visit.

If living in Switzerland is a dream for you, you can live here without breaking the bank.

This guide will provide you with some of the most affordable places in the country to live, from Glarus to Uri.

You are certain to find something that provides you with an equal mixture of affordability and beauty.

12 of the Cheapest Places to Live in Switzerland


1. Glarus

First on the list for affordable living in Switzerland is Glarus.

Glarus is a true gem that will give you a bang for your buck.

When compared to the rest of the country, Glarus is extremely cheap.

The average rent paid for a one-bedroom apartment in Glarus is about $827 per month.

This is a real deal.

In addition, your monthly bills will cost you around $165 per month.

There are so many things to do in Glarus, such as the Anna Goldi Museum, Chapel Bridge, and Kunsthaus Glarus.


2. Uri

Uri also made the list for being one of the cheapest places to live in Switzerland.

Uri is both affordable and charming. While it’s a small town, it still has a lot to offer.

About 36,000 people are living in Uri.

Renting a one-bedroom in Uri will cost you around $1,545 per month.

And while this may not be dirt cheap, it’s a good deal for the area.

How about restaurants in Uri?

Dining in or eating out in Uri on average costs about $22 per person.

Moreover, getting around the city is quite easy, and public transit is highly affordable and efficient.

Several things to do in Uri include Rutli, Tell Monument, and Devil’s Bridge.


3. Obwalden

Obwalden is next on the list for offering residents affordable living.

Obwalden is located right in the middle of Switzerland.

It’s the perfect combination of peacefulness and accessibility.

It’s like benefiting from the best of both worlds.

Obwalden is close to major towns in the country, but still a good enough distance to enjoy tranquility.

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Obwalden is around $2,207 per month.

This is a great deal considering its location and natural beauty.

Several things to do in Obwalden include Titlis Cliff Walk, Lake Lungern, and Sportbahnen Melchsee-Frutt.


4. Neuchatel

If you’re looking for an affordable town combined with typical Swiss living, consider moving to Neuchatel.

Neuchatel is located along the French border and is considered a true hidden gem.

The cost of living is much cheaper than you’d probably expect in Neuchatel.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment, on average, can cost around $927 per month.

This amount is entirely reasonable considering the quality of life and the charm it provides.

There are also many things to do in Neuchatel, such as visiting the Museum of Art and History or checking out various gothic-style churches around the city.


5. Thurgau

Thurgau is a beautiful town in Switzerland that offers affordable luxury.

It is situated along the German border and is ideal for those who love nature.

The cost of living in Thurgau is extremely budget-friendly.

For instance, a one-bedroom apartment costs about $971 per month.

With that, you’ll receive a picturesque setting and wonderful weather.

Thurgau is well-known for having plenty of amazing villages, hills, vineyards, and timbered homes.

There are also many amazing attractions to check out in Thurgau, including Conny-Land, Seeburgpark, and the Saurer Museum.

Appenzell Innerhoden
Appenzell Innerhoden

6. Appenzell Innerhoden

Up next is Appenzell Innerhoden.

If your dream is to own a beautiful, affordable Swiss home, Appenzell Innerhoden may be the perfect location.

Appenzell Innerhoden is considered a rural town, but you can feel confident knowing that it won’t empty your bank account.

The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Appenzell Innerhoden is about $2,207 per month.

It’s worth every cent.

Things to do in Appenzell Innerhoden include Brauerei Locher AG, Museum Appenzell, and Kunstmuseum in Appenzell.


7. Jura

Jura also made the list for being one of the most affordable places to live in Switzerland.

Jura is situated in the northwestern region of Switzerland.

It’s known for having many forests and beautiful landscapes.

As far as housing, you’ll quickly find that renting and buying in Jura are both affordable.

Rent is normally around $938 per month.

But what about those looking to buy?

The average home price in Jura is around $441,489.

Jura is the perfect town for those who love the outdoors and nature in general.

Top attractions in Jura include The Factory Escape Game, Doubs Natural Regional Park, and Jurassica Museum.


8. Valais

Valais is also worth considering if you’re moving to Switzerland.

Valais is full of beautiful landscapes and is situated in the heart of the Alps.

It’s an ideal location for those looking for an affordable way to enjoy the Swiss lifestyle.

If you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Valais, you may pay up to $2,093 per month.

However, this is if you move to the middle of the Alps.

On average, utilities cost about $196 per month.

Moreover, public transportation is also affordable, with tickets costing about $2.76.

But not only does Valais offer affordable living, it also provides an experience you’ve never had before.

It’s a town that is ideal for nature and ski lovers.

You’ll find plenty of local restaurants and much more.

St. Gallen
St. Gallen

9. St. Gallen

St. Gallen is located in the northeastern region of Switzerland and is also one of the most affordable places to live.

It’s an ideal town for people looking for a city-town vibe but one that won’t break the bank.

Renting a one-bedroom in the city will cost you around $1,432 per month.

Compared to larger cities in the country, this is a more budget-friendly option.

The cost of living in St. Gallen is about $2,938 per month, which includes health insurance, utilities, entertainment, and groceries.

If making St. Gallen your home sounds like a place you want to be, consider checking out Wildpark Peter und Paul, Natural History Museum, and Botanischer Garden.


10. Grisons

Grisons is well known for offering a variety of recreational activities and stunning landscapes.

It also made the list because it offers an affordable lifestyle for those seeking it.

A one-bedroom will cost you about $1,407 in rent each month in Grisons.

In addition, public transportation is also affordable, costing between $66 and $110 for a monthly pass, depending on where you travel.

Grisons is considered a picturesque village, full of parks and valleys.

It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts, hiking, and skiing.

Several attractions to check out include II Spir, Bernina Express, and Swiss National Park.


11. Bern

Bern is also among the most affordable places to live in Switzerland.

The town is well-known for being one of the most diverse and largest in the country.

Besides its affordability, it’s full of rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historical sites.

The average cost of living in Bern is around $2,926 per month.

The average rent paid in Bern is about $1,405 per month.

Bern is also full of entertainment options.

Several things to do in Bern include Bear Pit, UNESCO, and Zytglogge.


12. Solothurn

Last on the list for affordable living in Switzerland is Solothurn.

Not only is Solothurn an affordable town, but it’s also a popular option for retirees.

Solothurn is well known for offering efficient public transportation, natural beauty, and a rich culture.

The overall cost of living in the city is about $2,871.

The average rent paid in the city is $1,350 per month.

Several things to do in Solothurn include the Museum of Nature, the Verena George Hermitage, and the Blumenstein Museum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of living in Switzerland higher than in the U.S.?

Yes, the cost of living is about 31% more expensive in Switzerland compared to the United States.

In addition, the average income in Switzerland is 24% higher, which means that products and services are more affordable for residents.

What is the overall cost of living in Switzerland?

For families living in Switzerland, on average, you’ll spend anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per month on living expenses.

Single individuals living in the country will spend anywhere between $3,131 and $5,009 per month on living expenses.

What are some tips to get cheaper housing in Switzerland?

If you want to make your living experience in Switzerland as affordable as possible, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Move to a cheaper location
  • Buy a smaller home or apartment
  • Considering getting a roommate
  • Utilize public transportation instead of vehicles

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