10 Most Beautiful Castles in Oregon

Updated On October 5, 2023
Canterbury Castle

On your next trip to Oregon, take a tour of at least one castle.

The benefits of castles in Oregon include possible witch encounters or a sudden interest in regal real estate, as many of these castles are residential and for sale.

Ready to discover the secret castle charms that are found throughout Oregon? 

From the Oregon coast and the Pacific Ocean to the mountains and valleys with sloughs, this state is home to some very pretty and slightly curious castles.

Here is a list of 10 of the most beautiful OR castles to choose from in this Pacific Northwestern state. 

10 Most Beautiful Castles in Oregon

Witch’s Castle

Let’s start out with the most surprising castle of all–the Witch’s Castle.

This castle is an old stone ruin that is actually a public restroom built in the 1930s.

It was most likely a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) project done for federal relief.

The bathroom plumbing in the Macleay Park Shelter is no longer functioning, and the property remains a ruin.  

For some reason, the locals have renamed it to the Witches or Witch’s Castle, or the Stone House.

It is located on the Lower Macleay Trail in Portland, OR.

Hiking to the castle is easy as it is an urban park in Portland.

The two-story Stone House has no roof or finishing work and is truly only stone now.

Are there really witches that live there?

No certainty there, but graffiti throughout the ruins adds to the spooky charm.

Creswell Castle

Creswell Castle, so called because it is located in Creswell, OR, which is in Lane County, is our next most beautiful castle.

However, you won’t get to tour this castle as it is a private residence.

Little is known about the castle except for a few images of the exterior that appear to be taken from a drone or aircraft.

Unless Creswell Castle comes up for sale, it will be tough to get into the complex.

However, from the outside, Creswell Castle lives up to the expectations of a medieval castle.

Constructed using typical Middle Ages style architecture with multiple towers at varying heights, the castle is quite an accomplishment.

Ken Marquess was the carpenter and the owner who helped construct the castle. 

According to a news report, “[Woodworker Erik Shumate] also did most of the woodwork in…Ken Marquess’ castle on Sears Road, including the large beams in the six-floor turret made with intricate dovetail joining.”

Otherwise, the interior has never been open to the public and tours are not possible at this private residence.

Canterbury Castle

There are at least three Canterbury Castles around the world, including one in Oregon.

There is Canterbury Castle in the United Kingdom, as well as Canterbury Castle on Lake Orion in Michigan.

However, Canterbury Castle, aka Arlington Castle, is the one we are focusing on here.

The castle is in Portland, OR, and was constructed from 1929 to 1931.

The architectural style is Art Deco and castellated design while resembling the UK version of Canterbury Castle in Canterbury.

The result was a gray stone castle with a moat and drawbridge, as well as turrets.

For the interior, the homeowners decided to go with 1920s Hollywood as the theme.

One bathroom was just like Charlie Chaplin’s, for example.

The castle became a private residence and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

However, Canterbury Castle was demolished in 2010 because it did not meet safety regulations. 

Castle Estate

Located in Southwest Portland is the Castle Estate, a well-kept property that is on VRBO, AirBnB, and other rental property platforms.

If you want to stay in a castle in Oregon, this is the best-budgeted option, at approximately $1,000 a night.

However, you’ll need to spend at least four nights at the Castle Estate, making this a $4,000 vacation. 

It is worth it if you need seven bedrooms and a castle in Portland.

Ideal for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and special events, Castle Estate is in Neo-Gothic architecture with a more modern aesthetic.

Instead of stones used to construct round spires on turrets, the residence features a flat-facing facade of brickwork.

Indoors, the interior design follows the eclecticism movement with custom finishing and handcrafted furnishings.

Blackberry Castle

Blackberry Castle is in the French chateau style of architecture and is a more recently built Oregon castle.

Mia Malkova, an adult film star, was the current resident of Blackberry Castle in Portland. 

However, she is interested in moving on and attempted to host an estate sale to help pay for the $25,000 a month rent of the property.

The owner, Leslie Storey, of the castle, may be interested in finding a new renter if you are interested.

This property is a 6.4-acre estate with 13,000 square feet of interior space to dwell in.

Piggott’s Castle

Piggott’s Castle, more formally called the Charles Piggott House, is located on Buckingham Avenue in Portland.

This is in the well-established Seventh Street Terraces.

The castle was completed in 1892 and has been completely renovated.

Also known as Gleall Castle, the Charles Piggott House was constructed in a Romanesque Revival style of architecture and influenced by castles from the Middle Ages.

It is currently on the market for $1.75 million and boasts a $ 10,000-a-month mortgage. 

Highlights of the castle include no internal right angles, stained wood doors, and creamy white exterior walls.

In addition, the towers feature half-moon balconies that have arches and balusters where you can sit outside and overlook the city.

Tututni Hollow Road Castle

There is a castle for sale in Oregon on Tututni Hollow Road that goes by no name.

However, you can currently purchase this castle for $780,000 today.

The castle features a large tower with teeth-like crenulations at the top.

In Gold Beach, OR, this castle is tucked into the fir forest. 

Yet this is not some medieval castle from the Middle Ages.

There are many modern upgrades to the property, such as a propane fireplace, a hydraulic lift system, and a three-car garage.

Copper fixtures highlight the interior, which is matched by copper roofing.

This modern-day castle is the perfect option for a family or household interested in feeling like royalty 24/7.

Pittock Mansion

As another castle in Portland, Pittock Mansion is every bit a palatial residence.

While not technically a castle, this grand house was built in 1914 and is located in the West Hills neighborhood.

Henry and Georgiana Burton Pittock used the mansion for their private residence.

It was constructed in the French Renaissance chateau style of architecture.

Today, Pittock Mansion is open to the public for tours.

There are also seasonal and holiday events, such as Pittock Mansion Christmas.

The mansion is huge, and every bit that of a castle.

Go on a private tour and explore Pittock Mansion to see how the original owners lived a century ago.

This is an Oregon Downton Abbey-like experience.

Pumice Castle

Here is another not-quite castle that Oregon brings to the public.

Pumice Castle is a rocky cliff overlooking Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park.

Take a boat ride out to Wizard Island when you go to visit the castle.

By the way, Crater Lake is the deepest freshwater lake in the US.

It is worth checking out when going to see Pumice Castle on the cliffs there. 

In fact, Pumice Castle is not a castle at all; it is a geological feature that resembles pumice stone in tall towering peaks.

You will need to go hiking to see the site and explore Pumice Castle.

The Flippin Castle

The Thomas J. Flippin House is also known as the Clatskanie Castle or the Flippin Castle.

Located in Clatskanie, Oregon, along the Columbia River, this house was built in 1900.

It is constructed in Shingle, American Queen Anne, and Victorian architectural styles.

What is so unique about this style of house is the way the two sides are symmetrical and mirror each other. 

With 14 rooms in total, the Flippin Castle has been fully restored in recent years.

The castle is currently represented as the Flippin House National Historic Site and is open to the public.

Book an overnight stay in the Thomas J. Flippin House or host an afternoon tea.

You can also get married there or use the castle for a birthday party venue.

Oregon Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit the Witches Castle in Portland, OR?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and acceptable to take a hike in Macleay Park in Portland to see the ruins of what is known as the Witch’s Castle.

You will not get arrested and may even see a witch or an entire coven while you are out there.

Pay special attention to entities flying in the air.

What is the oldest castle in Oregon?

Piggott’s Castle has to be the oldest castle in Oregon, as it is the only one that was erected in the 1800s and is still standing.

Does Oregon have rules regarding castles?

Interestingly enough, yes!

In Oregon, there is the Oregon Castle Doctrine.

And even more curious, the law does not have anything to do with castle ownership–except for the concept of protecting your property by all means necessary.

That is the same idea as lords and tsars have had for centuries and the reason why so many people in the Middle Ages built castles for fortification and defense.

This is a castle law only for Oregon and it pertains to gun rights and self-defense.

According to the Castle Doctrine, Oregonians do not have the duty to retreat.

What this refers to is the use of self-defense.

If you need to protect yourself or a third party from immediate harm, you can use force.

This would be considered self-defense in the courts of law due to this castle law.

Was someone murdered in the Witch’s Castle?

Yes, the original owners of a house that was on the land where the bathrooms had been built and since left to ruin were involved in a murder.

Mortimer Stump worked for the owner, Danford Balch when Stump fell head over heels in love with Danford’s daughter.

The result was Danford that shot Mortimer in the face, killing him in cold blood.

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