Best Gift Ideas for an Adventurous Person

Updated On January 11, 2022
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The fact is that every adventurous traveler faces lots of challenges constantly and enroll in various activities most people even don’t know about.

If you are looking for a present for such a person, it can turn into a stressful challenge.

You hardly can imagine what a traveler may need to climb mountains or do some bungee jumping.

Unfortunately, in this case, Google search cannot be considered as a good helper as well.

We’ve prepared some ideas of great gifts you can buy for your adventurous friend who likes traveling.

Presents for travelers
Presents for travelers

1. Epic Wipes

Of course, every traveler has some specific needs and preferences but all of them have common requirements as well.

There should be mentioned such points as a desire to spend time outdoors, enjoy the nature around and go bathing from time to time.

The last one can be really hard when it comes to traveling outdoors but there are some ways to resolve the issue.

All of us use wet wipes constantly but not everyone knows about Epic Wet Wipes that are towel-sized.

It’s a great decision if you want to take a bath in the middle of the forest, for example.


2. Sea to Summit Microfiber Towel

Giant wet wipes are, for sure cool but it may be not enough as a traveler also need something to dry up.

A microfiber towel is right a perfect decision.

This present is also a good option as you don’t need to focus on someone’s personal preference but pay attention to some essential needs.

Your friend will like it for sure as in the wild most of our basic needs cannot be accomplished easily.


3. Black Diamond Headlamp

A headlamp is one of the must-have equipment any adventurous traveler should have.

It is used to navigate in low-lit areas but also it can look really cool.

It’s a perfect present that any traveler would be pleased to get.


4. Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock

Of course, this point isn’t one of the basic but still, most travelers like spending time watching the night sky full of stars.

To make this time comfortable, a hammock is for sure a must-have stuff.

Warbonnet Blackbird is one the most popular and well-known brands among travelers in the outdoor community for its excellent quality.


5. Garmin Navigation Watch

Garmin – it’s something incredible and totally great when it comes to outdoor navigation.

Its navigation watches are equipped with 3-axis compass, barometer as well as an altimeter.

Of course, you may not understand what all these things are and why they are needed but you should know that Garmin produces one of the best outdoor navigation watches for many years.

Moreover, there are lots of great options so you’ll for sure be able to find something really great.

Navigation Watch
Navigation Watch

6. National Park Pass

Most of the adventurous people will for sure enjoy walking and hiking through one of the gorgeous national parks.

If you are looking for a present for one of such people, it can be a good idea to give an opportunity to walk through the US’s 61 National Parks.

Such a pass costs about $80 per year.

Speaking of a single trip to one of the parks, it costs about $20-30.

Both options are an absolutely great gift for any adventurous person.

The real outdoors traveling lover will for sure appreciate such a gift.

Also, there are lots of options to choose from including such famous spots as Yellowstone and Yosemite or less popular destinations like Voyageurs or North Cascades National Park in Washington.

Park Pass
Park Pass

7. GoPro

GoPro is a perfect thing for people who like traveling, interesting activities as well as great photos and videos.

It’s not a secret that any traveler would like to take as many photos as it possible during their trip.

GoPro is one of the best options for such issues as it is light, compact and high quality.

Of course, there is always an opportunity to use a smartphone but GoPro cameras have a bunch of benefits such as waterproof construction, hands-free attachment, a bunch of specific settings and easy video editing actions.


8. Water Filter Straw

Ane adventurous traveler knows that not any water is good for drinking and sometimes it can be hard to find some clean water.

It’s important to be able to drink clean water if you don’t want to destroy a trip.

There are lots of places where clean water is a real concern so it’s better to be prepared for any situation.

If your friend or a close person travels a lot, a water filter straw like the ones produced by LifeStraw can be a great gift.

It helps to clean water and filter any mud or harmful bacterias.

A bottle and a glass of water
A bottle and a glass of water

9. Portable Solar Charger Pack

Nowadays, travelers and adventurers use a whole bunch of various gadgets.

Unfortunately, going to wild nature, it’s impossible to find a place to charge all these gadgets.

In such a case portable charger packs can be a great option.

One of the best options is solar ones so there is no need to look for a place to recharge a charger pack.

There is a whole diversity of various designs so you can choose the one that can be easily attached to a backpack or have a tracking function.

Some of these chargers have flashlights and protective exterior as well as numerous USB ports.

Charging Pack
Charging Pack

10. Travel Journal

Traveling through the wild challenging is really hard and there are lots of dangerous and unpleasant things but still, there is plenty of exciting moments and beautiful things.

After a long journey, most people like spending time sitting by the fire and reminiscing about their trip.

It’s exactly the time when a travel journal is required so it’s for sure a great gift for travelers and adventurers.

A man writing
A man writing

11. Subscription to NatGeo or Outside Magazine

There aren’t many people who can be considered as professional travelers which means that there will be gaps between trips.

A real adventure fan may want to have some traveling related activities while there is a gap between the journeys.

One of the great options is a good traveling journal.

The most famous editions in the sphere are National Geographic and Outside magazines that have a bunch of excellent content.

Both of these magazines offer digital access and you can buy a subscription for both printed and online variants.

Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine

12. Membership to a Climbing Gym

Climbing is an essential part of traveling, adventures and outdoor activities.

Most adventurers really enjoy it but unfortunately, it cannot be done any time as good weather is the main requirement.

But still, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to enjoy climbing all year round as there are lots of indoor climbing centers.

Also, it gives beginners an opportunity to enroll in this activity without any difficulties.

Nevertheless, it’s a really great activity that can provide you with lots of fun.

Most major cities have a whole variety of climbing gyms.

Also, you can consider giving some climbing gear as a gift!

Climbing Gym
Climbing Gym


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