14 Hot Spots in Modena You Should See

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Modena is the center of Emilia-Romagna, one of the largest provinces in Italy.

At the time of a siesta, the city is too calm and silent.

In spite of this, there are a lot of hidden gems that will inspire you anytime.

Have a look at these 14 hot spots that will make your stay in Modena unforgettable.

Collectible Card Museum

An outstanding figure in Modena is Giuseppe Panini.

He was a famous businessman and entrepreneur who collected football stickers.

His collection is now available at the Collectible Card Museum.

The exhibition is not limited to the stickers only.

There are lots of coupons, tickets, labels, menus, and trading cards that Mr. Panini collected for many years.

Postcard antique

Square of Rome

The Square of Rome in Modena is the most spacious and beautiful square in Modena.

A lot of cozy cafes and shops are open for your comfort to give you a cup of coffee so you can enjoy watching people while sipping it.

A fountain in the middle is a meeting point for friends or guided groups.

Grand Square

Grand Square in Modena is a historic place with a special atmosphere.

You can walk on the cobblestone looking at the facades of buildings around you.

Tourists enjoy the view of the Cathedral and the civic tower.

The cafes offer delicious food and drinks to numerous visitors who come here for special events.

The Museums Palace

The Museums Palace in Modena is home to several collections of antiquities and fine art.

A library and a municipal museum are also part of this great architectural gem in Italy.

Take a guided tour around the palace to go into Modena’s history and culture.

The exhibitions show the way people lived in the Bronze Age and the Romanian epoch.

Modena Cathedral

The Cathedral is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Decorations and design of the building refer to the Gothic style.

These make the Cathedral a masterpiece of the Romanian architectural art.

The cathedral was built from fragments of buildings of ancient Rome.

Some of its blocks are more than two thousand years now.

The Public Garden of Modena

The Public Garden of Modena is a perfect site to walk slowly and breathe in the fresh aroma of grass, trees, and flowers.

This is also an ideal place to enjoy the Italian fauna by listening to the birds singing.

You can reach the garden from the old town of Modena or approach it from the Dukes Palace.

Villa San Donnino

The wooden barrels in Modena hide something else but wine.

The fresh grapes collected from the vineyards in Italy are used to produce balsamic vinegar.

Villa San Donnino is one of the best places in the world to do so.

The process of getting vinegar has been perfected by the manufacturers over the years.

Now you can visit here to learn the history of vinegar production and attend the tasting.

Wine barrel

Albinelli Market

If you want to be like a local, head to the Albinelli Market which is one of the oldest markets in Italy.

It is quite compact but you will find everything you need here.

This place can be called the foodies’ area.

The counters are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, truffles and spices.

What is more, the Albinelli market is covered so the weather will not interrupt your plans.


The Ducal Palace of Modena

The building which houses the Military Academy of Modena used to be the Ducal Palace built in the XVII century.

The building is the pearl of Italian Baroque architecture.

The interior of the residence is wealthy and luxurious.

The Throne Hall, the Golden Cabinet, the Honors Hall, and the grand staircase decorated with Romanesque statues are the spots which amaze tourists.

Modena symbol

San Francis Church

The church was built in the middle of the XVIII century.

It is one of the oldest Franciscan buildings in the world.

The architecture is dominated by the Gothic style.

A fountain and a monument to St. Francis are its distinctive features.

Ghirlandina Belltower

The old bell tower of the cathedral of Modena is one of the symbols of the city.

You should definitely climb this tower and enjoy the great views of the historic part.

The entrance fee is quite cheap.

There is a staircase inside that leads to the very top where you can have a view of the whole city.

Although, you will face difficulties trying to take views with a camera due to the window bars.

Modena Cathedral

Ferrari Museum

In 1929, a native of the city Enzo Ferrari laid the workshop for the production of famous racing cars.

Today Modena is considered the “motor capital”.

Its historical part is surrounded by a network of automobile factories like Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, and Lamborghini.

Nevertheless, the auto movement in the city is limited.

Bicycle is the only transport allowed here.

Red Ferrari car

Panini Motor Museum

Umberto Panini preserved and multiplied the original Maserati collection.

Now they have 23 cars in the museum which are too expensive.

Some of them are unique, and the others released in limited series.

Apart from the cars, there are 60 items of motorcycles and motorized bicycles.

Also, the exhibition has 20 antique tractors previously used in agriculture.

Ferrari wheel

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