11 Things to Do in Cancun With Kids

Updated On November 7, 2023

Cancun may be known for its nightlife and all-inclusive resorts, but it’s also a great place for a family vacation.

You’ll find crystal clear waters and white sand beaches because it’s part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

However, Cancun has much more to offer than sand and surf.

You’ll also find a rich culture and history, luxurious resorts, and lots of adventure.

Most importantly, Cancun is very family-friendly.

Many places focus on providing experiences the entire family can enjoy.

11 Things to Do in Cancun With Kids

There are an amazing number of things to do in Cancun with kids.

Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger

1. Take a Pirate Dinner Cruise

Kids and parents alike will love the Pirate Dinner Cruise.

You’ll board the Jolly Roger for an evening of swashbuckling entertainment.

Kids can participate in pirate workshops and an induction ceremony.

Adults will love the gourmet cuisine and the top-shelf bar.

Everyone will enjoy the musical pirate show, complete with acrobatic fighting and fireworks.

Museo Maya de Cancun
Museo Maya de Cancun

2. Museo Maya de Cancun and San Miguelito Ruins

You can dive into the Mayan history of Cancun at Museo Maya de Cancun.

The museum is run by the National Institute of Anthropology and History and is considered one of the most important Mayan museums in the world.

On the site of the museum, you’ll also find the San Miguelito ruins.

These ruins were once considered part of the larger El Rey ruins, but they were separated in the 1970s.

While some of the ruins were likely lost due to construction, it’s still an impressive site.

It began in the Early Classic period, which was from 250-600 A.D.

It gained popularity as a trade center during the Post Classic Period.

The site also includes an impressive 3-story pyramid.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres

3. Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is located a few miles away from Cancun.

It has a very relaxing laid-back atmosphere, which can provide a break from the hustle and bustle of Cancun’s busier areas.

The island is tiny, at just 4 miles long, but it’s packed with things to do.

Kids will love the Turtle Farm.

You can pet the sea turtles, and interact with tropical fish and manta rays.

The MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum is an interesting attraction that can be enjoyed by snorkelers young and old.

The sculptures were placed underwater to make a home for coral, and their appearance changes over time as the coral grows.

The family can also enjoy Playa Norte Beach, which is considered one of the best beaches in Mexico.

The water is exceptionally blue, and the sand is soft and bright white.

The water is calm, making it a great place for families with younger children to beat the heat.

Dolphin Discovery
Dolphin Discovery

4. Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery is located on Isla Mujeres.

It’s the largest natural dolphin habitat in Latin America.

You can swim with dolphins.

Experiences can also include kissing, hugging, and belly riding.

You can also choose a package that lets you and your children swim with sea lions, manatees, stingrays, and even sharks.

You’ll also learn about these marine animals, including their diet and natural habitat.

Adults can unwind in the Dolphin VIP Lounge as well.

You can swim in the infinity pool, and enjoy premium alcoholic drinks.

Children are allowed in the VIP area with adult supervision.

Catamaran Tour
Catamaran Tour

5. Catamaran Tour

The Riveria Maya Catamaran Tour offers a luxurious private catamaran tour.

The tour begins at Puerto Aventuras.

Then, the boat cruises the Riviera Maya coastline before stopping at La Bocana.

La Bocana is a sheltered reef area, which makes it the perfect place to swim or snorkel.

You can also choose to remain on the boat and soak up the sun.

The tour includes freshly made guacamole, plenty of food options, and an open bar.

You can also jam to your favorite tunes on the premium sound system while you enjoy the 3-hour cruise, and we will cruise up the Riviera Maya coastline before heading back toward the marina, where we enter into a semi-sheltered reef area called La Bocana.

All Ritmo Water Park
All Ritmo Water Park

6. All Ritmo Water Park

All Ritmo Water Park is located just minutes away from the popular Hotel Zone.

All Ritmo is an all-inclusive resort.

Don’t worry.

Even if you can’t afford to book accommodation at the resort, you can still enjoy the water park.

The water park includes 4 waterfalls and watersides for people of all ages and adventure levels.

Younger children will enjoy the water obstacle course known as the Treehouse.

The water park also gives you access to mini golf, a tennis court, ping pong, a playground, and a bar.

Sky's the Limit at Selvatica Adventure Park
Sky’s the Limit at Selvatica Adventure Park

7. Sky’s the Limit at Selvatica Adventure Park

If your family is looking for excitement, you should spend a day at Selvatica Adventure Park.

This zip line park offers many exciting things to do.

Selvatica translates to “about the jungle”, and that is exactly what it offers.

Selvatica’s most iconic feature is its 10-zipline adventure course, which is considered one of the fastest in the world.

You can also ride an ATV through the jungle, swim in a private cenote, bungee jump, and enjoy lunch in the jungle.

Kids must be at least 8 years old to participate, because of the physical nature of the activities and size limits.

You must be 16 or older to operate an ATV. If you plan to enjoy alcoholic beverages, you’ll need to be 18 or older.

XCaret Park
Xcaret Park

8. Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park offers an exciting day for the entire family.

You can choose from a variety of packages, depending on what you want to do during your visit.

With more than 50 activities and attractions, there’s something for everyone.

One of our favorites is the underground river tours.

You’ll also love the Butterfly Aviary, Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Aviary.

You’ll also find ancient cathedrals, a 19th-century Mexican mansion, and a pre-Hispanic village.

Children have their area known as Children’s World.

You must be 12 or under to enter this magical kingdom.

This area includes cenotes, hanging bridges, tunnels, and slides.

The entire family can enjoy the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.

This show includes over 300 artists and explores the history of Mexico.

It’s an incredible cultural and educational experience.

Nichupte Lagoon
Nichupte Lagoon

9. Boating in the Mangroves

Boating in the mangroves offers a unique and thrilling way for your family to experience the mangrove canals and the Nichupte Lagoon.

This tour is suitable for families with children at least 4 years old.

You can choose to drive your speedboat or book a shared speedboat for family fun.

You must be at least 18 to drive a speedboat.

No prior experience is necessary.

The guides will teach you how to drive the boat.

These 13-foot speed boats are designed to be beginner-friendly and untippable.

The tour lasts for 90 minutes, and the boat can reach speeds of 50 km.

Ventura Park
Ventura Park

10. Ventura Park

Ventura Park offers a day of fun for the entire family.

It features several parks, so there’s something for everyone.

Wet ‘n Wild World is a water park.

Older children and adults can enjoy the exciting watersides, while younger children can enjoy the kid’s zone, complete with its pool.

The entire family can swim in the wave pool, or take a ride on the lazy river.

Aaah! Ventura is a zipline and sky obstacle course.

You can test your nerve with the bungee swing, ziplines, and the suspension bridge.

Some rides have a height limit of 5 feet, while others are suitable for those 3 1/2 feet and over.

Kids under 7 must be supervised by an adult.

Younger children will love Fun World.

This park is designed with little ones in mind.

You don’t have to miss out on adventure, either.

The park features Hurricaine, Cancun’s only roller coaster, which is kid-friendly.

You can also ride swinging chairs which bring you out over the Caribbean Sea.

Playa Delfines
Playa Delfines

11. Playa Delfines

Playa Delfines is a scenic Cancun beach located near the hotel zone.

Unlike the other beaches in the area, you won’t find high-rise resorts on this beach.

Instead, you’ll find a relaxing beach with sunbathers, surfers, and families sharing the sands.

You will need to monitor water conditions because the undertow can be strong at times.

Cancun Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cancun a good vacation destination for kids?

Yes, Cancun is a great place for a family vacation.

You’ll find lots of kid-friendly activities, including dolphin discovery experiences and Xcaret Park.

There are also lots of family-friendly accommodations and resorts.

What is the best time to visit Cancun?

The most popular months to visit Cancun are December to April.

The rainy season is from June to November, which is the least popular time to visit.

In fact, Cancun typically sees as much rain in September as Seattle does in December.

How long should you stay in Cancun?

To get the most out of your trip, you should plan to spend 3-5 days in Cancun.

Of course, if you have more time, you can easily spend a week there without getting bored.

Is Cancun safe to visit?

Yes, Cancun is considered a safe area.

You can rest assured you are safe at your hotel or resort.

In 2021, Mexico deployed the Tourist Protection Army to offer extra protection for tourists in Cancun.

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    Cancun is not just for partying and resorts, it offers a wide range of family-friendly activities including pirate dinner cruises, Mayan museums, dolphin encounters, catamaran tours, water parks, adventure parks and more.

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