17 Pros and Cons of Living in Bridgeport, CT

Updated On November 7, 2023

Are you considering moving to Bridgeport, CT?

Bridgeport is a wonderful city that will give you an experience that you’ve never had before.

There are about seventy neighborhoods within Bridgeport. It was given the nickname “Park City.”

For decades, the city has been attracting people from all over the U.S.

It could very well be a great city for you, especially if you consider yourself a millennial.

This guide will provide you with a list of all the pros and cons of living in Bridgeport, CT, to help you determine whether this is the most suitable location for you.

Bridgeport, CT
Bridgeport, CT

Pros of Living in Bridgeport, CT

First, let’s begin with a list of pros of living in Bridgeport.

1. Affordable Cost of Living

If you’re looking for a place where the cost of living matters, consider Bridgeport, CT.

The cost of living in Bridgeport is 7% lower than the average in the country.

Additionally, the housing expenses in Bridgeport are 32% lower than the average in the country.

However, the utility process is 33% higher than average.

Overall, compared to the rest of the state, it’s much cheaper to live here.

2. Excellent Downtown Area

There are plenty of opportunities for businesses and economic growth in downtown Bridgeport.

The town has so much to offer residents and tourists alike.

There’s plenty of entertainment and art including the Barnum Museum and The Bijou Theater.

Furthermore, there are always events and concerts taking place here.

There are plenty of historic and federal buildings in addition to bars, restaurants, and pubs.

If you’re looking for a nice night out on the town, downtown Bridgeport is the perfect place to go.

3. Plenty of Local Beaches

There are plenty of nearby beaches in Bridgeport if you love staying close to the ocean.

This is perfect to enjoy during the warmer seasons. It’s perfect for swimming, relaxing, or dog walking.

Additionally, Seaside Beach is a popular attraction and provides shows for the public, concerts, and a local park packed with baseball and soccer fields.

If you love the water, you’ll always find something to do during the summer months in Bridgeport.

4. Great Restaurants

Who doesn’t enjoy great food?

The good news is that you’ll find plenty of excellent restaurants in Bridgeport.

Whether you have a taste for Asian or Italian cuisine, you’ll find a very diverse menu.

There are also American and Latin restaurants here.

For example, if you’re looking for Mediterranean-style food, consider Boca Oyster.

If you are more into bar food, check out the Brewport located on South Frontage Road.

5. Christmas Village

Each year, tourists and residents of Bridgeport flock to Christmas Village.

This event takes place every December and is perfect for Christmas shopping.

There are plenty of holiday displays to check out and opportunities for children to take pictures with Santa.

In December, Christmas Village is open the week before Christmas to help the entire family transition into the holiday spirit.

6. Diverse Town

Diversity is important to many people.

If you’re looking for a town with plenty of diversity, you’ll find it in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport has many mixed neighborhoods and residents that are welcoming.

It is also combined with different backgrounds, ages, and individuals with their own unique set of skills.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Bridgeport as well.

If you’re planning on moving here, get ready to learn about various cultures and outlooks.

7. Low Crime Rate

Compared to the national average, Bridgeport has a much lower crime rate.

Violent crime is 18.2 in Bridgeport.

This is almost 5 points lower than the national average of 22.7.

Additionally, Bridgeport’s property crime is 25.6, which is also lower than the national average.

Overall, the town is relatively safe with very minimal criminal activity taking place here compared to other cities in the country.

8. Ideal Weather

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy a nice mixture of hot and cold weather, look no further than Bridgeport.

Temperatures in Bridgeport barely make it below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you enjoy snow, you’ll enjoy knowing that they see an average of 30 inches of snow each year.

Summer temperatures average out anywhere between 82 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Easy Access to Nearby Metro Locations

Cons of Living in Bridgeport, CT

Here is a list of cons of living in Bridgeport, CT.

1. Poverty Stricken

The average poverty rate in Bridgeport is 18.2%, which is much higher compared to other places in the country.

The average poverty rate in the U.S. across different cities is between 10 and 13%.

Various factors contribute to the poverty rate in Bridgeport.

For example, the manufacturing hub that was once present in town closed and moved overseas, leaving plenty without jobs.

Additionally, many factories left the city decades ago.

2. Harsh Winters

Winters are extreme in the entire state of Connecticut.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exclude Bridgeport.

So, if you’re considering moving to Bridgeport, don’t forget to consider the amount of snow and ice they see.

If you don’t like a lot of snow, you may want to reconsider moving here.

The winters are usually pretty long here and can last from November all the way through April.

3. Huge Tax Burden

There’s no doubt that taxes are high in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport is known as the city with the biggest tax burden.

This is, of course, when you combine sales, auto, property, and income taxes.

These tax burdens alone added up to 22.1 percent for all residents living here.

This means that Bridgeport is nearly $16,500 more expensive to live in compared to other cities across the country.

4. Terrible Traffic

The traffic in Bridgeport is considered 6th worst in the entire country.

If you commute to work, you may want to reconsider the times you leave work in the morning.

However, you may not be able to get out of leaving work early.

On Fridays, you can expect 40-minute delays if you are traveling on I-95.

5. High Infant Care Costs

Another con about living in Bridgeport is that the infant care costs are extremely high.

If you don’t have younger children that require care, this shouldn’t concern you.

However, for those who depend on it, you can plan on paying at least $1,157 each month for infant care.

This amount equals out to be $13,880 per year, which is pretty steep for those who aren’t bringing home a high salary.

6. High Rent Costs

If you plan on renting in Bridgeport, count on some high rent costs.

This is mainly due to a shortage of housing units across the entire state of Connecticut.

The average rental cost for a 723 sq ft home in Bridgeport is $1415 per month.

Studio apartments are the most affordable, but entirely small.

Rent can be as high as $1684 if you live on the east side of Bridgeport.

7. Poor Air Quality

Bridgeport, as well as much of the entire state of Connecticut, suffers from poor air quality.

This is mainly due to particle and ozone pollution.

These are considered two of the most harmful types of air pollution.

If you suffer from certain respiratory conditions, you may want to reconsider moving to Bridgeport.

Connecticut is sometimes referred to as the “tailpipe of the nation.”

8. Low Median Household Income

Compared to the rest of Connecticut, the median household income in Bridgeport is only $50,597.

The state of Connecticut has an average median household income of $83,572.

Bridgeport’s median income is considered the lowest in Fairfield County.

There are also many racial discrepancies in relation to wages, housing, and education in Bridgeport.

If the median household income is important to you, then you may want to think twice about moving to Bridgeport.

Bridgeport, CT
Bridgeport, CT

Pros and Cons of Living in Bridgeport, CT – Summary Table

Pros of Living in Bridgeport, CTCons of Living in Bridgeport, CT
1. Affordable Cost of Living1. Poverty Stricken
2. Excellent Downtown Area2. Harsh Winters
3. Plenty of Local Beaches3. Huge Tax Burden
4. Great Restaurants4. Terrible Traffic
5. Christmas Village5. High Infant Care Costs
6. Diverse Town6. High Rent Costs
7. Low Crime Rate7. Poor Air Quality
8. Ideal Weather8. Low Median Household Income
9. Easy Access to Nearby Metro Locations

Bridgeport Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Bridgeport Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some great things to do in Bridgeport, CT?

There are plenty of things to do in Bridgeport, CT, following your move.

Whether you have children or looking for a date night, here is a list of some of the most popular attractions in Bridgeport, CT:

  • Visit the Planetarium and the Discovery Museum
  • Go shopping
  • Visit the Captain Cove Seaport
  • Golf at Fairchild Wheel 18-hole golf courses
  • Play hockey or go skating
  • Visit Beardsley Zoo
  • Check out Harborview Market to shop
  • Visit Asylum Distillery
  • Barnum Museum
  • Seaside Park

Is Bridgeport, CT a good place for families to live?

Surprisingly, Bridgeport was ranked the second-best town to raise a family in the entire country.

Researchers use various metrics to determine the best place for families to move to.

What is Bridgeport, CT known for?

Bridgeport’s nickname is “Park City.”

Bridgeport earned its name because it is home to more than 1,300 acres of parkland.

Nearly every area in town has it’s very own pocket park.

There are also famous parks in town such as Seaside Park and Pleasure Beach.

Is Bridgeport CT considered a wealthy city?

Bridgeport is listed as one of the wealthiest towns in the country.

While this may be surprising to hear, it was ranked number two following San Francisco and San Jose.

What are some good companies to work for in Bridgeport, CT?

There are a number of companies to work for in Bridgeport.

However, if you’re only looking for the best of the best, here’s a list of the top ten companies to work for in Bridgeport, CT:

  • Magnetic Analysis
  • United Services of America
  • Premier Maintenance
  • Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing
  • People’s United Bank
  • Trefz Corporation
  • Housatonic Community College
  • Aquarion Water
  • Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center

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    Bridgeport, CT is a diverse city with affordable cost of living and excellent downtown area, but it has harsh winters, high tax burden, terrible traffic, and low median household income.

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