10 Most Dangerous Cities in Finland

Updated On October 10, 2023

Whether you are planning a trip to Scandinavia or you are simply satisfying curiosity through the internet, you might wonder where the most dangerous cities are in Finland.

As a nation, Finland is known for having very low crime rates.

This might make you think that there aren’t any unsafe or downright dangerous places to go in Finland.

For seasoned traveling groups and first-time solo travelers alike, there are some areas that are safer to visit than others in a foreign country.

This is the nature of traveling.

If you want to know more about where the most unsafe areas are in comparison to the safest areas in Finland, keep reading the article below!

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Finland



With a crime rate of 94.8 crimes per thousand, Uusimaa ranks high on our list of the most dangerous cities in Finland.

This city has a particularly bad reputation for theft in comparison to other Finnish cities.

As an urban area, Uusimaa is known by locals as a place that experiences greater levels of crime.

This reputation allows visitors from abroad and nearby to determine whether they want to risk going here.



Compared to Uusima, Lapland has a slightly lower crime rate of 94.62 crimes per thousand.

While this crime rate might not be as high as some of the most dangerous cities in the world, it is still worth considering when you are planning a trip to Finland.

For years, some types of crime such as burglaries have been on the rise in this region.

Homicide in Finland is extremely low, so when it does happen somewhere, the homicide rate in that area spikes.

In 2016, alcohol-fueled gunfire skyrocketed the violent crime rate in this region.

While crime here is relatively low and infrequent, you may want to check the local news before planning a trip here.



Similarly to Lapland, Kymenlaakso has a crime rate of 92.74 crimes per thousand inhabitants.

This makes it comparable to other dangerous cities in Finland.

While that might not seem like a high number to those who come from cities with higher crime rates, it is notable for Scandinavia.

This crime rate means that you may want to stay extra aware of your surroundings.

If you are traveling alone at night, stick to well-lit streets and practice basic travel safety.



In Kainuu, the crime rate of 91.74 crimes per thousand makes it stand out among the other Finnish cities.

Still, in this area, an even bigger danger is the recent uptick in forest fires.

Since the town’s emergency services are tailored to serve a small population, the sparse, sprawling layout can make natural disasters even more dangerous.

Before heading to Kainuu, make sure that you check local weather and disaster advisories.

If there have been recent forest fires, make sure that you won’t near regions that are still at risk.

Päijät Häme
Päijät Häme

Päijät Häme

Compared to cities in countries with higher crime rates overall, the crime rate of 90.25 crimes per 1,000 in Päijät Häme wouldn’t be remarkable.

Still, in Finland, because of the relative safety, any increase in crime is easy to notice.

This region has been the site of multiple homicides and other violent crimes over the years. 

Most locals and travelers to the region know that this city is less safe than the majority of Finnish towns.

Experts suspect that the historical influx of young men who worked hard in industrial settings and partied harder may be to blame for sparking this trend.

In any case, this city has a strong enough track record of random violence for travelers to reconsider visiting it.

South Karelia
South Karelia

South Karelia

While the 88.6 crimes per 1,000 crime rate in South Karelia isn’t particularly high, it’s still high for this country.

Since it sits on the border of Finland and Russia, visitors should stay up to date on potential conflicts and other safety concerns on a global level.

As a mountainous region, it can also pose safety risks to those who hike the mountains if they aren’t familiar with them.



While the crime rate in Satakunta is not the highest in the world, the region did make the headlines in 2021 for terrorist activity in the region.

The 86.41 crimes per 1,000 crime rate may not be alarming, but the nature of these crimes makes some travelers question whether they should visit this city.

Stories of theft from elderly patients in care homes have also made Satakunta make the news for the wrong reasons.

While crime is uncommon here, it still has an unusually high number of infamous incidents in recent years.

Central Finland
Central Finland

Central Finland 

With a crime rate of 84.73 crimes per 1,000, Central Finland makes its way onto our list of the most dangerous cities in Finland.

The police in this area had been investigating drug smuggling in Central Finland as of March of 2023.

Since the local police force suspects that these crimes happened as a result of organized crime efforts, it may be good to exercise caution while visiting this region.

For the average traveler, of course, this will probably not affect travel plans as long as you avoid getting involved in the use or selling of illegal substances.



With a crime rate of 82.62 crimes per 1,000, Kanta-Häme is lower on the list of dangerous places in Finland.

In this region, there have been incidents of vandalism fueled by hateful neo-nazi ideology.

Even so, they do have special programs in place to disrupt the cycle of crime in young people.

This is one of the reasons why the crime rate here is so low.

North Savo
North Savo

North Savo 

Like most Finnish cities, North Savo has a low crime rate.

This crime rate averages about 82.14 crimes per 1,000.

While crime is uncommon in North Savo on a daily basis, there have been some significant crimes committed here.

The “sword attacker” who targeted Savo Vocational College with a gun and a sword in 2020 was properly charged and prosecuted.

Still, it left a stain on the city’s reputation that could concern some foreign travelers.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Finland

  1. Keep an eye out for animal signs and warnings. While you might think moose or deer are adorable, wild animals are more of a threat in Finland than the residents. 
  2. Follow the speed limit. In Finland, it’s easy to speed along the open roads without considering your safety. However, if you speed here, you will owe hefty fines based on your income. These can easily drain your travel funds.
  3. Take care while driving in the winter. Locals tend to use special winter tires for safety. The slippery slopes in Finland are beautiful but also dangerous if you aren’t cautious.
  4. Leave unknown species alone. If you’re out in the forest and stumble upon pretty mushrooms, don’t taste test them. Some poisonous Finnish mushrooms have eerily similar looks to edible mushrooms, so don’t eat anything to avoid falling ill or dying.
  5. Save 112 as an emergency number. This is the Finnish equivalent to the American 911, so having this number could save your life in a pinch.

Finland Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are countries with similar safety to Finland?

Some countries with crime rates as low as Finland’s include Sweden, Japan, and Norway.

Compared to Sweden, Finland does have a lower crime rate at a global level.

Still, both Scandinavian countries are safe.

What is the most committed crime in Finland?

The most reported crimes in Finland are related to property and traffic laws.

Because of its stringent laws and high fines for traffic-related offenses, Finland enjoys a relatively low crime rate.

Of course, this rate can fluctuate over time.

Also, in some regions, there may be higher instances of certain crimes than there would be in other regions.

Is Finland friendly to American tourists?

Finland tries to maintain a welcoming disposition for all tourists, at least on the surface.

Most Americans who travel through Finland don’t worry about their safety or hospitality.

Finland’s low crime rates and beautiful scenery make it a popular destination for Americans.

Is Finland safe for everyone?

Finland may have a reputation as a very safe country, but it is important to ask exactly who feels safe there.

According to a study by Harvard, Finland could be rated as one of the top racist countries.

This means that people of color may not navigate the country with the same level of ease and safety that Caucasian travelers might.

Being aware of the culture and the tendency for Finland to be homogenous is key to staying safe and comfortable while traveling.

As we know, violent crime isn’t the only threat to safety that travelers may experience.

Is Finland a good place for English speakers to travel?

If you only speak English, you may have a hard time navigating some rural or remote areas.

Still, since 70% of the Finnish population speaks at least some English, you should be okay if you stick to larger cities.

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  1. Finland is known for its low crime rates, but it’s important to still be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions while traveling there. a lot of immigration raised the crime rate in recent years.

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    Finland is known for its low crime rates, but it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions when traveling in any foreign country.

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