10 Most Dangerous Cities in Denmark

Updated On October 10, 2023

US travelers and other tourists around the globe visit Denmark to explore its rich Danish culture, world-famous landmarks, and natural beauty. 

While most of the world considers Denmark one of the safest places on earth, serious and even violent crimes against residents and tourists happen. 

Below is a summary of 10 of the most dangerous cities in Denmark. 

Crime data for the cities below are reported by local officials and agencies, like the Danish National Police Force, Numbeo Cost of Living Reports, and The UN Office of Drugs and Crimes reports on global crime and safety. 

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Denmark 

Denmark is one of the world’s safest places for interpreting the number of violent crimes, murders, sexual assaults, and property crimes. 

While most of Denmark is relatively safe, serious crime does happen. 

Below is an overview of serious crimes and their locations in Denmark. 

Crime data is reported by the Danish National Police and the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime. 


#1. Fredericia (Southeast Denmark) 

Denmark is considered “safe” compared to many other dangerous places worldwide.

While in Fredercia, Denmark, tourists, and residents are less likely to be victims of violent crimes like assault, rape, or murder than in most places, the city does experience crime. 

The Numbeo Cost of Living report for Fredericia provides data for the following crime statistics. 

Crime Rate per 100,000 residents: 12.50 (very low)

Major problems reported in Fredericia include drug-related crimes like drug abuse and illegal drug dealing, property crimes including vandalism and theft, and a handful of violent crimes including assault and armed robbery. 

Latest Population Estimate: 51,606  


#2. Esbjerg – (Western Coast, Denmark) 

Esbjerg is a port city on the west coast of Southern Denmark.

Its population makes it the fifth-largest city. 

Local officials report that while instances of violent crime like assault and robbery are rare, they do happen in Esbjerg, along with an even higher number of property crimes. 

Latest Population Estimate: 71,968


#3. Odense

Odense, Denmark, follows the trend of other dangerous cities in Denmark by affording residents and tourists high safety and low danger in most cases when traveling about the city at any time of the day or night. 

While residents of Odense report that they feel safe walking the city streets most times of the day or night, they do have some concerns about being the victims of burglaries or home invasions, which sometimes happen in the area. 

Latest Population Estimate: 207, 762


#4. Aalborg – (Northern Denmark)

Aalborg is the fourth largest city in the country and is located in the northern region of Denmark. 

This low-crime area has local crime that primarily includes crimes against property instead of people. 

Aalborg reports its highest crime rates in petty thefts, property thefts, and private or public property vandalism. 

The homicide rate for Aalborg is virtually non-existent, with a reported average of fewer than 2 homicides per 100,000 residents. 

Latest Population Estimate: 216,000


#5. Kolding

Much like the rest of the most dangerous cities in Denmark, Kolding is primarily a low-crime area. 

As the seventh-largest city in Denmark, Kolding experiences crime against property and theft in the rare instances when dangerous crimes occur. Most crimes in this region occur in well-populated areas.

People traveling to this area of Denmark should note that isolated incidents of more violent crimes, including rape and murder, sometimes happen in Kolding and other cities considered safe in Denmark. 

Latest Population Estimate: 61,638


#6. Horsens

Local reports place the crime rate in Horsens just below the national average at around 200 per 100,000 people. 

More property crimes and thefts happen in this area than serious crimes like assault and robbery. 

On the rare occasions when homicides in Horsens, Denmark happen, they are very few and far in between. 

Like many of the other cities in Denmark, the homicide rate of the town falls below 2 per 100,000 residents.

Latest Population Estimate: 61,074


#7. Randers – Jutland Penninsula

Randers, Denmark, is central to the country’s Jutland Peninsula. 

It is the sixth-largest city in Denmark, has a relatively low crime rate throughout the region, and falls in line with most other towns regarding serious crimes. 

Theft and vandalism are the most significant crimes in Randers, Denmark. 

Latest Population Estimate: 62,802


#8. Roskilde (Eastern Denmark) 

This city in eastern Denmark offers a relatively safe environment where residents and tourists can thrive.

Like most of the other generally safe cities in Denmark, Roskilde experiences few violent crimes.

Most crimes committed here are against property. 

Latest Population Estimate: 183, 102+


#9. Herning

Herning, Denmark, is just over one hundred and fifty miles northeast of Copenhagen

This Danish city lists the most dangerous, including the few instances of crime in this area. 

Most crimes that happen in Herning are against property and not people.

For example, theft and robbery occur more often than violent crimes like homicide. 

Latest Population Estimate: 90,800


#10. Vejle

Vejlev is in Southern Denmark, overlooking the Vejle Fjord on the peninsula’s east coast. 

The city is among Denmark’s ten most dangerous cities because it sometimes experiences higher rates of violent crimes like assault, robbery, or rape than most other areas. 

Rare instances of even more severe crimes like murder and homicide do happen in Vejle.

However, the city’s homicide rate falls on the lower end of the spectrum at less than 1 per 100,000 residents. 

Latest Population Estimate: 116, 700

5 Tips for Traveling Safely in Denmark

#1. Stay Alert! 

It is easy for US travelers to be lulled into a false sense of complete safety by Denmark’s relatively low crime rate in most areas.

However, the Denmark National Police remind tourists to stay alert when traveling in Denmark to avoid becoming a victim of one of the country’s rare instances of petty theft or assault. 

Follow your scheduled itinerary and avoid going into unmarked or unfamiliar areas alone after dark. 

#2. Don’t Walk Alone at Night

While many Denmark residents report that they feel safe walking around most cities any time of the day or night, it is still inadvisable to do so. 

Many violent crimes and property crimes happen under cover of the night when thieves and vandals are less likely to be seen or able to be identified in the darkness. 

A common sense safety tip for traveling in Denmark — don’t walk alone at night! 

#3. Stay in Designated Areas 

Be sure to stick with your pre-designated travel route when visiting Denmark. 

Even though violent crime in the area is low, staying in tourist areas reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim or getting lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Denmark. 

Avoid impromptu excursions and side trips that take you away from the rest of your travel group or tour guides. 

#4. Learn Conversational Danish

Learning basic greetings and asking essential questions in Danish is a great way to save time and stay safer when traveling in Denmark. 

Having the ability to communicate in conversational Danish can help US travelers avoid potentially sticky situations and language barriers that can identify them as targets for local hoods looking for tourists to rob or assault. 

You can invest in a language-learning app or a handheld translator if you need more time to learn Danish before your Denmark trip. 

#5. Travel in Groups

Adhering to the rules of the “buddy system” and traveling in groups is a great way to ensure safer Danish travel. 

Traveling in groups reduces the likelihood of becoming a crime victim while traveling in Denmark.

Not only will you learn more about the country’s history and natural landscapes, but traveling in a group provides an additional layer of safety protection that makes it harder for criminals to commit nefarious acts like purse snatching, robbery, and other forms of theft. 

Denmark Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any travel safety advisories issued for Denmark?

Surprisingly, even though Denmark is listed as one of the safest locations in the world as it reports low instances of murder and violent crime, the US Department of State has issued a level two travel advisory for US travelers in Denmark.

The latest update on the advisory instructs US travelers to exercise extreme caution due to information received about potential terrorist attacks being plotted in the area.

Why is it dangerous to travel to Denmark right now?

While the rest of the world sees Denmark as one of the safest countries, extenuating circumstances can hinder Danish travel.

The US travel advisory notifying travelers of potential terrorist attacks in Denmark increases the travel threat level and advises travelers to exercise extreme caution when traveling in Denmark.

What steps can I take to make Denmark travel safe?

Americans traveling to Denmark should register their trip with the United States Embassy.

The embassy can provide much-needed intel on the state of safety and domestic relations in Denmark.

Denmark’s local branch of the US Embassy can also help travelers with emergencies that arise during travel and replace lost travel documents, including birth certificates and passports while traveling abroad.

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